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  1. At least with this work stoppage I assume people won't irrationally blame the players like they did with the strike.
  2. Southampton 1-1 Brighton (Sat 3pm) Wolves 0-2 Liverpool (Sat 3pm) Watford 1-3 Man City (Sat 5.30pm, Sky) Leeds 2-2 Brentford (Sun 2pm) Aston Villa 0-1 Leicester (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  3. Marcus Freeman getting promoted to ND head coach. Meteoric rise for him. Potential great hire, his recruiting built the Cincy team that's currently undefeated. Word is had he not been retained by ND they'd have lost a ton of coveted recruits. Big question now is can he also be a head coach?
  4. Los Angeles Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals (3) Washington Football Team vs Las Vegas Raiders (1) Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers (4) Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs (5) New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills (2)
  5. Jerry isn't even the worst owner in Texas thanks to Cal McNair.
  6. Ideally I'd want them to move playoffs into 4 groups of 4 (randomly drawn with seeding based on regular season records), with everyone playing each other in the group over a 10-12 day window. It would help give the really great regular season teams a mulligan, which they don't have in the current playoff format. Then top 2 from each group play in single-game knockouts. Pesky international window really inhibits this I think though as it adds nearly an extra 2 weeks on to the time needed to complete the playoffs.
  7. Just caught the highlight of it. Absolutely moronic.
  8. Speaking of teams with weird front office management structures, Geoff Molson cleaned house and fired Bergevin the other day. But as it stands he's still going to have some weird level of oversight over hockey ops that he probably shouldn't. It's not just an NHL thing but sports leagues should prevent team ownership from also having roles in the front office, it is just a bizarre conflict of interest that has been allowed to go on for years. Hockey ops/football ops/etc. should all be directed only to create a competitive team and eschew profitability. If ownership isn't happy with an unprofita
  9. Yeah, ND boosters will never be happy but Kelly has gotten that program to the highest point it can while still playing as an independent. Two CFP appearances, a BCS championship appearance. It's been a great run and despite that there was always the looming sense he was a 7-win season away from getting fired. What a weird school. He should've had the job for life but I don't think he ever felt that way. Now off to LSU where the money will be better, the recruiting easier, but the competition that much tougher.
  10. Brian Kelly to LSU for presumably a similar deal to what Lincoln Riley just got.
  11. I think it's been implied if not stated (and the name "The Blip" lends to this) that it was basically as if time didn't move at all for them. It was just a blip, like you blink and suddenly it's years later. Wandavision had Monica reappear in the hospital beside her mother's bed and act as if nothing had changed until people tried to explain what was happening to her.
  12. Rangers signed Seager to a 10 yr/$325 million deal with no opt-outs. He's played 1 fully healthy season since 2017 and there was a pandemic that year. Potential disaster contract.
  13. I think Chris Sale is still under contract with Boston.
  14. Beginning to feel like it's probably not a good thing one person can have so much money.
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