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  1. I often wear sub-optimal outfits because I like how they look. My crafting is pretty good so I just upgrade those instead. I have the bright yellow graffiti-patched netrunner jacket and some high yellow motorbike boot things along with the Samurai t-shirt, black cap and some cool dark mesh trousers with a buckle here and there. Even though I only ever see myself in the menu or in photo mode you still gotta look good - it's the Cyberpunk ethos! I got the sniper rifle from Panam which I've upgraded to about 700 damage per shot (up a lot higher wit a headshot or a critical) and have upgraded D
  2. Traveller continues with much enjoyment. We're close to the Rift (a mysterious part of space, an important part of various long campaigns) and are about to meet with the corporation who are going to hire us to go on the big campaign after some flirting with some adventures nearby (including a gross body horror gloop on a cursed planet that we travelled to on a Rifthauler previously). The last few sessions have been based on a mining planet, very much a "hive of scum and villainy". Topped up weapons and equipment and having some scuffles. Good times. We're also ro
  3. I've put a lot of hours into it now, I play slowly though. Loving the stories and the world. The characters are really strong and some of the missions are just brilliant. Yes there are definitely shortcomings, glitches and suchlike, but I've still only crashed once on my PS4 slim (the first day of the 1.06 patch). There is a chunk of things missing that were discussed and expected and it's definitely a victim of its own hype as much as actual technical issues. For all its faults, as a world I love it more than RDR2 or any GTA...although I am a massive fan of the genre so that probab
  4. It was always said that England were the country always on backup for if a country couldn't fulfil WC or Euro hosting. We have the stadiums, infrastructure etc.....But I doubt anyone would want to send their national team to this disease-infested hellhole right now!
  5. I have a number of Air albums so your guess isn't ridiculous. I love how they brought something new to the genres they filled and, much like Royksopp, every now and again there's an itch that only they can scratch.
  6. I'm up to 3.10. Saru and Culber have been my MVPs of the series. Culber is now his own character with his own strengths and not just partner-of-Stamets or back-from-the-dead-guy. Saru has made mistakes as he learns how to be captain and is naturally cautious, but he's brilliant at talking to representatives from planets and has been the one most willing to return to Starfleet chain of command and "greater good". If I was the admiral I'd be getting Saru to keep making contact with planets to try to bring them back to the Federation. He's great as that guy.
  7. Panam is unquestionably alluring and brilliant, but more than anything this scene just made me miss sitting at the bar and chatting.
  8. I've not really seen them play it yet. They both love LOLs, especially the younger one, so they'd play any old tat connected to it. If I see it being played over the next few days I'll let you know!
  9. Girls got a Switch for Christmas so I haven't had the chance to play anything myself. My eldest played a couple of hour chunk of Animal Crossing, youngest got an LOL game so they played that, and youngest also got a horse stables game so they both played some of that.
  10. Playing Cyberpunk. So so many cool missions and the city is so stunning I just enjoy cruising around it with the radio on. So that'll be my main game for quite some time yet.
  11. Henry is my RB1 in my fantasy football team so I've watched a lot of him this season. He's a beast.
  12. Discovery is wearing me down. I'm an outspoken fan of series 1 (yes, really) and series 2. I'm happy with the jump into the far future and like the idea of making reconnections with different planets. Saru is brilliant in the role of a quasi-ambassador, smoothing things with the folk from the different planet, I think that's his biggest strength and should be celebrated. My problem is that more and more it's the Burnham show and that's exhausting me and making me feel that they're missing opportunities in adding depth. It feels like they've gone backwards in this regard. I feel we
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