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  1. I really loved the first one and have seen it 5 times or so. Only saw 2 once as I felt it was unnecessary and didn't suck me in like the first. But the trailer for 3 looks great too and I'll definitely be checking it out as well.
  2. I have zero complaints. I was totally engaged from start to finish. Amazing movie.
  3. Oh for sure, so do I. I have my preference, but either way I will definitely be picking this up on release day. Awesome news.
  4. I guess we might know in two days, but I hope this is completely different characters. The teaser image looks like Marston, Williamson, Dutch etc., but I'd much rather get a new batch of characters to play as. We already know the story of Marston and his gang, and as much as I love the character, so give us something new.
  5. Here's my list: Lost - In my opinion this was an amazing show the first two seasons. Season 3 dipped in quality, but was still good. 4-6 fell off a cliff for me. X-Files - I never really enjoyed the main storyline as it seemed they made it up as they went along, which I guess most shows do. Once Duchovny left, that should have been the end of the show. There were some solid episodes after he departed, but not enough worth continuing the show. The Walking Dead - First season was awesome. I started to waver in the second season as they added more episodes, which meant a lot of
  6. Very awesome end to that one. Best of the season. I'm ready for the last eight.
  7. Terriers has finally been put on Netflix, give that a shot if you've never seen it. Very cool show.
  8. Caught Bronson on Netflix. Tom Hardy was great and it was a very good movie.
  9. Went and seen Drive earlier today. If anybody is considering seeing this, I definetly recommend it. Just a very cool stylish film. While it got a little slow during the middle portion, it really came around after that. Awesome movie.
  10. So Diaz's reward for skipping out is being booked in another match? Wow. If Strikeforce did this, people would be shitting all over it.
  11. Probably to M1 Global or DREAM, let him get a few wins then face Overeem. Hopefully.
  12. Alistair Overeem has been pulled from Strikforce Grand Prix bout with Big Foot: http://mmajunkie.com/news/24460/overeem-yanked-from-strikeforce-grand-prix-cormier-to-fill-in-against-bigfoot.mma This sucks cause I was ready to see The Reem show his great striking. Oh well.
  13. It wasn't the best episode obviously, but it pushed the storyline that it was suppose to. So I don't think it was that bad.
  14. Yeah the whole premise of Wilfred is odd, but I thought the first episode was a good. It's weird, but I'm interested to see more of it.
  15. Did anyone catch Terriers when it was on last year? I finished it up a few days ago after watching it through Amazon, and damn it was a great show. Such a shame that it had low ratings and cancelled, it was really well done. The humor was great and the acting was great too. If you have any interest, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes, Terriers was awesome.
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