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  1. I see it's inspired by a British series, Murder in Successville. Brits, is that show any good?
  2. I actually don't mind him outside of BFQ and he's often fine even there, if a bit eyeroll-inducing. His looong bit this year was just too much for me, especially when he steamrolled his partner. The only BFQ regular that I dislike more often than not (when he's on BFQ) is Rob Brydon. He's fine enough on Would I Lie to You and whatnot, but he has such gratingly pedantic energy on BFQ.
  3. Yup. That reminds me: is there going to be a BFQ of Everything this year?
  4. We enjoyed the BFQOTY 2021, but Jonathan Ross was easily the worst part. His incessant Olympics bit nearly had us cursing our television.
  5. First time taking ecstasy?
  6. My wife and I have gotten into Picross. That’s who I am now.
  7. Josh


    That actually does interest me.
  8. Josh


    Ah. Yeah, as I never have to watch football: fucking delightful.
  9. Josh


    It was a really fun show. Adrian Chiles was fucking delightful.
  10. Nothing But Murder’s. Murder’s Everywhere. No Natural Causes in Sight. Only That Which Belongs to Murder. Put That Down, That Belongs to Murder. Don’t Even Bother Going in There, It’s Just Murder’s Stuff, Waste of Time.
  11. 1. Feel Good 2. Ted Lasso 3. Rutherford Falls 4. Reservation Dogs 5. Ghosts (UK) 6. Taskmaster UK 7. Taskmaster New Zealand 8. Hacks 9. What We Do in the Shadows 10. Schmigadoon! 11. Only Murders in the Building 12. Last Week Tonight 13. Starstruck 14. WandaVision 15. Hawkeye Best New Character: Willie Jack, Reservation Dogs Judging by these lists, a lot more people should watch both Rutherford Falls and Schmigadoon!
  12. We finally signed up for Apple TV+, as I got 3 months free with my new phone plan. We intend to get around to a lot, but we’ve watched a few episodes of Schmigadoon! so far and love it.
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