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  1. 9 QBs in less than 5 full seasons is definite cause to fire John Elway though.
  2. Cancel the Pro Bowl but keep the skills competition!
  3. I use Discord primarily on my phone. Works great.
  4. Yeah, the flexibility is tight. But they typically have two weeks between the conference championships and Super Bowl so there is some flexibility. They did it, I believe, the year of 9/11 when they had to push the entire regular season back a week. We'll see. But they don't have the luxury for teams to have to make up 2 games that's for sure.
  5. I mean fortunately the NFL has one game a week which dramatically reduces some risks that, say, baseball couldn't avoid. But there's still only so much movement you can do to the schedule before you have to start looking at just cancelling games or having a week 18 for makeup games or something.
  6. What does the league do if positive tests roll in throughout the week for both teams? Adjust their bye weeks? Forfeits?
  7. Lot of scheduling reasons to take the weekend off for both leagues, but there will be teams who finish their series on Wednesday and don't play until the following Monday which is an incredibly long break in terms of baseball. But gotta have that time off for the bubble set-up as much as anything.
  8. Weekends are almost always good for me. During the week it's tough before 6 or 7 EST on most days. Out of curiosity how long does a typical game take?
  9. Of their main WRs only Willie Snead has played more than 20 games professionally. It felt like at the start of the year it could be a problem, and against a strong defense it is. I don't know what moves (besides the obvious Antonio Brown one that I would rather they not do) can be made to give the WR group an immediate boost.
  10. Idk he was 4-0 in regular season primetime games before tonight. It's frustrating because when the offense loses rhythm it gets messy. Good pass rushes just get to him and then for whatever reason they stop running the ball. It's the same thing that happened against Tennessee where receivers weren't snaring balls and the o-line got blown up. Instead of just going back to the run they keep trying to establish the pass and the frustration just grows. Though he's 21-4 as a starter in the regular season, with 3 losses to KC. The only player he really can't beat it seems is Mahomes.
  11. It was always inevitable that this Tampa Bay core would win it all, definitely didn't think it would take until 2020 though.
  12. I'm sure that'll be showing up on the 1,001 Songs to Listen to Before You Die list any day now.
  13. I've been meaning to check out Among Us but have a strict no public games rule with games nowadays. I'd love to do an EWB game.
  14. The perennial contenders are built through trades and comp picks. Firsts are good to hang onto but not necessary. The Seahawks strategy might worry me a bit long-term but they have Russell Wilson in his prime, fuck it and go all-in.
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