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  1. Oh hell yeah, good for Self Esteem getting number in the Guardian; her album was quite good, I don't know if I'm just not used to pop releases but the album did suffer a little from having already heard like half the songs by the time it came out. That, smol data, and Japanese Breakfast's albums were good. I'm sure there's other stuff that came out but I haven't been super into anything I've heard from this year, though I still need to listen to stuff like the new Mountain Goats and Wiki.
  2. I quite liked Outsiders. I find myself sometimes exasperated saying "Jamaaaaaaaali" to myself. The show wouldn't work if the contestants didn't work so well together imo, but that was a very well-cast first season
  3. i've still been thinking about this and came to the conclusion that i don't really care about seeing people or songs i've never seen before, i'd just much rather be able to go back to shows i was at and relive them. anyway all this to say that one of those times is definitely when i saw the mountain goats in bloomington indiana and they played you were cool BUT i got like fifteen phone calls in five minutes so i left the show before the end and i wish i could go back and see it all
  4. hmm i mean this is a topic for another thread but i wonder about that. i think that fugazi is most definitely more broadly influential across a wide variety of genres but like....rites of spring *is* emo
  5. i have seen ian mackaye a couple times! not performing or anything, he was just still going to dc punk shows when i was living around there not that he was rites of spring but like if you like them you presumably like fugazi too!
  6. this might be kind of basic, but historically i'd love to have seen The Rite of Spring on opening night
  7. LittleDaniel


    The only Russell Howard moment I remember disliking was
  8. Does MGK get discussed here solely because we're a wrestling board and he's performed for WWE or is he actually a thing?
  9. LittleDaniel


    Yeah this is a really good cast, should be a fun series! VCM is just always always always delightful. I also finished the second series of NZ Taskmaster the other day and fuuuck those last two episodes were amazing. David Correos' performance in the diss track task is one of my favorite performances by any cast member in any task.
  10. iirc its only the first two series that netflix doesn't have. plus one of the series isn't under the regular bake off, its called something like "bake off: the beginnings" and then they/PBS also fucked around with the order a bit for the first couple series they aired.
  11. I wanted to like the new What We Do in the Shadows and overall I still did (especially Guillermo as a prisoner) but I'm really not sold on the premise of the season so far.
  12. Buncha NOAH updates to bring it in line: Workers Add Contact Daiki Inaba Eita Kobayashi as EITA Ikuto Hidaka Kai Fujimura Kazunari Murakami Kendo Kashin Kohei Fujimura as Aleja Manabu Soya Masakatsu Funaki Masato Tanaka Yasutaka Yano Yuko Miyamoto Yuya Susumu Remove Contract Chris Ridgeway Dick Togo El Hijo de Dr Wagner KAZMA Minoru Tanaka Quiet Storm Rene Dupree Seiya Morohashi Starting Injury Go Shiozaki (dislocated bicep until October) On Hiatus Hitoshi Kumano Add Loyalty Akitoshi Saito Go Shiozaki Muhammad Y
  13. apparently the second one is kinda popular on tiktok, so if she can keep up the quality of these songs I could see her breaking out in the next year or two
  14. some majorrrr early nicki minaj vibes; that first song is like the gen z version of the nicki verse on monster
  15. Considering Norse Loki's level of trickery is literally "hey, you know these apples you're protecting? There's even better ones right over there *yoinks the apple*" him being kinda dumb feels right
  16. Ooooh I'm gonna have to check out Mdou and Tinariwen -- I love Les Filles de Illighadad but that is basically the extent of my Tuareg knowledge.
  17. Not a Beatles fan either, but I don't think I've ever actually listened to Abbey Road so I'm willing to have my mind changed! Also I'm gonna guess that the 1995 pick is either Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx or Liquid Swords because there's a serious lack of killer bees on this list.
  18. yes! I'd definitely recommend their mixtape from last year "FREE I.H." its more in line with this sound than their debut album "Kiss Yr Frenemies"
  19. Wasn't sure whether to post em in here or the punk thread, but the past couple days I've had either the new illuminati hotties single and this song from smol data stuck in my head, love em both
  20. And in a similar vein...
  21. i saw them at the height of my fandom and yeah, I'd say that was the worst live show i've been to
  22. I looooved De-loused and Francis the Mute when I was younger, no way do I have that kind of money but fuuuck the De-loused demos would be cool to hear.
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