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  1. Season two of Righteous Gemstones already off to a sprint with some origin story stuff and great new guest stars being introduced. This cast is so deep and the performances are just awesome.
  2. Don't ask them, they don't know.
  3. Clearly no eagerness to take on a lot of term or money with their picks. Francis had said cap flexibility was going to be their strength and you can already see that playing out in how they've picked. Locking down Larsson and Oleksiak as free agents gives them some solid defensive stability and will help to shelter guys like Lauzon, Dunn, and the Fleurys.
  4. Wild were set up to get burned by the expansion draft, they had to do something. The buyouts might be the least painful way to get out of that jam and hold on to their younger players. It's a long time to carry dead money but the cap probably will go up and soften the blow a bit. Erik Johnson and Jeff Skinner both waived no move clauses for the draft, sparing their teams the pain of having to make similar hard choices. Pekka Rinne's retirement also snuck in under the radar with all the other stuff going on. Not a Hall of Famer but certainly in a class with other great goalies. A Vezina wi
  5. $5k fine from player safety, no further discipline...
  6. I've just got my head around the mod suite stuff and it's breathed some new life back into the game for me. Made it super easy to delete a lot of edits I wasn't using and reorganize my rosters. I simmed a true Royal Rumble with about 75 wrestlers in it and had a blast watching it pan out. At one point I had a stretch with Big Bossman and about 4 other hosses just clubbing each other on one side of the ring while Nakamura and Misawa battled it out 1-on-1 on the other. The finish was Kobashi drawing the final number, immediately going after Samoa Joe who had been ruling the ring and then di
  7. Can’t remember an instance like this where two back-to-back picks from the same draft (2 & 3 in 2016) get swapped later on down the line. You wait to play the games obviously, but this feels like a trade where maybe everybody wins? CBJ get a serious shot in the arm offensively and WPG is pretty frightening now down the middle.
  8. I can't unsee that the gradient on the Canucks one makes it look like a can of Sprite.
  9. Minnesota's is really nice, almost feel like they should be wearing those full-time. That and the Avs/Nordiques mash-up are easily my favourites.
  10. Coyotes' GM quit and it's gotten messy.
  11. Put Nashville at the top of that list as well, they've done a great job building a fanbase in one the least traditional markets.
  12. I guess Sockeyes would have required them to make some kind of a deal with a children's author? And apparently nothing ever really got started on that front. My preference was always graduating the Thunderbirds name from junior to pro but I never held out much hope. Colour scheme and the logo mark aren't bad at all. NHL is notorious over the span of decades for having no idea what is cool in the contemporary sense. But recent stuff like Gritty and the Vegas ice shows have played out better than expected after getting dragged really early on. So maybe the team will figure out a way to
  13. Good news for Detroit is they've already got terrific odds on 1st overall next year.
  14. The split between Central & Pacific teams balances out in the West this way. The Eastern half would just require one Metro division team (probably Carolina) to slide over to the Atlantic. I like the round robin idea and think you don't even need the best of 3 play-in series if you just cut the bottom 2 from each pool of six after the group stage. Seed based on round robin record and goals for and you've got a fair bracket of 16. Very torn on the season continuing at all because while I really would like to watch new hockey, I am not fully convinced on the safety of it all. I doub
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