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  1. Bravely Default is out for delivery!
  2. Follow up: He owns the module on Roll20, but we used a blank white battleboard when maps ARE available. He's using inconsistent rules when it comes to disengage. We don't even have proper tokens assigned. The DMPC is still a thing (which benefited from the disengage). He wanted to punish a player for using 'Create Bonfire' as we were using it to make a fire, and he didn't like that and said if he keeps doing it he's going to take psychic damage. He said he had stuff prepared, but it totally seemed like he was not. Like.... why is it so hard to have a DM who just knows the rules? I want to clon
  3. Yeah, looks like you can get it after upgrading to the PS5 version.
  4. I'm totally ok with the FF7R DLC + upgrade. I was looking for an excuse to replay it. And that's the excuse I need!
  5. I was using the Pulse 3D headset with my Xbox and it sounded fine. But trying the Outsiders demo with it? Holy shit
  6. Fingers crossed for more Final Fantasy content. 7R Part 2 or 16. I'm not fussy.
  7. Finally finished Valhalla, close to 60 hours and I skipped so much. Doing everything would easily double that. The main story, outside the animus, is so cool and interesting. I wish there was more connection to that and what you did in the game. But fuck. I dunno if I can do another AC game. Too much of a slog.
  8. A story heavy game about giant robots and time travel. I've seen many places about how the story is amazing, but the gameplay lacking.
  9. Debating heavily on getting 13 Sentinels, as it's 50% off.
  10. https://kotaku.com/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-delayed-past-2021-1846333086?rev=1614066466752&utm_campaign=Kotaku&utm_content=1614066534&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook
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