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  1. I’m not John Elway, I can’t afford to get fired
  2. Can’t do it right now, on some zoom calls so it would be hard to hide it
  3. They shouldn't have given up on Paxton Lynch so early.
  4. And then make a new NFL Quarterback Club game.
  5. Bought it last night, can probably squeeze in games during work.
  6. Lamar needs better receivers, while Hollywood is good he's still young and inconsistent and really needs a true No.1 out there to compliment him. He needs a reliable bigger bodied WR. Boykin has the size but doesn't have the skills. Mark Andrews is great, but as a TE he can only do so much.
  7. I wanted TJ Watt and got fucking Taco Charlton
  8. Wins one championship and is already plotting a hostile takeover of Yahoo smh
  9. Yahoo Fantasy experts telling me that after Joe Mixon has totaled 100 yards and 0 TDs through 3 games that he's "Looking like more of an RB2 than an RB1 going forward" GEE THANKS
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