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  1. Played through the new missions on Hitman 3. It's good. I might go back and replay some missions different ways.
  2. My wife and I watched all three last night, we loved'em. Waiting a week is gonna suck.
  3. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Persona 5 is one of my favorite games of all time.
  4. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd done! Really liked the game! A bunch of bugs and crashes, but the story and combat was a lot of fun Gonna take a break with the PS5 and play Hitman 3 since that arrived on Gamepass!
  5. Humiliating deaths are boring and lame and make nobody feel great (unless it's a meat grinder one shot where it's expected).
  6. Not sure where to post this but... damn, for a kickstarter cartoon based on a D&D game, they got some huge cast members.
  7. I really enjoyed X-2. I am all about the job systems in games.
  8. I'm sad, I cannot get into Boba Fett. I was watching todays episode, got 20 minutes in and realized I was spending more time looking at my phone. Decided I'd be better off doing something else.
  9. Writing homebrew is way harder than throwing in homebrew elements to pre-written module. It's annoying. I have all the ideas, I just don't want to write them down.
  10. Huh. Well thats news. Gamepass keeps growing. Imma need to re-up in November...
  11. Well that's exciting! I have the first game on Steam but never got far. I might check it out!
  12. Latest Hitman trilogy coming to Game pass.
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