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  1. The start times of 6:40 on the east coast during the playoffs are awful and always have been.
  2. I have a gut feeling City have their worst form behind them and will probably fly past Liverpool and United by the end of February.
  3. I used to love Yankees-Red Sox games when there was novelty to the overly managed 4 hour affairs but at this point it's not fun. Everyone in the league is doing the over-management bit during interleague games in June let alone October.
  4. With DC United moving from RFK it probably takes less time for me to drive up to Chester for a Union game than going down to Audi Field. At least when I factor in probable traffic on the highways down around DC. Whereas Philadelphia traffic doesn't hit until like right after Subaru Park. Yet I am firmly in "DC United's market" as the league sees it.
  5. And with Lamar out for the rest of the game it's going to take an absolute miracle to turn this around. Just a totally killer pick six that everything turned on.
  6. Lamar may have gotten concussed on that play. He's in protocol.
  7. This wind is outrageous. It's already had a significant effect on this game.
  8. Great, Ravens skill players dropping passes again.
  9. First, regarding CF Montreal. Olympique Montreal was sitting right there (I mean, in some ways literally since they play in Montreal's Parc Olympique). But Montreal Impact is, frankly, better because it ties nicely with American team naming conventions while not being awkward sounding nickname. When the league started it had a ton of 90s-tastic names, but fortunately the best one (Colorado Rapids) has lasted. Some expansion teams (Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps) have excellent nicknames, but then you get to Real Salt Lake and then heap of generic FCs and it sounds pret
  10. Thanks again for running this. Always a fun thing to do (and a very good way for this American to actually follow the lower leagues in England).
  11. Didn't Singletary, despite maybe not being a good actual coach, essentially hold all the young Niner players accountable to a point that when Harbaugh arrived they all had the maturity and talent but just needed the competency? He'd have never done what he did there if he came to SF when they were at their mid-00s, Mike Nolan-induced, worst.
  12. I don't know if the Saints culture is one that can really translate. I think without Brees keeping them competitive that place would've imploded years ago. But that said taking Sean Payton's right hand man is high on the list of things that if they work out will work out swimmingly.
  13. I think the Eagles wind up with Staley or Bieniemy with Daboll likely headed to LA.
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