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  1. TheRenegade

    WWE '12

    Do you have entrances turned on when you were trying to unlock Goldust with Cody Rhodes? If not, turn them on for the match, that seemed to solve the problem for me.
  2. yeah, Yang was already chosen so... with my chose of The Sandman, that leaves: Remaining Roster Balls Mahoney Big Vito Bryan Clarke Cash Chuck Palumbo Crowbar Daffeny Danny Doring Dawn Marie Eric Bishoff Evan Karagis Hugh Morrus Johny The Bull Konnan Larry Zybsyko Lash Laroux Lex Luger Little Guido Madusa Mike Awesome Mickey Whipwreck Psicos Rick Stenier Road Kill Shane Douglas Shane Helms Shawn Stasaik Simon Diamond Stacy Keibler Steve Coriono Super Crazy The Cat Tommy Dreamer
  3. I appreciate the feedback

    and I will try to implement your it into my writing, thank you

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