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  1. At 10pm (in 50mins) we're up with the next Boysfromthebalticstar episode at twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar.
  2. We're half an hour away from tonight's Baltic Star sesh. Last week we hugged trees, bought Earthpark t-shirts and caps, ate BBQ, watched some Earth performances and got told off by security for trying to join in with the gymnastics. This week there's definitely cable cars. I also doubt our DM will let us have another two hours of pleasantness and sightseeing. Consider dropping in, or giving us a follow.
  3. I went very much for hacker (levelled that up to 20 while my next highest was still 9!) with some gun skills and crafting. I poured all of my perks into it too so have most perks when hacking into people. I then got a very strong chip and built up my Cyberdeck. It's insanely overpowered now (but I love that I can hack a camera, move around a base through cameras and kill or knock out everyone before just wandering in to do what I need). HOWEVER, it's VERY tough early on as the hacks aren't all that strong to start with. In gunfights I was doing a lot of hiding, backing away etc. It's bett
  4. Though he's supposed to be unlikeable. 😂 I always give villains or side characters a pass when it comes to being unlikeable! As a father I found that storyline, especially reading the laptop and understanding what had happened, deeply unpleasant...but not in a "this game sucks" way. More a "ok, I'm emotionally invested, we get this kid back at ANY cost" way.
  5. I never had that problem in my copy.
  6. Speaking of people who haven't been give $5000, BoysFromTheBalticStar is starting up in 30 minutes. We've gone into orbit around a new planet, Giikur, and the world is our oyster right now. We can go and talk with Deepnight about the mysterious carvings they want to plough loads of money into finding out more about, we can mooch around the starbase, we can trade the goods we bought in Ossin, we can head down to the capital city with its seven districts and either try and have fun times, cause some mischief, help some folk or, as is our usual approach, assassinate a planetary leader in the hope
  7. Friday night was episode six of Boys from the Baltic Star. We scarper out of Ossin and jump through space to sunnier climes - the beautiful ocean world of Giikur with its' capital city built on seven mountains and its' hugely popular tourist attraction Earthpark. It's almost a fresh start, so a good time to join us! Www.twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar
  8. Myself and two friends are playing the Traveller RPG every Friday night from 10-midnight GMT. It's a sci-fi game which is brilliant but not as popular as dnd of course. We also have been meeting up for an hour on a Thursday night at 10.30pm just to chat about the game, Traveller, TTRPGs etc in general.
  9. Session 4 tonight at 10 GMT! The crew are looking to stage a revolution against rhe corpo-controlled puppet leader of the planet. I hope we succeed. If we don't at least it should blow up spectacularly in our faces. https://www.twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar
  10. Session 3 tonight at 10. See us try and recover our cool after our GM's big swervy cliffhanger last week.
  11. Hey guys. Tonight my friends and I are streaming our Traveller RPG game over Twitch for the first time, from 10pm until midnight at https://m.twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar Traveller is a sci-fi adventure in a VERY large universe with a massive range of things you can do. Our game has run for a year so far and I will be posting videos on youtube over the coming days and weeks to provide "the story so far". Tonight finds Soraya (PC), Agnar (PC) and Sever (NPC) about to land at an orbiting processing plant that has been taken over by a local mercenary organisation who have beef
  12. Went in on my first ever Kickstarter recently. Couldn't say no. Picked up the deluxe version with Green Party expansion. It's highly rated and it sounds good from reviews and gameplay videos.
  13. I often wear sub-optimal outfits because I like how they look. My crafting is pretty good so I just upgrade those instead. I have the bright yellow graffiti-patched netrunner jacket and some high yellow motorbike boot things along with the Samurai t-shirt, black cap and some cool dark mesh trousers with a buckle here and there. Even though I only ever see myself in the menu or in photo mode you still gotta look good - it's the Cyberpunk ethos! I got the sniper rifle from Panam which I've upgraded to about 700 damage per shot (up a lot higher wit a headshot or a critical) and have upgraded D
  14. Traveller continues with much enjoyment. We're close to the Rift (a mysterious part of space, an important part of various long campaigns) and are about to meet with the corporation who are going to hire us to go on the big campaign after some flirting with some adventures nearby (including a gross body horror gloop on a cursed planet that we travelled to on a Rifthauler previously). The last few sessions have been based on a mining planet, very much a "hive of scum and villainy". Topped up weapons and equipment and having some scuffles. Good times. We're also ro
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