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  1. Latest episode of Boysfromthebalticstar is starting at 10.30 BST. We're in a cave, knee deep in suspicious poo, a growing sense of foreboding and, worst of all, we're hundreds of miles away from the nearest tourist theme bar. Twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar
  2. Ahh yes, GoGo and the Pillows. The classic combo!
  3. I've bought a few albums because of the Eurovision game in the Cube. Woodkid and Ooh La La for sure.
  4. It's our first liveplay with all our magical new ways to spend your hard earned viewing credits tonight! Come and chill out and have a magical time with us. It should be a faintly ridiculous and cheery episode but I can sense danger on the horizon!
  5. Hey all. We hit 50 followers yesterday so the timer starts for affiliate. Please could you consider following us if you don't already so that we don't dip back under 50 and have to start the process again! Twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar
  6. I half-watched a collection of 15 second clips of each country at the weekend and Belgium was my favourite from the first half of the alphabet. Just saw their performance from the first semi and I really like it. The chorus is musically really interesting and she's a great singer. I didn't watch the semi so don't know who went out, but Belgium and Cyprus were in my top 5 from all the short clips and they both made it, so that's good.
  7. Good choice! Easy ruleset and great setting.
  8. We're on a posh boat! In the middle of a lake! About to make a fish trading deal with a rich old bloke! And on the shore there's a fancy nightclub where one wall's a waterfall! And our psionic nemesis has just turned up! AND WE START IN AN HOUR! Just clicked to follow you.
  9. I'm going to start DMing Those Dark Places for my group. Bleak, industrial sci-fi. Big win!
  10. Tonight is BoysFromTheBalticStar time! At 10pm UK time (just less than an hour). We're at that point now where we're having to "game the system" to level up as it were. If you do have a few minutes to drop in, even muted, that would be appreciated and maybe say a few bits in chat. We're also 15 off the magic 50 followers if you don't mind getting two notifications a week that we're going live! Also if you want a follower let me know and I'll follow back and pop into your streams when I'm available. Anyway, you might actually enjoy our roleplaying nonsense if you stick around for a bi
  11. In just over an hour (11pm BST) we've got a special episode of BoysFromTheBalticStar as we're interviewing Pat from Diesel Shot who are currently Kickstarting a brand new Queer Feminist Space Communism TTRPG called ChangedStars. Please come and watch it and show your support for such ventures, even if you're not too bothered about us!
  12. Friday night's alright for three pasty white straight guys to play a not-fashionable TTRPG on Twitch. 10pm UK! twitch.tv/boysfromthebalticstar
  13. I fluked a win against a top 100 Yahoo Chess player back in the day and as it worked on a ladder system, that meant I was a top 100 Yahoo chess player for a while.... (I shouldn't have been anywhere near that).
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