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  1. I've got the Sony ones done for my new pack, not sure if I have the Indian broadcasters in the current download so here they are, the last one is modified since I like to have one umbrella channel for sports channels that have multiple channels, the new pack will be out with my next monthly update.
  2. It's basic but here is "Hold Up!" in the pride colours with alternates with black and white exclamation point, along with examples of each PNG on a contrasting backgound to accentuate the exclamation point.
  3. Those were handy, filled in a few gaps for my next pack, here is all the Impact event logos I currently have done for my new pack.
  4. Personalities and gimmicks are the main ones, essentually to the point it's best to redo all of them. Other than that it's the regional changes, best to use the updated maps over on GDS.
  5. Keep forgetting to upload these things, 300+ new pics, a mix of WWE, AEW and a few others, mostly from the past few months since January when I did the last one of these. Download: TEWPICUPDATE26
  6. Yeah I've fixed them up, I'm going to release the full pack with the September release where everything will be linked and will work from the start, I'm mostly filling in gaps now. There is also a small error with a few German broadcasters, I put a three letter code to specify the country, I use FIFA's short name code, and for a few German ones they are listed as DEU instead of GER. The new pack won't include banners for now, I still have all my logos and I'm going to use them to make banners, will focus on conpanies in the mod first before release and then expanding it for every log
  7. Is that an empty arena location, if so it is impossible to replicate that within the game, when they begin letting audinces in and there is a rough guide on capacity then I'll add it in.
  8. FYI, with my new pack I add a 1px border in a contracting colour, black for white, white for black, that kind of thing, I'll also try and keep the original black or white background, but if it's on a coloured background just for simplicity use that.
  9. Yes and no, you can, but since they changed the contract formats to include start months and years, but you will be notified in the start up data check and can fix them if you want. That and obviously current champions/title histories will be out of sync are the main issues. If you are using the demo version however, set the start date to January 2021 and you can use the data without any fuss.
  10. So here is the update for September, another that's just the database but hopefully next month I'll be debuting a new logo pack to go along with the mod, it's just a pig to hunt down old pics. Anyway main update this month is tag teams, I've gone through and overhauled ALL the tag experiences, I used the old formula of one match together equals one tag experience and multi-person tag matches equals 1/2 a tag experience. I did kind of get distracted rebuilding the new graphics pack so not much was changed beyond the typical changes for the month, there were a few new additions (Candy Lee, Danie
  11. Is there any confirmation it's Konley? I've seen info on A Suicide, just nothing connecting it to a single person, especally as Konley was open that he left Impact.
  12. I see not point having India active until I start populating it with workers and/or a promotion, till then it's staying off.
  13. I wasn't specifically targeting that towards you just saying in general, also with giving teams "low/medium/high" experience is not pointless as it's become a numerical slider from 0-100, although I have gone though and updated all teams for the next release.
  14. Just going through the thread updating the mod. I don't think some of you still understand how gimmicks work now, you can name them ANYTHING you want, so @ForkyI took some of your descriptions literally Since there is a PPV tonight and Raw tomorrow the next update should be up some time Tuesday, there won't be a graphics pack again as I'm still working on it, but hopefully the new cleaner logos should be ready for September, and no I'm not redoing workers, nobody has time for that!
  15. Added company logos to the first post, the majority of the logos in my pack should be represented, there is still a few I need to hunt down, suggest any promotions I may have missed and I'll try and get them done, going to work on TV and events next and then hopefully get them working for the October release of my mod. Here is a preview
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