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  1. Just a question about Snoke. Where have people got the idea that he is a sith? I don't remember in either episode 7 or 8 mentioning anything about that.
  2. Just finished episode seven. So far I'm loving it. Some minor issues with awkward looking stunts and few fighting scenes have looked too choreographed for my taste but aside from that I really don't have complaints.
  3. The only thing I have to complain about in the visual side is that why do they keep making female armors look like that? It doesn't make sense and looks stupid when their armor has built in boobs in them. Aside from that it looked kind of fun. I'm half expecting all poc-characters being reduced to racial stereotypes and there are only a few Lionsgate movies that I actually like, but this one I will probably end up giving a chance for nostalgia.
  4. For me the biggest problem with the midichlorians is that they are lifeforms that live within cells of everything living. Now I'm not the expert in biology and I don't know if it is actually possible for something to live within cells, but I've always thought that cells are the basic unit of life and it just sounds stupid that there are beings living within them. Besides if midichlorians live inside the cells of everything living, are there midichlorians living in the cells of the midichlorians? If I'm wrong please someone correct me. It always bugs me.
  5. The ending of that trailer and how neither knew who Wonder Woman was made me feel that this might end in a cliffhanger. Like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and possibly Aquaman facing Doomsday in a heroic shot and cut, and then the next movie being about them getting their asses kicked until Justice League is formed.
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