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  1. @KrabbyI can transfer the team to another email if you'd like and we could see if that works
  2. @Krabby you’re in under James.marushin@gmail.com The league was auto renewed so not sure why you aren’t in? it says your last league activity was on July 19th 2021
  3. It's not my fault the rest of you are trade-phobes! Rosters should be up in tonight I've been gradually putting the draft results in
  4. Is Jamaal Williams still on the board? If so, him. If not, will look when my shift ends
  5. Greg Zuerlein Patriots Def @Slogger
  6. “Alright which one of these lucky bastards got James Robinson dirt cheap” *Maxx* Pain
  7. Corey Davis and QUADZILLA AJ DILLON @Slogger
  8. Antonio Brown and Big Bob Tonyan (Robert) @Slogger
  9. @snowbirdleave me and my prestige TV references alone
  10. Against my better judgment Odell Beckham Jr Tyler Lockett @Slogger
  11. Now Berober can come in 4th place in 3 leagues at once
  12. Dff is at his festival and requested BPA until Monday @Maxx
  13. You guys know there are other positions right
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