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  1. Jags break their no field goal streaks with one that looks like a for sure miss until an absolutely ridiculous bend back through the uprights
  2. I am also not a fan of the live NFL experience.
  3. IR additions happen after Pooker has made any additions he wants for the week
  4. Oh I see, no special mention when I run the table... (2) Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers (3) Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens (4) Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns (1) Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots (5) Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Probably won't be able to do Sunday for sure, prepping to move. Thursday or Friday would be after 5:00PM Central time. Might be able to squeeze something in earlier in the day on Saturday.
  6. Ordered a 65" TCL R646. It's got some issues, but they don't appear to be anything that I can't work around, if they affect me at all. Was tempted to give a Hisense a try since they have a 100 day trial period, but I saw almost nothing positive regarding their customer support.
  7. Oh, well that's much worse.
  8. Yeah I could see how "rubber lips" was probably not meant as a racist remark, but there's zero wiggle room on the homophobic shit he was saying.
  9. This is why I don't usually allow fractional points!
  10. Toney making the smart move and removing himself from the game before he can get injured further.
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