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  1. Varane to Man Utd is looking more likely by the day. Want to get this one wrapped up so we can start sorting through the players who are leaving and then another signing or two.
  2. Time for the GB Women's Hockey!
  3. Catching up on the GB Women's Hockey, and it appears they've appointed some Premier League officials to sort out the video referrals. The first half took 50 minutes instead of 30 thanks to two long stoppages.
  4. As it turns out, you can't get the discovery+ app on the Xbox either, in the UK at least. Bit of a bummer.
  5. I noticed discovery+ has a lot of the coverage too. They're currently doing a deal for £29.99/12 months which I may well take advantage of. They have the rights to the Australian and French Open Tennis plus Snooker events so it's decent enough for sport before you even factor in the Documentaries. One thing to note though - you can get their App on Xbox but not PS4/5. It's on Smart TVs but certain models it seems.
  6. I don't think Chelsea should let those two go.
  7. It's not so much the roadmap/free to play/pay for the modes you want that has riled people. It's the fact that they brought out 2021 as a season update because they were working on their next gen title, PES 2022. They released a trailer for it last year, running on a new engine and it looked next gen. Now, they've seemingly abandoned all of that and are giving us a watered down, glorified mobile game on all platforms that looks and plays like shit. I know it plays like shit because they had a beta out a few weeks ago, and people presumed that the gameplay surely wouldn't be for a ne
  8. Yeah, the partnership with Socios was announced a week or so ago.
  9. Brentford are buying Ajer from Celtic.
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