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  1. Congrats @snowbird on finally winning the ship!! *cries in 2nd place* I started participating in this league when I was an 18 year old college freshman, now here I am 26 still doing this and having fun. I care more about this league than my money and school leagues lol. So thanks for always showing up, staying active, and participating! Hope we have everyone back next year!
  2. "Guys we made a roster exception to use for COVID emergencies" Livid: "It's free real estate"
  4. The 60 point Darnold/Robby Anderson waiver wire stack I pulled out of my ass that week is by far my favorite fantasy moment ever Now you have to worry about JALEN HURTS Either I get title number 4 or snowbird finally gets her first. Good storyline either way! (and much superior to Maxx winning our league title again)
  5. LETS GOOOOO time to chase my 4th title next week!
  6. Ugh 1 catch away come on kelce
  7. Was a tough situation to be in. If he just sat, I had Tyron Johnson who put up 15. At the end of the day I went for the simple route instead of overthinking. Will need a little luck to win but not over yet
  8. RIP my season if daddy Keenan sits tonight
  9. TEAM COMPARISONS Forbes - 90s Bills - dominant regular seasons playoff choker berober - Saints. 1 title. Always in the hunt maxx - cowboys - elitist legacy team (Except he has won a title in 25 years) Me - Steelers (only 3 time champ aka title town) DYSI - browns (he disbanded and returned as an expansion team) DFF - Falcons. Likeable and talented but no title.
  10. I don’t want to take lineup decisions out of the league, and honestly, I don’t think that’s a yahoo setting? I could be wrong. We always have really strong participation in the league. It was unfortunate one team was abandoned which does happen to us some years but the other 11 showed up which is honestly better attendance than some of my money leagues. I might consider some type of formal rule where I take over abandoned teams to ensure they field a proper lineup
  11. Hey, you got to see the Browns play in the game of the year on the bright side (a loss albeit but still)! Playoff expansion will be voted on next season so we avoid another scenario like this (assuming we play another 12 team league). Sucks to see 9-5 teams sitting out.
  12. Looks like it's HC vs @Maxx in the Commish Bowl next week either way, as we're both locked into either a 2 or 3 seed.
  13. Diggs is going to make @Ace Berimmer sweat
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