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  1. My favorite was when Martin Sheen was thrown off the roof in The Departed and the theater was dead quiet initially and then someone softly laughed and the theater erupted in laughter.
  2. Portland feels like the right place for the A's if they were to move, both from a sort of underdog hipster vibe and location wise. Vegas would be humorous because of the Raiders connection. Are they trying to push the Orioles out of Baltimore? That is some bullshit because while the Nationals do have recent success, that's been Orioles territory for far longer and they have one of the best ballparks in the world.
  3. I've never really touched scouting in franchise mode until this year and I really like it. Easy to understand and use, really nice to broaden the amount of well scouted prospects you get in the draft.
  4. The A’s are officially threatening to leave Oakland if they don’t get a new stadium deal. Which, fair play to them, Oakland really doesn’t seem at all interested in having a pro team, they’ve lost 2 out of the 3 that were there. The coliseum is one of the worst stadiums in the sport and has been for years now, so many times these pushes for new stadiums are completely absurd (hello Rangers) this is one of the only instances where it is truly needed. also really wanted to post this in The Athletics thread.
  5. Matt Swider is also a great follow for drops, it’s all he does right now.
  6. Looks like they spilled bleach on an already shitty looking shirt
  7. I was screwed by the refs opting to eject Luka for a simple punch to a guy's nuts.* WHAT A CUPCAKE LEAGUE THIS IS Congrats Damshow! *this had no impact on the final outcome
  8. His Triple Crown is his ticket to being first ballot. Probably also helps a little that in the next 25 years or so (or even longer who knows) he and Verlander are about the only two players coming out of Detroit that have a chance at going into the hall.
  9. Being that I continued to read that shortages would be ongoing for the rest of the year, and that the next Ratchet and Clank game is one of the only next gen games I'm actually excited about, I went out and acquired one of these fifth playstations.
  10. If he wants to keep playing some team that needs star power will sign him since he won’t cost anything. If he wants another playoff run, that’s probably not happening.
  11. Linder probably stood next to deGroom for too long. His aura will ruin a hitter.
  12. I wouldn’t ever describe myself as more than decent at Apex Legends, but last night I won a trios game by myself. Involved a lot of stealthy sniping. Pretty proud of that.
  13. I shall raise you Apparently the MLB needs to invest in a robust refresher course for umpires so they can learn how to tell the difference between dirt and grass.
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