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  1. They've all left the European Club Association too, which essentially means they can't play in Uefa competitions any more. This is a sad day for football.
  2. I did not see a PSG face turn coming but here we are.
  3. The official club announcements are going just as well as you'd expect on social media. I'm glad there's such a one sided backlash tbh. There would be more chance of this actually going ahead if it seemed like it had any kind of support from fans.
  4. All participating players will be banned from Uefa and FIFA competitions. And presumably the Premier League as well if they stick by what they said earlier.
  5. Week 29 Matches; Chelsea vs. Brighton (Tue 8pm, Sky) Tottenham vs. Southampton (Wed 6pm, Sky) Aston Villa vs. Man City (Wed 8.15pm, Sky) Leicester vs. West Brom (Thurs 8pm, BT) Arsenal vs. Everton (Fri 8pm, Sky) Week 30 Matches; Liverpool vs. Newcastle (Sat 12.30pm, BT) West Ham vs. Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm, Sky) Sheff Utd vs. Brighton (Sat 8pm, Sky) Wolves vs. Burnley (Sun 12pm, BBC) Leeds vs. Man Utd (Sun 2pm, Sky) ----- I've posted these together due to the midweek games running almost immediately into next weekend. You can still post your predictions separ
  6. It's weird because I thought this new expanded Champions League, with a minimum of 10 games, would be a nice middle ground for competing (note, actually fucking competing to get in, albeit for 2 of the spots that Uefa are guilty of handing out too) in terms of a financial bonus for playing in it. It makes absolutely no sense for any of the countries' federations to want this, for the sake of football at all levels and for the fans.
  7. I think we'll only hear from some of the players once FIFA confirm their stance. Neville is right. Whatever statements clubs like United had planned, they'll be amending those now. Cowards. They backed down when they wanted to make changes a few months ago and it got criticised.
  8. Week 28 Results; Baddar 90 (11) Everton 2-2 Tottenham (Fri 8pm, Sky) 3 Newcastle 0-1 West Ham (Sat 12.30pm, Sky) Wolves 2-1 Sheff Utd (Sat 3pm, Sky) 1 Arsenal 2-0 Fulham (Sun 1.30pm, Sky) Man Utd 2-0 Burnley (Sun 4pm, Sky) 1 ------------------------------------------------------- Colly 89 (10) Everton 3 vs. 1 Tottenham (Fri 8pm, Sky) Newcastle 2 vs. 0 West Ham (Sat 12.30pm, Sky) 1 Wolves 2 vs. 0 Sheff Utd (Sat 3pm, Sky) 1 Arsenal 3 vs. 0 Fulham (Sun 1.30pm, Sky) Man Utd 2 vs. 0 Burnley (Sun 4pm, Sky) 1 -------------------------------------------------------
  9. Neville with a pipe bomb to rival Punk here.
  10. Big clubs have agreed to break away for a big money league, but the likes of Uefa and the individual football federations are obviously against it. It could mean everyone involved can't play in big tournaments like the Euros and the World Cup because Uefa/Fifa won't allow it, so for that reason I don't see it happening.
  11. Players will speak out against it and all will be fine I think. Nobody wants to miss out on the World Cup etc. And as Nev says, we're drawing with Burnley and Arsenal can't beat Fulham yet we're involved. Playing in the top competitions needs to be earned.
  12. UEFA and FIFA threatened banning players from their comps if there's a breakaway. We'll see what happens with that as they all want to play CL, Euros, World Cup etc. Hope this never materialises. Sky speaking out is funny. Gonna be awkward when they pay billions for the rights and charge us extra for the subscriptions.
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