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  1. Anybody playing Among Us? An EWB game of it could be fun.
  2. I tied in the semi-final and didn’t advance because I lost to that same team in the regular season. So you better believe there’s an asterisk.
  3. Alvin Kamara makes Madden video game plays.
  4. Fun race. Shit luck for Byron yet again. I'd rather have DiBenedetto win than Kurt Busch, but at least it wasn't Hamlin?
  5. I've always really loved Vegas. I wish Byron was still running in the playoffs but a trio of Vegas, 'Dega, and the Roval makes this probably the most fun round of playoffs.
  6. Nick Foles just whipped out his big dinger and slapped the face of those who like Wentz over him.
  7. I took over the Blue Jays in '97 at the ripe age of 12. I'm up to 2018. We've won six championships in those twenty years. I got Carlos Delgado into the Hall of Fame. And Shannon Stewart has been darn close the last couple of years. I've missed the playoffs only twice; my first year and the year we went 100-62 and still finished third in the East.
  8. For those of you that wait for a price drop, 21 is only $10 on Steam.
  9. The Red Sox were up there in at least the top 3 for their last couple championships.
  10. Yet you still have buttmonkeys who say no salary cap has killed parity in the league.
  11. Cohen’s first order of business is to bring Sandy Alderson back as team president of the Mets.
  12. Yeah, Elway has done some head scratchers, but signing Bortles to back up Driskell for a month is what it is.
  13. I’d be disappointed if Hendrick took Jones over Reddick. I think Reddick’s potential blows Jones out of the water.
  14. Co-owned with Denny Hamlin and they've already announced Bubba Wallace as their driver. That's awesome. I figured Bubba had to have something big lined up to turn down part ownership of Petty.
  15. 3rd and 2 deep in Pitt territory and Schurmer calls back to back pass plays. Incomplete and then a sack. What a joke this coaching staff is.
  16. Saquon already has more than three times as many yards this week as last!
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