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  1. I hope Boro do, they deserve to stay up more than Newcastle IMO. Just because I think NUFC has spent alot of players etc and Boro havent spent near as much, and Boro are a team I like lol. This game is crap IMO, but cant see Newcastle taking it.
  2. That sounds like a decent system, I remember a friend mentioned somthing like that to me once but never thought to follow it up. I will try it on the final day of the weekend, I hope we (Liverpool) go to the last game with United, it will be intense. 20.00 on Liverpool to win this weeked at home to Tottenham!
  3. That keeper for Shrewsbury had one hell of a game, some of those saves!
  4. That keeper for Shrewsbury had one hell of a game, some of those saves!
  5. How though? By throwing loads on the other team to win?
  6. Yeah, when they mentioned about next terms and Will's infinate amount of nicknames haha.
  7. It was funny when Neil kept bringing the dirty stuff up and Jay told him to pack it in, haha. Jays dad, "Your back with the fuckin pig then" lols.
  8. The Lion, The Witch and the Specky Kid who shit himself! Haha I thought that episode was good, but thought they were gonna actually get the girls!
  9. It was good when Jay was ripping into Will, about how he would never work with the OAP's. Until Neil brought money into it, haha. And Simons dad had some funny moments in that episode. Thought it was a good episode.
  10. I cannot see Man U slipping up, that corner at the end, the one which lead to Arsenals forth goal was crazy. What were we playing at, the pace on Walcott was unbelievable, when Reina went up front for the last corner we were lucky they never got a fifth.
  11. Liverpool were amazing, I cant believe it. Its going to be hard for us to even win the league now, I know its still mathematically possible, and I hope Man U slip up. But we hammered Arsenal in that game, but that lad, Arshavin took the goals well. But its our own fault for conceeding, it was more individual players that were at fault. But great match, but if only...
  12. You said they were split? So how much did you make off them dude?
  13. I think Wednesday, we get a preview of the FA Cup Final when Chelsea take on Everton. And I have a feeling Chelsea will smash them and Everton will get the win at Wembley....?
  14. I use to do a few teams on the accumulator but now, I only pick three teams each time. Won 12.80 this week off three quid, which wernt bad. Used some of it for the mid week games, and will prob go towards Sat aswell. Picking more teams is just to risky, never wins for me.
  15. It is going to be hard for Newcastle and to me as a fan of footy since a kid, its a real shock if they go down. A real top flight team, and will probally lose some good players. But I think you will also keep a strong team if Newcastle go down. Boro have put up a strong fight to stay up, the type of fight I thought Newcastle would put up. As for the top of the league I really hope we can do it, Liverpool that is. We can win the games and dominate, we have proved that this season. Yet we always seem to slip up and it shocks me, because one week we are an excellent team and the next terrible.
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