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  1. Get back here

    1. Lineker


      @metalman promises to stream when you do!

    2. The Redeemer CLDY

      The Redeemer CLDY

      Last visited: May 19th

      Kane got him. :(

    3. Krabby


      I second this motion, all in favor, say aye!

  2. That really sucks for JOK, but Cleveland got a major steal getting him when they did.
  3. Yeah. I was sad (and surprised) to see him leave with a year of eligibility left, but he's a legit blocker. He doesn't have the best hands, and he's not all that fast compared to other NFL tight ends. There were several plays where he'd be crossing the middle of the field, have a pass right in the chest and he'd bobble it before pulling it in. I guess he does deserve kudos for completing the catch, but 9-times-out-of-10, he was open and looking upfield before making the catch, which can be corrected with coaching. But he is easily the best blocking tight end in the draft, and I don't thin
  4. When Aaron Judge is healthy he's so friggin' good.
  5. Undersized as a linebacker and too slow for a safety, I guess. I really have no idea. I didn't think he looked as impressive his final year as the year before, but that was because of COVID and the fact that opposing offensive coordinators focused on running and passing the ball where he wasn't. He's never had academic or personal issues. A good kid. I'd love to see Denver land him when they come back around, if he's still there for some raisin. If you had told me six months ago that Aaron Banks would be drafted before Jeremiah, I would've slapped your face and told you keep steppin'.
  6. I'm happy for Eichenberg but really bummed for my boy JOK.
  7. And if Haskins is the answer to your QB situation, Lineker is right here for your offensive line.
  8. Piece of shit being a piece of shit shocker.
  9. I see no issue with them naming Dalton the starter...in April. Once they get to camp and if Fields outplays him, it’s not like can’t name him the starter then. But the day after drafting Fields, sure I can understand why they didn’t instantly name him QB1. It’s all bullcrap offseason talking points that won’t mean booty come September.
  10. @damshowI know Baltimore likes their Notre Dame players. What's your linebacker/safety/hybrid position look like? JOK would look badass in black and purple...
  11. A lot of fun nights and rough mornings at Seacrets. 😕
  12. Having beers with Darrius Heyward-Bey.
  13. Mac Jones to New England was almost as predictable as Lawrence to the Jags.
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