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  1. Drones - Rise Against. My favorite
  2. BenJturd Only on COD4...for now. Feel free to add me anyone, I can't seem to find many people to play against.
  3. I tried getting my PS3 online today. Hooked it up through in ethernet cable, signed up to the playstation network. Put COD4 in to play. When to multiplayer online, then it kicked me off saying I need to sign up to Playstation network. I went back, and it still says I'm signed in. I just kept repeating, hoping something would change, then it didn't kick me off. It said it was downloading game settings...for 2 hours. Finally, I went back to the menu, checked the connectivity, everything's fine, and now it's back to kicking me off, saying I need to connect to the Playstation Network. Can I g
  4. Online's growing on me immensely. I HAVE come across someone that WOULDN'T die, despite me unloading more than a clip into their crouching frame before they turned and killed me with one burst....Apart from that usual online suspiciousness it's loadsa fun though I can't wait to unlock more match options as I'm bored with straight solo and team deathmatches.
  5. Played this game for the first time today. Just got a PS3, this was our first purchase. I think we made the right choice. I haven't been this impressed with a game since Goldeneye, and I haven't even played online yet. Can't wait
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