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  1. Kevin Durant gonna declare French citizenship. We didn't even qualify for 3x3. Bad year for men's basketball. I propose a team of all 3 Ball brothers for the next Olympics.
  2. Where is @HC ? The B League requires you to be here! On the off chance he isn't around, do any of you want to step in and run it? Or do you guys just want me to run both?
  3. Do we have enough interest to try fantasy college football again? That was fun
  4. There’s 3v3 basketball and we sent Robbie Hummel?
  5. I don’t know how to further break it down to show how insanely lopsided it is. It’s so bad that it makes the case for Kelce to be the first overall pick because no other position has that kind of insane drop off in value. Two people, maybe three if we’re lucky, get viable top end weekly production out of the spot, the other nine or ten players get inconsistent, sporadic scoring from the position. If you didn’t have to use a TE, most of them wouldn’t be drafted because the majority of them aren’t a good source of consistent scoring. It’s not just oh Kelce is better than everyone else, t
  6. It's cool we do really great when he doesn't play.
  7. Republicans suddenly like WTF I hate at will states now
  8. I get it from a money standpoint, but good luck every getting to a championship game again if you're moving into the SEC.
  9. I'd like to lose my very well paying job and continue to be at risk to contract a virus that could kill me, rather than getting a free vaccine, because facebook. This is viewed by a good decision by people in this stupid country.
  10. If the Rockies didn't exist it probably would have been.
  11. If Yahoo scored for punters, we would have them.
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