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  1. And now we've got a full trailer.
  2. So yesterday all the Doctor Who socials went down, and now their back... promoting the new series starting at the end of October.
  3. And I'm still here waiting on a re-release of the Stories titles...
  4. So here is the update for October, main thing this month is I finished my little stat tidying, not much of a big deal, beyond that we have a new promotion in the mod, I asked what feds to add last year and Defy Wrestling was one of the winners so I've been waiting for them to get back to running shows before adding and since they have returned they have been added to the mod. Not many workers added this month (list in editor), mostly filling gaps for Defy and some of the newer NXT debuts. I've given the AEW events a rejig, namely the TV specials are 2 hours long and the main PPV's are 3 hours,
  5. But then you'd be constantly scaling down to the worst sizes you find. I get your direction of trying to go for total uniformity, but unless every wrestler is getting photographed by the same photogropher in the same style that's a near impossible goal.
  6. That's mostly down to source images, I refrain from zooming in as it distorts the image, I only zoom out, for example the background Cole is from AEW, while the transparent Cole was from the WWE PC page, and nearly all the WWE PC images not on the main WWE roster are small in comparison.
  7. I always have the logic that 90 is the best of the best, and anything over that is the when a wrestler is at their peak, thy enter it for a few months and drop out. Also a key factor is different stats work differently, these kinda stat levels would work best for in ring and entertainment skills, a few skills are in a class of their own, like experience, reputation, respect.
  8. I don't think I've seen anyone (beyond Twitter edge lords) complain about the gender of the Doctor, it's all been about the writing, the only people I see mention the Doctors gender as an issue tend to do so as an excuse to dismiss criticism of the show.
  9. Some previews of what I've got done so far Without backgrounds With backgrounds
  10. You woulden't need to size them down, as long as they are square they will automatically fit, when it comes to GIF's I'm not sure as I've never worked them, but since these are still square they will work that sticker GIF style. As for the naming, I'm gonna stick to the last 2 digits of the year, at best most will be from 80's to present day, so won't need to worry about it till we hit 2080, and we'll likely be dead or doing something else by then. The only thing I'm thinking bout is how best to host these things, Photobucket is out the question, I saw Gaz used Google Drive fo
  11. Also in regard to borders, I like borders too, I am just not a fan of thick borders, so if I create these without a border, that leaves an option to be changed at a later date rather than be fixed now, it's easier to add things than remove them.
  12. Well it controls the range of the skill caps, it's still a RNG when starting the game, but potential fits that RNG into certain parameters.
  13. I think they determine the RNG value of skill caps when creating a new save.
  14. At the moment I'm building up the current era images, done Impact, Stardom and working through AEW right now, the naming format I'd be looking to go down would be similar to my Broadcasters pack in a Name_Year, for example the Misawa pic above would be Mitsuharu Misawa_90, not sure what to do with gimmicks/alternate images, for example the numbers Dark Order members I've done so far are Alan Angels_Five and Preston Vance_Ten and might do the Su Yung Impact gimmicks as Su Yung_Susan and Su Yung_Susie.
  15. Would be a miracle to be anywhere accurate, but would be a fun option, I'd just push Georg Hackenschmidt to the moon! Also I'd go with the sepia toned images, would be more immersive, although finding pictures would be a pig. Also any chance of including Jack Wannop?
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