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  1. So last session my players thought it would be a good idea to (unknowingly) break into Manshoon's (a level 18 wizard) secret tower. They get in, kill a bunch of mooks, and then find an entrance to his demiplane. They get jumped by a bunch of goons (plus Manshoon's simulacrum) and they think it's a good idea to unleash the 'fire elemental' they have in an iron flask. That fire elemental turned out to be Maegera the Dawn Titian, a 50ft tall elemental... CR23. Just being NEAR the thing causes 10d6 damage each turn. So they let it loose and peace out. On one hand, yay! They have trappe
  2. The Leafs are in post-season form tonight.
  3. Nice! I never cared for Yuffie in the original game too much. But this DLC made her one of my favs.
  4. I had it digital as well on PS4, I got the upgrade for free. It should be a separate thing to download. Are you getting the DLC? Because it is awesome!
  5. By accident, one of my players in my Out of the Abyss game has Fraz Urb'luu, a demon lord, in a gem... in their pocket.
  6. I'm gonna be running my first session of it next Friday. My players tend to like combat a bit more, so I threw in a few combats (like a 'battle royale' at the carnival).
  7. What exactly is HDR and how do I know if my TV has it? Is it that thing that makes tv shows look like they are 60fps and it weirds me out?
  8. I get a 10 hour trial thanks to Gamepass... it's very much the same game it's been for 5+ years. Just did 3 games in the memorial cup and it feels no different, which is disappointing.
  9. I wouldn't worry about residuum. I got halfway through the game and stopped using it almost completely
  10. Yay! I am excited you got it Deathloop has no difficulty setting. But, if you disable player invasions, the game itself isn't too difficult. But for exclusives: Spiderman was a blast and beautiful, Bugsnax was delightful, and Astro's Playroom (which is free, yay!) was really fun!
  11. Not the same writers, right?
  12. I'm glad for the trial. Turns out I didn't like Sackboy as much as I thought I would. And it seems like you don't unlock trophies with them?
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