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  1. Dolphins fan. After reading around Twitter the last few days I'm glad Flores has gone. It's EXTREMELY telling that no offensive players have said anything good about him or have been shocked at his departure.
  2. All the Christmas-related songs by Beatles members.
  3. Young SPOTY should probably be Sky Brown. She was one of the big stories and darlings from the Olympics and would be a very popular choice I feel.
  4. Our GM dug out the old Fighting Fantasy RPG ruleset from 1984 and we played it on stream over the last couple of Saturdays. It's wonderfully simple. Apparently the adventure we played was supposed to take 90 minutes in the early-80s approach to roleplaying which was focused on the combat, looting and traps. In our group's roleplaying-centric approach it was over 5 hours of entertaining nonsense.
  5. Our defense are definitely picking up as the season goes on. Holland is a real talent and Flores was clearly calling the defensive plays as we looked mobile, aggressive and swarmy, like last season. Great to see Tua back with some good passes. All in all a brilliant game for a Dolphins fan, topped off with this best-TD-that-never-was play. (You'll have to watch it on youtube, it's the Hunt "TD" where he's flipped over as he reaches for the endzone).
  6. Niiiiice, I've wanted to play Walking Dead but not been ready to drop £25.
  7. I know the Jaguars was always lined up to become the "England" team and that the Jets are pretty well supported here. Dolphins too for those of us who got into it back in the 80s.
  8. I love her anyway so have been looking forward to it because of her. One episode in and she's not disappointed.
  9. My bandmates are moving to Scotland. We have one more practice this Friday and then they're gone. We've completed and practiced 8 new songs from just before and over lockdown, so the plan is that they'll put down a rough version, e-mail them to me, I'll record bass and send it back for them to finish up before we send them to our mate to properly engineer. But it feels a bit janky, I'll be gutted if we don't get them down as a few I REALLY rate.
  10. We've just watched the first episode of series 7 and you can already tell it's setting up to be a classic. I've never seen Alex Horne giggling away so much.
  11. If anyone has a few quid going I recommend getting the pdf of The Quiet Year. A really cool game where you draw a map of a town and surrounding areas by following a kind of story from drawing cards and reading out events over the course of a "year". It's hard to explain properly. We played it twice on our Twitch channel and both games turned out pretty differently.
  12. One of my brother's fantasy teams is called Ray Finkle's Moustache. It always makes me chuckle. Anyway, very excited as I'm off to the Dolphins game at the Tottenham Stadium on Sunday! The joyous joining together of my favourite teams from two sports, both of whom are just full of long-term disappointment and misery.....but I'll enjoy Sunday anyway! I'm hoping Tua's back (as expected) and plays a good game 'cos the toxic section of 'Fins fans really want him to fail. Although they're already saying that he SHOULD beat the Jaguars easily so even if he plays a perfect game they
  13. My wife and I got into this so late and are just up to the last episode of the much-derided series 6. It's not as bad as I worried it would be. The tasks certainly feel a little less creative at times, but Tim Vine was great and I while I love Liza Tarbuck anyway, I especially enjoyed how she swerved between being too annoyed to do a task and then going really off-piste and creative the next. Russell Howard was my least favourite, half the time he seemed pretty bored and going through the motions. We did watch a random series 8 episode on holiday a while back and I
  14. Ex Machina High Rise The Platform The Death of Stalin Sorry to Bother You Those are five excellent films that jump to the front of my mind.
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