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  1. This was a fun world cup overall, I was mostly well entertained this past few weeks. The next one will be really weird.
  2. If nothing changes soon, I wonder if England just stops trying to score, because they really don't want to take this into extra time.
  3. This is super cool for Croatia... ... but I really wanted it to be England 😞
  4. Don't mess it up now, England 😭
  5. I realized part of the reason I want England to win the cup is that they have the best memes
  6. Now I don't mind any remaining team winning it. France would be a bit boring, but still. Crazy but fun world cup.
  7. Looks like England has to pull a 2002 Germany and kick out the surprisingly far advanced host in the semis.
  8. Can't watch the game Best of luck, England!
  9. I just saw the referees assigned to the quarter finals. How is it okay for an argentinian ref to direct the game of France - Uruguay after France kicked out Argentina the round before? Even the fairest and most integer referee on the planet, there will be people doubting his every decision against France. Shouldn't FIFA look to avoid such things?
  10. 8/10. I honestly can't say why I'm such a sucker for world cup trivia. I'm barely interested in club football between tournamens.
  11. This translates as "England wins on penalties (no joke) - quarter finals"
  12. My biggest hope for the world cup was a Germany - England quater final match. I'm happy at least half of it came true.
  13. Admit it, England, you only wanted to show off your shiny new goalkeeper. That's why you didn't play for more goals. But seriously, what they showed today might be enough for Sweden, but surely not for Croatia or Brazil (or France).
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