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  1. Rubio finished with 22/19Ast/5rbd/3stls on 53% shooting (40% 3pt). He's finally the sole owner of the franchise record in assists (used to be 17 which he'd matched something like 5 times). He's just dominated the three best PGs in the league in the past week. His stats for the past 4 games? 19/13ast/4rbd/2stls/2to on 48/36/95 He's out of control.
  2. Rubio just picked up 10 dimes in the first quarter (against John Wall and Washington), right after outplaying Chris Paul and Steph Curry. He's been so fucking incredible the past stretch.
  3. You do know that out of the 8 games on this road trip they lost 5 right? So what you're suggesting makes no sense. They couldn't win with a full strength (minus Durant obviously) team against Washington, Chicago, Boston or Minnesota (I think they rested Livingston against us but meh). If they rested players the way you'd prefer they probably lose even more games. Plus it gives rotations less time together when they desperately need the time together to work out how to win without Durant (which they've seemingly forgotten how to do). Basketball isn't as simple as the players on the court,
  4. Yay! I've been trying to avoid anything to do with it until release.
  5. Because personally it seems a bit silly to put 4 versions on the same game into the discussion. GTA III is the most important since it was the first and was the blueprint and changed games. But GTA-SA to me was the last iteration that added 'stuff' (swimming, push bikes, car customisation, proper aeroplanes, player customisation driving/flying school? etc.) and had improved upon the previous iterations in a significant way. The way I think of it is if they remastered every version to have the same graphics but kept everything else the same, SA is the version I'd want to play. It had the
  6. Heavy Cross was huge here for a summer.
  7. I 100% think he would have done this at Oracle. It isn't Kerr's fault, it's the NBA schedule makers. Eight cities in thirteen days with 11,000 miles covered. Something had to give.
  8. This is one where you need to light fires that get put out with water jets unless you tilt everything the right way, there's no cheesing it. Although I did end up youtubing it to make sure I wasn't an idiot and there wasn't more to it (there isn't). Speedrunners have worked out how to skip it with a well placed bomb jump thing which might actually be harder than the actual puzzle to execute. It took me like an hour to do it. It was easily the most frustrating thing I've encountered so far in the game since even when I did manage to finish it there was no sense of accomplishment or 'wow so that
  9. The Bucks have a really cool crowd, lots of chanting and singing and they seem really into it.
  10. Also anything that uses tilt controls can fuck right off. I have no idea if it's better on the Switch, but on the Wii U it's like they don't 'reset' after a fail, so rather quickly the way you're tilting has nothing to do with what's happening on screen and instead of being left/right/up/down the diagonals are in play. Plus if you're charging the controller and using headphones it isn't the most fun experience even when it is working as intended.
  11. Adele for me. When Rolling in the Deep came out I thought Beth Ditto had had a makeover. Plus it sort of blended in to 3-4 other female musicians who were releasing similar stuff around then and everyone was all 'Adele this' and 'Adele that' and I didn't know which one she was or what made her different to any of the others. So it was both that I mistook her for someone else then was just confused because in my head there were a load of songs that sounded like hers and I couldn't remember which one she was. Not really listening to the radio doesn't help. Quite often I know a song b
  12. Holy frame rate issues Batman. I was fighting an enemy near Death Mountain (Wii U version). The frames must have dipped below 5 for a solid 5-10 seconds, at one point it was under 1FPS because I thought the game had crashed. I dunno how I feel about the game. For about 20 minutes I'll think it's the best thing I've ever seen or played, then for the next 20 minutes I'll be wandering around a vast empty wilderness wondering why my weapons need to break every single time I fight something.
  13. Holy fuck, I'm starting to believe, last 10 games we're 7-3 (the losses were against Houston, Cleveland and San Antonio). We destroyed Utah and beat the Clippers and now GSW. KAT has scored 20+ points or more 19 games in a row, Wiggins had his own 20+ points streak broken at 19 against San Antonio and has started another. Rubio has become a scoring machine (by Rubio standards) and you can pencil him in for a 15/10 game. I'd be much happier if the season was a month longer. I really hope we can keep this rolling into next season, especially if we can bolster the bench. Who am I kidding, T
  14. I'm not sure really. The only games I can think of are remasters that came out on PS3 (which I barely played) and GTA V although that was more for my boyfriend (from PS3 to PC). The rest I haven't 'bought' it has been more like Super Mario All-Stars or whatever where it has been bundled or been free. By and large when I'm done with a game I'm done with it. Which doesn't make much sense since I keep all my games rather than trading or selling them. Also you lot are all weird, I've never had a disc break outside of F-Zero X or whatever it was called for GC, that came broken and I had
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