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  1. Josh


    That finale was very satisfying.
  2. It’s a good show. I like the WWDITS series more, but still enjoy it. And I’m loving the new season of WWDITS already, I says.
  3. Oh god, yeah, see him in The Wire. Also Lovecraft Country.
  4. Yeah, it’s pretty darn good. I really like Martin Short in this especially.
  5. Netflix: Chef’s Table Amazon: Catastrophe
  6. Jesus Christ, just let it die.
  7. It is absolutely a quality show.
  8. Josh


    He is pure chaos and I love it.
  9. Josh


    We watched the S2E1 of NZ. I already have my favorite contestant.
  10. Josh


    We’re about to start on that ourselves.
  11. The city council episode is probably my favorite of his. It’s coming back soon and I cannot wait.
  12. She’s 100% right to do it. There was even an email between her and a Disney exec earlier in the process (when the question of streaming due to COVID was rising) in which the exec said they still planned for a theatrical exclusive and that if plans were to change they would renegotiate first. There’s also no reason for this to be the end of streaming premieres unless Disney alone makes that move. Warner Bros. has been renegotiating the contracts of stars in their movies this year in order to stream them without breach of contract. This is entirely a matter of a parent company not keeping t
  13. It was a damn good run considering Dudley Moore’s been dead most of that time.
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