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  1. Stepping away from the Saints. Tells me that in a year we could fire McCarthy and hire him.
  2. For fun, let's all assume they killed him.
  3. Jerry Jones outsmarted your system! That’s a win over enemy Damshow @LL! @IDOL
  4. So far none of these coaching finalists for any of the teams should make fans feel inspired, at all.
  5. Thank the Vikings for kicking this into overdrive by giving Kirk Cousins a stupid contract and raising the pay scale for slightly above average QBs to absurd levels.
  6. I think the Chiefs have a bit longer of a shelf life because Mahomes and Andy Reid are more likeable than Brady and Belichick and the Chiefs offense is way way way more exciting than any Pats offense outside of the 18-1 season.
  7. I was thinking the Bills really need another receiver, but then Gabriel Davis put up 200 yards and 4 TDs. So I’m not sure what else they need to add besides a healthy Tre’Davious White.
  8. Do we all get to match Mick’s tone from after the Buc’s Super Bowl win last season?
  9. Nope, something that makes the Rams look even worse lol
  10. Here comes QB sneak for first down, spike the ball to stop the clock, TD
  11. Ah there’s prime time Jalen Ramsey
  12. Wow, that drive was super sluggish for a Brady led team in that kind of situation
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