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  1. 3rd and 2 deep in Pitt territory and Schurmer calls back to back pass plays. Incomplete and then a sack. What a joke this coaching staff is.
  2. Saquon already has more than three times as many yards this week as last!
  3. I guess I just feel like most people prefer one or the other and they're not going to drop $400 on something they don't necessarily want, just because they may have to wait another couple weeks. Like you could tell me I have to wait six months before getting a PS5 or I can get an Xbox tomorrow, I'd still wait for the PS5.
  4. Doesn’t really matter for those who want the PS5 and not the Xbox.
  5. Yeah, he will get a shot but it’s hard to imagine he’ll be anywhere close to what he was.
  6. Albert Pujols just passed Willie Mays with his 661st homerun to move into 5th all-time.
  7. That’s what they deserve for taking Cleveland -6.
  8. You'll always have eliminating the Flyers.
  9. I mean what successful franchise wouldn't ask their rookie quarterback to throw it 60+ times in his second game of his career?
  10. Sounds like a reason to finally upgrade from 15...
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