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  1. Switzerland, Iran, Algeria, England - Will be the best possible draw. Germany, USA, France, England - Will be more along the lines of the group drawn, I'm sure, knowing our luck. Always got to fancy the Brazilians, especially on home turf but that can work against you. I've got a feeling Holland may finally pull it out of the bag, Belguim dark horses. Really excited about this World Cup, always adds something special to the Summer.
  2. Newcastle Toughest week so far.
  3. So I've been holding off getting this and with pay day coming up, I'm changing my mind every other day on if I should spend the money on it. I hear good things, I hear bad things. Just read a couple of pages here and it seems the jury is out! Is it worth getting? Or should I just save my money. I've had every FIFA for as long as I can remember and this is the first one I can't make my mind up on getting. Perhaps I'm just getting old!
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