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  1. It's not always perfect, and it does reduce image sizes, it's best to crop to desired size then fun it through, I ran 300+ images through it the past couple days, only 3 didn't work. Also works with logos too now I found out.
  2. GIMP / Remove BG Teach a man to fish and all that
  3. I'll up it, don't think I changed it from when I added him early on when there wasn't much on him.
  4. He should have basic English. - I thought I had added Cage, but since there is no job historyI guess I missed it. - He has an image set, it's just set as Erick Redbeard rather than the previous Thoruf Marius, I don't see the point reuploading a 90MB image pack just for a few renames that I include in the database every month - She should already be on the roster. - Grado didn't really break out in America did he as he did over here, at beast he would have minor pop in America. As for stats of others, suggest changes and I'll look into it. - Not sure on limits for TV
  5. He was added to the last update so import the guy in if running an older version.
  6. Is Before the Impact the new Xplosion, is so they can be added.
  7. Yeah I just linked the new IWGP title to the main one and retired the IC belt, just for ease of convenience.
  8. This is where you have to bend things due to WrestleMania, usually it's at the end of March or start of April, this year it's a week into April, because of this I set my update to be as if it's April 1st but with the results of Mania, it's a little awkward but the April update is the only one this happens to.
  9. Yeah I noticed that after I released the data, it's in the pack just not set. And India is inactive since there are no promotions active there, nothing stopping you making it active, i just don't see the point having it active if there are not promotions in the region.
  10. Here is the April post WrestleMania update, it's mostly fixing/updating issues from the previous April update, there has also been a addition of workers which can be found in the editor. As usual any issues post away and I'll get round to them. Added download to the first post. Database: April 2021 (Post WrestleMania)
  11. Added all that in and everything so far posted here with notable exceptions, I also had a big update on AEW over on GDS, so the post Mania update should be good. The Post WrestleMania update should be out at some point tomorrow, it's just the changes from WrestleMania night 2 and anything else I'm currently adding.
  12. Impact and NXT are around the same level pop, what gives Impact the boost over NXT is they have major pop in two regions (South East & Ontario).
  13. What there much more beyong the title changes? I was half watching half updating the mod, didn't notice anything major, plus I only caught NXT, don't get Mania. I did add in the new NXT:UK debuts though. I did read who Franky Monet is meant to be, but I'd rather hold off till debut just in case.
  14. That's know. These will be in May, not the post mania update.
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