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  1. And a bunch of those games he had a bum wrist!
  2. Matthews gets 40 in 49! Very, very unlikely anyone catches him (fuck off, McDavid, you're too good)... that will be the first Leaf to lead the league in scoring since the 50s I believe.
  3. A gross crosscheck to the face of Mantha. BUT THAT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF THE DOPS DID THEIR JOB. Wilson should have gotten 15+.
  4. Nope! Wiped in 5 minutes on phase one of the boss. No interest in doing the boss rush again or grinding.
  5. Uh oh. Not going well. Gave my sub party one of the boss fights.... that was almost a wipe.
  6. Playing through Octopath Traveler a second time, you pick up a lot more instances of the story being connected. In the boss rush now before the true final boss. I failed when I played on the switch 3 years ago. Maybe I'll suck less this time.
  7. You are in for a treat.
  8. Aww. But I hope it's still fun!
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