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  1. Robert Covington, PF/C, Portland @livid
  2. The argument has been that the league only moves games for outbreaks. Basically we know every Bronco player that has been exposed so there's no "risk" in playing the game. Whereas with the Ravens (and Titans before them) there was basically an uncontrolled outbreak because of how many people were exposed. But considering the games that have been moved all feature "marquee teams" it's a bad look. Not that it really matters since the Ravens will have even less of their regulars for the game on Tuesday as opposed to had the league just plowed ahead with the game on Thursday. I absolute
  3. In the off-season it was assumed Andrews would just sit out the season because he's got Type 1 Diabetes. A lot of people thought the same for James Conner over in Pittsburgh. As of this morning both have positive Covid tests. Scary stuff.
  4. The "integrity" of boxing I feel was lost well over a century ago. Sure there's a legitimate sport there and hard-working athletes but it is one of gambling's oldest institutions and with it carries that kind of baggage. Money is the definitive end goal of the sport as opposed to it just being the end point if that makes sense. Celebrity bouts are fucking idiotic, so are men in their 50s being allowed to smash each other's heads in. But when you involve yourself with promoting boxing you don't think about that all you think about are dollars and cents. It's one of the reasons I think MMA
  5. Quite intriguing. Wentz has been awful this year in part because they're still trotting out the same offense from the Super Bowl win with downgrades at all other positions. But you don't a draft a QB in the 2nd rd and have him ride it out on the bench.
  6. It took 4 guys being exposed to Covid for Elway to finally have a black QB under center during his regime.
  7. Yes, they have a couple. Kendall Hinton played QB at Wake Forest.
  8. Oh also the 49ers now have no home.
  9. The Broncos do not have a QB.
  10. Stafford seems to have a ton of loyalty to the Lions org but I doubt he'd really flinch if he was asked about playing in Washington or succeeding Brees in NO or something. Plenty of potentially great opportunities out there for him where he can have a legitimate shot at winning a title.
  11. For what it's worth Turner Field was not exactly well-regarded. The teardown from Olympic stadium to baseball stadium didn't exactly make it a good ballpark to watch a game in. Then Cobb County offered them a ton to move out there so they jumped at the opportunity. Rangers desperately needed a new ballpark despite getting one in the 90s because no one figured "hm it gets hot as hell in summer here, maybe we should build a roof" last time around. I would like to find a way to blame George W. Bush for this. Anyone got a way I can? I agree stadiums really shouldn't be abandoned after a
  12. Curious what the approach in Detroit wins up being. Do they tear it down and rebuild? Stafford *can* be moved and there are going to be teams who can't find a QB in the draft who'd like him I'm sure. Is he tall enough for Elway?
  13. Jrue Holiday, PG/SG, Milwaukee @Your Mom
  14. What tickets? They're not playing in front of many fans. The article is basically about what happens to player pay without a game. Do they get paid? Does one team get paid? A forfeit counts in the standings so it is technically a "held game" but without any revenues. The league hasn't been clear what happens in the event of a forfeit.
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