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  1. Hmm. Your response seems to imply I was criticizing him for it. It was a genuine question since I don’t think I’ve seen someone choose that route in a career mode where you can play as “yourself” in a sports game. I don’t really follow the connection of pushing Steve Blackman in a TEW game where you’re doing the booking to, say, wanting to play out the rest of Lewis Hamilton’s career. I’ve just always been of the impression that those that want to play as a real life person, it’s usually in a single race or season type mode as opposed to a “career”. So him wanting the ability to do that
  2. This is interesting. Why do you want to play someone else’s career and not your own?
  3. It’s Talladega week, folks! Wooooo! Let’s get wreckin’.
  4. I won't argue Chase's talent. He really is fantastic. And the chemistry they had at LSU speaks for itself. I'd just rather have the best tackle in the draft blocking my young QB's blindside, especially since I just saw him carted off the field last year over another target. There's decent depth at receiver in this draft too. Top-5 pick, it's always going to be tough to choose one elite talent over another. But if I had my way, give me a guy that could protect your QB for the next ten years, and actually give him the time to throw to the targets he does have.
  5. After Burrow got hurt this past year, I legit don't understand how they could take anyone but Sewell if he's there. My heart goes out to Joe Chill if they don't get someone to block for the poor kid.
  6. The only issue with firing Boone, is he's essentially a Cashman puppet. The decisions he makes is based on how Cashman believes he's built the team. That's why they have friggin' Aaron Hicks hitting third every damn game. Maybe a manager change will motivate the players a bit more, but if they just bring in another on-field Cashman, it's not really going to matter. You have to assume that because it's baseball, the bats will wake up eventually, but there is no excuse for all the poor fielding/lack of concentration/just moronic plays they do on defense or the bases. The players do need to be he
  7. I was talking to my dad about this yesterday. He was convinced he's safe, but if they don't make the playoffs, he's 100% gone. That said, it's not all his fault, though a lot of it is. Brian Cashman and his patch-job pitching rotation is a fucking joke. Tanaka is pitching Japan, while we have the rehab squad. And on days like today where Gerrit Cole pitches, we still lose because nobody on this team outside of DJ hits the ball, so they don't score more than two runs. Watching them play has been infuriating. They all are playing like shit. No just in the batters box, but in the field and
  8. After today’s game, Jay Bruce is retiring. 319 career home runs. A quietly solid career.
  9. The Jose Abreu play at first base to get the first out in the ninth last night is likely going to be overlooked since Rodon hit the next batter, but that was one of the most clutch perfect game saving plays I’ve ever seen. As soon as the ball was hit, I said “Noooooo” because I was sure it’d be an infield single. So major props to a guy who usually only gets love for his bat.
  10. I'm not going to say why, but if you can watch the White Sox game, turn it on. Nooooooooooo! 0-2 pitch, with one out in the bottom of the 9th and Rodon loses the Perfect Game by hitting Roberto Perez. Still ended up being a no-hitter, but still. Two outs away from a perfect game and that's how it ends has got to hurt a little bit.
  11. All these rule changes are going to prevent teams from having their stud prospects on those teams. Isn’t the Atlantic League also changing the pitching distance? Or height of the mound? That’s going to fuck up pitchers arms, after they’ve pitched from the same distance their whole lives. I’d have my stud pitching prospects completely skip that level. All this crap is going to chase away those of us still around. Not bring in the people who currently don’t give a shit.
  12. To add more: even 24, 25, and 26 year olds, if they can’t do really well in Double-A, they’re likely not worth holding on to. If they’re crushing Double-A, but struggle in Triple-A, keep them around a little longer to see if they can figure it out. But if they’re in their mid-20’s and not succeeding in at least Double-A, that’s good trade fodder to toss in as an extra piece when you’re close to reaching a deal. Obviously, none of this is written in stone, and someone like @Lowerdeckmay have a totally different take on how he looks at prospects, that’s how I generally approach my farm.
  13. If they’re in their late-20’s and they don’t have at least two skills Major League worthy, you can either try to shop them for a younger prospect or just cut them. Some other team may see some value in him and give you someone for him. Take a flier on an 18 or 19 year old prospect. Maybe they’ll turn into something. Probably not. But the odds are better than your almost 30-year old finally figuring it out. 99% of baseball players aren’t going to get better after 27/28, and if they’ve not shown any real development, it’ll never come. Trade or release them because all they’re doing is takin
  14. Also check your International Complex if you had your Asst GM running things. They’ll let prospects stay there until they’re too old (20) and they may still have like 20 potential. My rule of thumb is to move any prospect from the Int’l Complex to the DSL when they reach 18. If they don’t show some improvement after a year or two there, they’re gone. But Im also super anal about my system. I try to keep it as neat and tidy as I possibly can. I spend about four hours going through and re-working things after taking over a team. Which is why I usually spend my whole career with one team.
  15. I think that’s actually a fine pick up. I have a soft spot for him though since he’s a cancer survivor.
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