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  1. I'd have been happy with Fitz starting for a while yet and think most fellow Fins fans were expecting him to retain the starter spot for a while yet. That said, I'd imagine the original plan may have been for Tua to play after the original bye week, but with bye week brought forward I guess they think he's ready. It's exciting but I do love Fitz, he's a total sporting cult hero kinda guy and, while you get really sucky Fitz at times, often we've been treated to really exciting drives. Our defence right now is really building though. Ogbah's sack on Flacco with the loss
  2. The storyboard was very cool as everything and everyone had moved on as things would have done. I dunno how you run a whole series/3 season arc, but you could have the former DS9 as the Bajoran Mecca (as in their storboard) and something kicking off that required a level of Starfleet support returning. It would be important to get some new cast in there though alongside the "these are the old guys who know the place best". Kira would be an EASY return, you could get Sisko's return being a "gift" from the Prophets to help protect the wormhole, or something. Jake could easily return because o
  3. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!
  4. Same. She's so London it shocked me.
  5. When I worked at Gamestation we had soooo many XBox 360s brought to us because of the Red Ring of Death. Pretty much all of them had been stood vertically.
  6. A friend and I just finished a play through of A Way Out. We did it in three sittings, first at his split screen, second remotely and third back at his. It was fun and interesting and a nice selection of teamworky bits and competitive side games. Lots of chance to banter and slag each other off inbetween focussing and helping each other completely to get things done. A good mix. Ending discussed.... Still, that said, mostly a good game with some great set pieces, borrowing a lot from a whole range of movies. My favourite movie reference was totally unexpected though and
  7. The assist for Villa's last goal is beautiful. So well weighted and angled for Grealish to run on to.
  8. As of 10 minutes ago Man Utd had made 6 tackles all game.
  9. Exactly. Focus on the red card incident, blame defeat on it (if you lose) etc and you paper over much more important discussions about how trash United's defence is right now. Pundits just then were saying it's maybe the worst United defence in Premier League history. That's not Lamela's fault, so don't blame it on him.
  10. 😂😂😂 Martial's a div for reacting. Deserved the red for his lack of discipline. They would have been told that Lamela would be in full sh*thouse mode.
  11. United's defence is terrible. We'd be 4-1 up even without the red card.
  12. Spurs are brilliant and Lamela is a glorious sh*t.
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