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  1. Technology (or forgetting to switch it on) helped you stay up last season, pipe down.
  2. Crystal Palace 1-0 West Ham* (Tue 6pm, BT) Newcastle 0-2 Leeds (Tue 6pm, BT) Burnley 1-1 Aston Villa (Wed 6pm, BT) Chelsea 1-0 Wolves (Wed 6pm, BT) Everton 1-2 Leicester (Wed 8.15pm, BT) Tottenham 1-1 Liverpool (Thurs 8pm, BT)
  3. I'll admit we haven't been fantastic this season. But we're top of the league, and definitely resilient, coming from behind on numerous occasions when before, we'd have collapsed to defeat. There are issues at the back that keep costing us goals. We look better with Bailly in there to add that bit of pace, even though he can be a little crazy at times. Pogba has hit form at the right time, Rashford and Greenwood can always make things happen in a flash, Cavani actually makes us look like we have a centre forward, and Bruno can have a shocker for 70 minutes in a game but still pr
  4. Thanks BBC for giving us the no crowd option. If we watch in 144p quality. Also, VDB has to perform today. He hasn't done bad at all, played well in some in fact. But unless he's exceptional, his role won't change any time soon.
  5. Fireworks are stupid, but you do have to wonder what Paul Pogba is doing to prevent that from happening.
  6. Honestly, the only time I struggled slightly was navigating some of the grates, especially those that went up or down a level.
  7. Got the Maneater platinum just now. Took just under 16 hours. Fun game, if a little repetitive. I'd probably give the DLC a go when released. I got the game for nothing after all.
  8. Oh stop it, Steam. You are spoiling us.
  9. Week 18 Matches; Crystal Palace vs. West Ham* (Tue 6pm, BT) Newcastle vs. Leeds (Tue 6pm, BT) Burnley vs. Aston Villa (Wed 6pm, BT) Chelsea vs. Wolves (Wed 6pm, BT) Everton vs. Leicester (Wed 8.15pm, BT) Tottenham vs. Liverpool (Thurs 8pm, BT) *Additional fixture 2 of 2. ------------------------- Hopefully we can finally get the second make up fixture done this time around! Just to note that this set finishes next Thursday, with the results and Week 19 to follow on Friday, giving everyone just a day to post predictions.
  10. Didn't even field a massively weakened side either, tbh. Gonna be strange seeing the 2020/21 Copa del Rey final potentially being played alongside last year's final as well, which is still to be scheduled.
  11. Won us the game. Don't think we were winning it without a strike like that. His goal against West Ham also helped turn things around too. Seems like he wants to make his mark before joining Zidane. 🙃
  12. Odegaard has apparently asked to leave Real Madrid. Can't really blame him. He excelled at Sociedad last season, wanted to stay another year but Zidane said he was in his plans. With Kroos, and to a bigger extent, Modric, winding down now, it seemed the chance was there to take a spot, but it hasn't worked out.
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