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  1. I've won my second game! Somehow won Fall Mountain.
  2. I'm on the moon! Anyone know about how many more dungeons are in the game?
  3. Thinking, not sure WHY I've done this. Currently there are no games at launch that I'm super excited about, and if I wait a few months I might be able to nab a bundle. Maybe because I have already saved the money and like shiny and new things?
  4. I imagine we hear stuff about the Canadian financing next week. At least I hope so.
  5. Likely the game is still 2 years out, so I'm not too concerned. I wouldn't be mad if they basically copied/refined what they did for 7R. As for what Final Fantasy is? I think it's whatever SE wants/needs it to be at that time. They have changed the formula so many times that I would say there are more 'experimental' titles than there are traditional. And I'm ok with that! But the story is seemingly exactly what I've been wanting forever now... a high fantasy FF game. Swords and shields, not tech! (Also, yeah, FF14? It's dangerous. It's free now from level 1-60, with t
  6. Man, things ramp up in the Sealed Cave. Meh XP, but the monsters all have a ton of HP. And in other news... (again, a rumor!)
  7. Looks like they have dealt with the cheaters, which is good. I've not seen one in my recent games.
  8. Especially because I have the Ogre Slaying Axe or whatever on him, which just does MASSIVE damage.
  9. I remember loving season 1 and 2, and thrn it falling off the rails partway through 3. Weren't they planning a new series? I'd be all over that. I'm really liking it! I was personally hoping for more Lovecraft type monsters based, but what they've done is fantastic.
  10. There's rumors of FF16 being announced on Wednesday (September 16th?!) at the show. I know it's not likely, but I hope it to be true.
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