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  1. I do not like being able to see every post I made on here. I was an idiot with bad grammar for years.

  2. my first thought with the retirement thought was though....Sonnen is going to train for the wwe. I hope i'm right, though I doubt it.
  3. I got the Garth brooks box set for Christmas, and all the music/dvd makes me feel 10 again. Which, happens to be my age when he retired. While I like the greatest hits, the 4 cover CD's, and the DVD from the Wynn performances are really, really good. It's interesting hearing a guy talk about the music that made him what he is, and then singing them. It really shows that his place is on a stage.
  4. I never seen a HW fight in which they were fading but still landing good hard shots like those two. I don't know what you do with those two going forward.
  5. Fair point.....I suppose I paid more attention because of the stumbling.
  6. What a fight....that was so fun to watch. Did the ref save Bigfoot when he had the doctor check the cut?
  7. I feel like I'm way behind by just now finding the League. I love the show. I also really liked Brooklyn 99. I've always like Samberg so him combined with the writing and the rest of the cast makes the show very enjoyable.
  8. I've heard her in interviews, and podcast and tend to agree. I come out of those liking her quite a bit.
  9. Bat out of Hell.....I wasn't even close to being alive when this came out, but I think it is one of my favorite alubms. I love the slightly theatre tones of it. I liked bat out of hell two as well. But, it's tough for that second album to compare to Bat out of Hell.
  10. I thought zombieland was the one that was already picked up to, but now I can't find where I read that at.
  11. That is one of like eight pilots. One of which that has John Goodman in it.
  12. I didn't either, other then my parents have watched it before. I was really suprised how much I enjoyed it without any of that attachment.
  13. So I watched the new Dallas......I kinda loved it. I know that I have a weird taste in TV.
  14. buck...


    self diagnosed asperger's......more or less painting it as her using it as an excuse to say stuff. I get if people found it offensive but I thought it was more a joke in the vain of cartmen pretending he had tourettes on south park.
  15. buck...


    I liked it. I don't know if I just expected worst because of what everybody had been saying about it or what. Despite enjoying season two more then most, it was weaker by far then season one. So far it appears more akin to season one but we will see. Overall I'm more encourage then I was coming in. Oh, and Sugar is awesome so far.
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