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  1. My advise is to tank if you don't play a "meta" DPS class. I was spending hours trying to get into groups, let alone playing the game when I played an off-meta DPS. But even as an "off-meta" Tank class I never had to wait long.
  2. I guess I don't really understand the problem, outside of renown weekly which is like an hours work a week, I basically only do M+ and that was enough for me to succeed in that. I have friends that only raid and they're not far off geared what I am with Ahead of the Curve. And I've got friends who just PVP that're well geared from just PVP... You can definitely play just the content you want and be adequately geared. Sure, if you're capable of getting 2100 in PVP then yeah, it's the best way to get to 226, but it's kind of splitting hairs to begrudge that you could be slightly more geared
  3. I haven't done the Maw since like a week after it launched and I'm basically Mythic Raid geared, it's definitely not needed. My IO's here if you're that interested - https://raider.io/characters/eu/nagrand/Hornyjane What do you mean only do 15s? How much higher content do you want to do? Yeah you'll need all that if you're trying to push +20s, but at that point you're being a bit unrealistic to think you can play casually and do the hardest content in the games hardest levels? Everything I've described is more than enough to clear +15s and heroic raids. And I did it all pugging it wi
  4. I don't think that's necessarily true, I got Keystone Conquerer this expansion and pugged all of Normal (didn't bother with heroic because the ilvl rewards aren't much more than I was getting for M+) and I only really have an hour or two to play a night. All that's "required" to be relevant is to build your BiS Legendary (you don't even have to upgrade it really, it's only like a 3-6% damage increase from 190 to 235), which you can do by clearing Torghast twice at layer 8. And then gear up. You don't even really have to run the raid, as most classes best gear comes from Mythics. You don't
  5. As someone with like half of the classes at 80 now, healing is way more chill than tanking in FFXIV. I love both, but healing is just doing a simple DPS rotation most of the time and then hitting one either AOE or single target heal button once people take enough damage to warrant it. I quite enjoy it but compared to something like WoW, healing is far and away the easiest role in this MMO. You have to pay attention, but once you know what you're doing it's actually less work than DPSing. Tanking is super chill in FF though, you're right. Unfortunately in raids it's also kind of boring, un
  6. Competitive FF is Savage Raids (Heroic Raids in WoW) and the Extreme Raids (Mythic difficulty but there's only one boss). There are max level dungeons but they're probably about the difficulty of like a Mythic+4. FF raiding always feels so weird coming from WoW though, I feel like with WoW you have way more room for mistakes, there's very few wipe everyone mechanics and for the most part, you can clear bosses with a few DPS down. FF raids are way more punishing, they feel more like a dance routine you have to perfectly perform. There's less other players so despite being able to res
  7. Yeah, I'm all for Netflix being shamed for being shitters with cancelling shows lately, but this is probably the one time they're not doing it for shits and giggles. Apparently they weren't likely to finish filming and post-production for release until 2022 and based of the numbers they didn't think people would care at that point. Which I get, I liked Glow but I never got the impression it had much of a following.
  8. FFXV is weird. It's a lot more of "Final Fantasy does open world", which is an odd statement about the company that popularised the giant RPG with world maps staples. I guess I mean more... Final Fantasy meets modern open world, in the vein of an Assassins Creed or something. It's cool and it's weird, I'm not it's biggest fan but I think the worst thing about it is just that it feels a bit... unfinished? Worth a shot for sure. FFXIV is where it's at though, that game's story is the best Final Fantasy has been in decades. Shadowbringers is magnificent and you can play all the way thro
  9. I mean Millar owns that IP doesn't he? I imagine he would've been involved in the decision process.
  10. There's some solid stuff in the Ultimate Universe that gets overshadowed by Ultimatum being a nightmare. Ultimate Spider-Man probably doesn't need to be mentioned as it's got a good rep, but early Ultimate X-Men was good and I actually think all of Ultimate Fantastic Four was fantastic. They wasted Doom but man, the turn of what happens to those characters and the creation of The Maker is so well done. Plus some of their adaptions of iconic villains and stories are great. Ultimate Comics: Ultimates was pretty great too, but then part of it was written by Hickman so kind of goes without sa
  11. What, you don't like being chastised for not knowing an extremely obscure character from Rebels that had his backstory revealed in a one shot comic book in 2010, who is apparently somehow integral to the main story of Rise of the Skywalker? I'll put the Arrow/Flash/CW fanbase on there. A bunch of toxic teens that'll defend their property to the death. I probably only find it so annoying because I was definitely that at 15 too. 😂
  12. To be fair the concern, at least on my part, is that games as a service model don't tend to be built strong out of the gate. Destiny is actually a great example, because for the first like year of the games life the end game was non-existant. Which wouldn't be that bad, but the main game was also basically non-existant too as it was clearly just a set up for the end game. Loot based games live and die on three things; loot, cosmetics & challenges. I'm hoping this game will be really cool and fun and get it right, but Crystal Dynamics has no experience in the games as a service model a
  13. Ooof, this is like a greatest hits of game openings for me. Mako Reactor in FF7, Balamb Garden in FF8, Shadow Moses Entrance in Metal Gear Solid, the pre-The Boss segments of Metal Gear Solid 3 are all definitely at the top for most replayed. I've done the Alliance Human Starting Zone in WoW about 20 times now and I'd still rather do that than slog through any of the others. Though I don't know if they really count as it's rare that I ever restart those games without playing all the way through. Answers that are a bit more fitting would probably be White Orchard in The Witcher 3 - I'
  14. Hello? Do people still go here? My reputation number is green, is that good?

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  15. I've never read the books but I didn't feel all that alienated by the first episode. I feel like the cover what's happening well enough for the introduction, it'll just be a shame if it never expands on who those characters are later down the line.
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