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  1. There's a rumor going around that Jack Eichel may finally be moved as part of a three team deal involving the Kings and Flames. Of course, it's coming from Eklund, so grain of salt and all that because he has a history of making a mountain out of a mole hill in order to gain page views and subscribers... but this fits in with what I was thinking Treliving was working on early in the off-season. I can't see Tree letting the Kings get the best player in the deal, so I'll go out on a limb and say that if this happens, Eichel will be coming to Canada. I am not sure who else goes where, but it
  2. I feel like they're going to be fighting for the playoffs and could just as easily miss as make it this year... but if they reach the post-season, don't be surprised if they go decently far.
  3. Wellington Paranormal finally got added to a streaming service in Canada, so we've been watching that. Even without the recognizable faces, Waititi's comedy and style still is just absolutely perfect.
  4. Exactly. Friday the 13th is fun enough, and I am happy to have it, but we've played a few matches online and just weren't really fans of the experience. Online play is not for us.
  5. To save me the download space and time, does anyone know if Predator has any offline modes to it?
  6. I am holding out hope that the Drive In shows it before they close down for the season. There's absolutely no way I'm sitting in a crowded theater with Covid being as bad as it is here. I am happy to see it doing good numbers, but I'll have to wait on the next string of Marvel movies until they hit home video, I guess.
  7. That scene from The Boys does in fact get touched on later. It plays out, and hopefully will make you feel less like it was for shock value.
  8. Gabriel

    WWE 2K22

    I really just want more control from a wrestling game. Universe mode should have been a huge focus. Storyline builders, directing the action, interacting with the talent, contract negotiations and the such. Being able to choose a story for a feud, instead of having the same generic thing over and over, or characters involved in weird stories that just make no sense for them. Control is the key here. I want to be able to micromanage every aspect of universe if I choose to, or pick and choose which things I'd like control over.
  9. That's a bizarre take that I didn't hear from anyone while it was airing. I can't remember anyone actually not being really excited for each new episode except people who weren't excited to watch it before-hand. In fact, I think the biggest issues that I saw people have were that they didn't believe that the stakes would end up as high as they did, if only because it was a series, which had them tempering their expectations and downplaying potential excitement.
  10. I actually want the discless PS5 over the regular one. The thing with the Series S for me, is that it's under-powered compared to the Series X. While the PS5 Digital Only console is exactly the same as the standard PS5, only without the disc tray. Regardless, I haven't seen a single unit of any of them in the wild, so it'll be some time before I even have to make that decision.
  11. It looks pretty legit, and if it is, I have to say that I am pumped for that. It's almost exactly what I had imagined in my head when they announced the show.
  12. My two favorite Marvel characters are Baron Zemo and Adam Warlock, so I completely understand the hesitation in wanting to get too excited. Zemo got better in Falcon & The Winter Soldier, but he's nowhere near his comic book counterpart, who is one of the more nuanced and interesting characters in their library. Warlock has been teased a few times, and I feel like he may play a very large role going forward... I think he'll end up debuting as a villain, only to turn on his creators and lead a new Guardians of the Galaxy... but it's been majorly disappointing up to this point as a fan
  13. They brought him in for depth and then re-tooled through trades instead. Moving him was a favor to give him a chance to pitch at the major league level this season. He deserves it. Apparently he got injured today though.
  14. That's what I was thinking. Buffalo doesn't want to be a shit team forever, and no team is going to give up the farm right now for a question mark. But in a tight cap situation, the Sabres could probably get a package of solid NHL bodies that can help them both immediately and in the development of their own prospects. Calgary is supposedly still very much in on Eichel, and Gaudreau's No Move Clause has kicked in. It's modified though, and he had to submit a list of five teams he'd be okay to move to. I figured that if he didn't sign an extension right away, that it meant Treliving is kic
  15. Crazy prediction... the reason everything is quiet on Johnny Gaudreau right now is that Tree is trying to swing a deal with Buffalo for Jack Eichel that will include multiple pieces going both ways, including Gaudreau and Monahan both to the Sabres.
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