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  1. Wait, really? Every person I saw covering it had at least the first six rounds to Tyson. Maybe even more, I stopped following along.
  2. You guys writing out the conga line of quarterbacks we've had over the last half decade really makes you think we should fire John Elway.
  3. Remember when that blowhard Ian Rappaport was jerking himself off because he said the NFL had it all figured out and it was a shame that college football couldn't do the same?
  4. Yeah, I imagine he's sitting in his office right now Googling "Tallest QB free agent" unfortunately.
  5. He can't play any worse at 60 than he GM's, so what the hey, right.
  6. You don't want Patricia if Belichik isn't included.
  7. Somebody is going to have to, because Denver never will. Make them do it.
  8. Maybe they’ll be forced to fire John Elway
  9. I know I’m lol traditionalist but I hate the state of the art stadiums. They have no personality. Rogers Center has personality.
  10. Touchdowns for Prosise and Will Fuller today. Notre Dame Texans scoring all over today.
  11. He may not be benching Guarantano, because, and hang with me on this, he may be the best quarterback they have on the roster. That mindset, that Pruitt isn’t doing what he thinks is best in trying to win the game is incorrect. He’s not putting in the back up because he and his coaching staff clearly don’t think the second and third strings are better options. If you bring in the back up, you don’t all of a sudden win. You likely get beat even worse than you are.
  12. I don't know! I've been waiting to play until I heard one way or another from someone. Is it? I feel like for the $8 it is on Steam, I need to just take the damn dive and get it.
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