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  1. Not if they want to make that $7.5 billion back.
  2. LL out here winning the best team name award
  3. I appreciate the vote of confidence but I assure you the Cowboys could absolutely blow that game.
  4. Falcons fans out here like
  5. Thing is, it wasn’t even that great. The Falcons could have easily jumped on it at any time, instead they stood around and watched it slowly roll past them. Also, Tom Brady still rocking the same TD:INT ratio as Jameis had last year. What a bum.
  6. When you have a weapon like Jeff Driskel, you gotta unleash
  7. I’m not a fan of this Mike Nolan hire.
  8. It wasn’t dark, his hair lit the way
  9. Mostert and Garoppolo injured, the Jets are down 24-3, and they are kicking field goals rather than going for it. Adam Gase, offensive genius. Elsewhere, uh oh it’s Red Rifle time
  10. Buffalo/Miami game feed it out, but Buffalo’s Twitter account is providing highlight clips for fans
  11. Falcons wearing all black uniforms today, and Matt Ryan running around with all white cleats. What a nerd
  12. LeBron needs to not be bitching about the MVP award. Looks petty as fuck coming from a guy with multiple titles and multiple mvp awards to his name.
  13. And getting much farther than Tavares ever has
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