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  1. The latest 205 debuts. Bodhi Hayward, Fallon Henley & Javier Bernal
  2. Who say's I don't like The Who? They are just not all that big to comment on these days. EDIT Just as a heads up, everything mentioned so far has been updated in the database.
  3. That's only for the fully animated releases, I'm the opposite, I watch in colour, they are not bad and tend to keep to the colours they would have been at the time, plus the colour intro recreations are pretty cool.
  4. They havent run since October, and went on a winter break in November, I don't think they are dead. Just throught of them as an option since they uses a lot of the old ex-Chikara talent, another option could be Beyond, since they seem to be the core of IWTV content right now. At the moment only ROH, C*4 and Crash are likely to return, with 2 being active and one with a hiatus spot, Deadlock Pro is another one but I hold off on new feds for a bit, they will likely debut in the post-Mania update if their still going.
  5. Due to the Mustafa Ali situation (asking for a release and getting refused), I had initally removed him, but have added him back with a starting morale issue. On another note, I'm thinking about making Camp Leapfrog active in an upcoming update with them being the spiritual successor of Chikara, I was wondering if there are any other promotions out there I should be looking into? I'd be siding with promotions who are active with a high majority of workers already in the mod.
  6. Reign of Terror is considered one of the worst of the 2D animation, especally with the camera cuts, a key issue with the animations is they jump between studios with different art styles for most releases, with the exception of Web of Fear with it's weird 3D animation, everything since Power of the Daleks has been pretty uniform with the style and look. I will say the fully animated stories do work a lot better, with the added bonus of getting them in colour too.
  7. Looks like Season 22 is the next to get the blu-ray treatment.
  8. Here is a big mini update that I thought best to drop when I finished, thanks to jormurphy, he linked a site that in essence had pictures of every active Japanese wrestler today and you know me, I saved and cut every single one of them, they will be added to the main bump pack for the next update but for now here they are all in one download, there is a "Unknown" folder, this includes pictures I could not 100% verify the names cross refrencing against cagematch and wrestlingdata, there is a text file included with the number of the picture and a link to the profile, so if anyone can help I'll
  9. They were just getting into First Doctor animations, some have suggested that the stories animated so far (Galaxy 4, The Power of the Daleks, The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones, The Evil of the Daleks, The Abominable Snowmen, Fury from the Deep & Shada) were a part of the deal to see how they would work and more depended on how they worked out, so that must be they didn't get the results they wanted. It's also noting that The Web of Fear animated episode seems to have been done independently from this deal, and hopefully they just look at that as an experiment and don't continue beca
  10. There are reports that BBC America has pulled their funding for future missing Doctor Who animations after Abominable Snowman, it's coming from the same source who broke news of the work on Evil of the Daleks, Galaxy 4 and Abominable Snowman.
  11. Thanks to jormurphy over on GDS he pointed me towards this Japanese site that archives pictures of every wrestler in every company over the last year. https://wp.bbm-mobile.com/sp2/Data/PlayerData/default.asp I have gone through the site and saved and named as many images possible for my pack but if anyone wants the sources they can be found in a download below, there are a few I could not cross reference the names for and they are in the Unknown folder along with a text file that links to their profile in Japanese on the site. DOWNLOAD
  12. If things happen further maybe, but for now I'm not looking into this as no more than WWE bringing a former name back for the Rumble.
  13. From my understanding this is just a Rumble deal, and the reason she is allowed to work is because she isn't technicallt signed to a deal in Impact.
  14. Here's an update on the pack, with around 1K more pics added and fixed a few naming errors. I'm going to make a push to make this more mod compatable for the next update, by that I mean hunting down pics for workers featured in various mods, I'm looking to get this usable for RWC, RWC+ and obviously my mod, with a focus more on wrestlers than staff with a goal to get 90%+ of wrestlers covered in each mod. I've also updated the unknown pack, removing those who I've got names for, as well as putting in the last of the lucha pics, and adding a few more, so any help with those would be handy
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