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  1. Latest rumor is Blake Griffin to the Celtics. Imagine the opportunities that would open up in the PnR game with him and Thomas. The Celtics could be mighty dangerous in the East if they pull this trade off
  2. Jets seem to be in 'win now' mode. If that's the case, Fitz gives them a better shot at at least making the playoffs this year. Geno has flashes of decency, but from what iv'e seen, he's not NFL QB material, and he probably never will be. Jets know they'd be overpaying for Fitz, but what other choice do they have right now? Sign him and overpay, or go with Geno and potentially throw your season away?
  3. iOOTP isn't nearly as in depth as the PC version. I agree with you though, Hockey Manager is a terrible game, but a valiant effort for the first iteration. Been playing OOTP 15 for 2 days now, and I must say, if you're a fan of baseball, and love the aspect of being a GM, manager, or the combination of both, this game is for you. The most realistic text sim ever made IMO.
  4. Nothing in the new features strikes you as a worthy upgrade? The new posting system and league prestige, coupled with advanced player creation and upgraded player ratings makes it look like a brand new game.
  5. Anyone get the pre-order download today? So excited to play this game when it comes out for everyone in a few days. I can't be the only OOTP fan on the boards, can I?
  6. Dixie Carter is an incredibly sexy woman. I can't be the only one who thinks this

    1. Gazz


      Just you and Serge Carter

  7. Rumors abound that the Pacers are looking to package Danny Granger and send him to the Celtics for Rondo. If this were to miraculously happen, the Pacers would instantly become the favorites in the East.
  8. I didn't see a thread made on this yet, but if there is, please close this and point me in that direction. Pre-season starts today, and we're 24 days away from tip off, so I figured what better time to start this. Derrick Rose returns tonight against the Pacers. I don't expect to see him get much playing time, but excited to see him none the less. What're some of you guys predictions for the upcoming season?
  9. Just discovered, The Wombats.. These days I listen to mostly rap and hip-hop, but these guys are fantastic. Really nice sound from them.
  10. CocoRosie

    1. LittleDaniel


      you can leave me on the corner where you found me I'm not for sale anymore

  11. I'm playing with 13 minute quarters with a 17 second minimum play clock setting. I'm getting great results but if the majority wants 8 mins, i'm fine with that.
  12. From experience with my own personal CCM, I feel the game plays GREAT on default all-pro with just CPU run blocking set to 55. Getting great games from that
  13. I'll take the Steelers.. PSN name is VINColonel
  14. You have to know your players Ruki. What team do you have? It's best to know what their strengths are, where they're best at on the court to shot. Whether they're good at posting up, etc. If you don't know your players and how they play, you won't score.
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