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  1. They were active, but kept having more new talent each month I just couldent be arsed adding them anymore for a fed barely anyone followed.
  2. I'm not jumping to replace them just yet, I'd rather give some time for them to return, but I am open on replacing them, also I'd rather replace promotions with other promotions from that region.
  3. I'm not sure if you are a Doctor Who fan, but this is a fantastic documentary covering the junking of episodes and then the effort made to recover missing episodes to the archive.
  4. I do, but I personally prefer the historical side of things, I do love a bit of London history, that's what got me hooked, the transport stuff is an added bonus.
  5. Not sure how much a market there may be here but I've recently got into watching Jago Hazzard, if you like history related to London, trains and transport its an interesting channel.
  6. I'll add them back when they run shows, I've held off on PWG, EVE and OTT since they have announced returns for July (OTT) and August (EVE & PWG), all three are set up with basic owners/staff and current champions, although OTT will have their roster updated for release based off their return show, the others will be updated after theirs.
  7. Doesn't Mary Diaz run/own ECCW? Didn't think the issue was with her.
  8. Just a heads up, I'm looking into closing down promotions who havent run since pre-pandemic, I'm open to reactivating them but only after they return to running shows, these promotions would me the following. - All Star Wrestling - Capital City Championship Combat - Combat Zone Wrestling - Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling - Fight Club Pro - Smash Wrestling - The Crash
  9. You could make your own, but all belts included in my pack are physical belts,
  10. Banners are in a to do pile I plan on getting to at some point, since I havent started on them I don't include them Most of the good gneric belts I've included in the pack starting with GEN, if you want more just google search. that's what I tend to do.
  11. So here is the update for July, this month was planned to just be updating missing worker pictures from the pack, however I got distracted by updating stats and updated over 4K+ of them, which is around half the database, so not much more has been done beyond that and the usual updated for the month so I may have missed a few things. There will be an update for the graphics and workers this month, however I need more time to sort them out, they should be ready by the weekend at some point, I'll announce when there available for download.
  12. I'd like to see Master Plan and Wheel next on the animation list, although Toymaker would be interesting although it would need audio editing, and we really do need Marco Polo at some point.
  13. - DJ Hyde should be a scumbag, it came out he only booked women he wanted to fuck. - TNA would be fun to have Vince Russo as booker since he was the main push for Dixie. - ROH would be interesting if Silkin was the owner, go old school. - Gotta have Smoky Mountain Wrestling in there with Corny in control - For Canada maybe look into International Wrestling Syndicate and Inter Species Wrestling - For Mexico maybe look into Lucha Libre Elite, Desastre Total Ultraviolento and Mexa Wrestling - For UK maybe look into One Pro Wrestling and Frontier Wrestling Alliance - For Japan maybe
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