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  1. I I can get behind the numbers, but I do think a few of those teams should be added to the game. The New Day, Lucha House Party and Bliss and Cross, any of them they have more than twenty matches have proven enough to be a real team at this point.
  2. So I love these updates, but I have noticed that one thing never really seems to get updated, tag team experience. My insanity has lead me to come up with some of these changes for you. I have gone through every episode of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live, Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam, which will leave me pretty close to up to date with every team that may come up in the game. I still need to go through about 30 years of PPV, but I am pretty happy with where I am. Here are the changes that I have noticed needs to be done. I have not bothered to list every single thing that n
  3. Three level mines and the barbarian will be my start. It will be a few weeks from now.
  4. We started with six, and people managed to drop in and out and now we're at 8. I could drop it to 8 Level 11s easily. Would that change your numbers?
  5. So you think they need more? What would you give them?
  6. indoors. They are on an assassination mission.
  7. It's always my goal. I don't want to overwhelm them and get a TPK. We're too close to the end of this. Almost a year in and the campaign is almost over. They can't die prior to the big bad.
  8. Question for DMs. I will have ten level 11 adventurers, would it be too much for them to have a boss fight against a level 15 Orc Barbarian and two level seven Warriors?
  9. Hit me up. I am themadhooker.
  10. They normally extend the events.
  11. It's fine. I prefer the Simpsons
  12. Got it. You got the Claus Co building. I really wanted it but never got it.
  13. Let me try. What is your name?
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