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  1. Not had anyone forward me them yet, it would be greatly appreciated, if you have them 🙂
  2. To anyone using the new rebuild. EWR hasnt been removed. Its just no longer in the "TEW" section. Its now under "Wrestling Bookers" in the "Other Games" section
  3. If anyone has September 2016 - December 2017 EWR data, please can you inbox me with the data for me to upload? It appears to have broken links in the Monthly posts here. Thanks again
  4. Sorry i dont come here much. Everything is getting an overhaul atm... so if you have anything to submit, or know of any problems. I see a few mentions of issues with the EWR mods... I uploaded them straight from the old EWWarehouse back catalog. If someone can point out any issues, please do. Best way to let me know anything isnt here or the GDS page, its either Via the Submissions page on the HoPW site or the HoPW Discord. Discord - Home of Pro Wrestling
  5. Thank You to iDOL who has helped this become a much more vast Directory. Please feel free to let me know if you find any faults or know of great ways to update the site. Also Mod/Graphic makers, please let me know if you want your mods Featured
  6. Home of Pro Wrestling Home of Pro Wrestling is now fully up and working with everything that was kindly provided by iDOL EWR, TEW 05-10-13-16, WMMA3
  7. I dont post here... But Just to let you all know, www.homeofprowrestling.com is currently a work in progress. What you see now isnt the final article. It only features TEW 2016 currently, but over the next few weeks i will be adding EWR, 05, 10, 13... Basically all the data from iDOL's EWW... just in a new location.
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