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  1. They're only shared within their public discord group afaik.
  2. The consequences are being a right cunt. No, really, I'm not even sure if we technically have a rule on EWB to handle this. Even if we did, the worst that could happen is deletion and a possible ban... But nothing stops you from hosting the mod elsewhere in that case. Like, realistically, the fuck is Genadi gonna do? Sue someone? Over something he has zero claim of ownership to? He needs to get off his high horse. The Mod Squad has been a leech off TEW16 since the start. All it's done is intimidate potential new mod makers into not bothering out of fear of reprisal or crossing t
  3. No, it wasn't a baseless accusation, technically. The entire Mod Squad is incredibly Anti-EWB tbh, having been a member, so Genadi's statement is technically 'based' on the concept he's decided on that EWB is incredibly childish and elitist. I hear people mentioning a collaborative group effort and I just wanna say, I'd be down for it. I kind of like the idea of pooling together to create like, a community resource pack of sort. Locations, match types, etc. Something that can easily be imported to help streamline some of the work for potential mod makers.
  4. So I might be in an odd position in this debate where I can provide a little insight others might not be able to, as I worked with the Mod Squad for a period of time and can attest to their inner workings. The majority of the group is quite... Anti-Adam to say the least. They do not like him or his methods, which is their right I suppose. However, it is important to note that the group has a tendency to be very much their way or the highway as a whole. Well, rather, their leader Genadi does. He's very much the type that does not easily change from his initial opinion, and will stubbornly
  5. What's a good way to even get into Crusader Kings II? I love Europa Universalis 4 and I really want to love Crusader Kings II but I just find it... really hard to navigate and get into for some reason.
  6. One day I'll escape Bronze. One day. This season is not that day though. It's just more annoying because Bronze is where people consistently do stupid shit, like Soraka Jungle.
  7. Horde or Alliance? I have a 120 Mage on Horde side if you need a DPS, and as long as we're same faction we can still instance together no matter the realm iirc. (I know I instanced with a friend from Moon Guard while in a Hyjal character)
  8. If we're talking about creators on PS4 who do a good job on both appearances and cpu logic, I know this burgeoning edit maker who put up his first a few a days ago and has more in the pipeline. He did a great Kevin Nash, with all six moves including the hair flip. https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/8683
  9. A month in and the only thing driving me mad is how slow it is trying to get Nightfallen to Exalted. I want that Allied Race...
  10. Actually, I know the levels you're talking about, and that's not an inherent controls issue with Crash 1. All three of the games use one new, unified physics engine which is the cause of the issues in all three games. Especially introducing jump sensitivity and the new hitbox (Which is now a pill instead of a circle) to Crash 1 levels where the level design is not made or adjusted to it. I love the original Crash 1 and have 100%'d it several times on virtually every console it's been put out on, even if I think it's objectively horrid from a design standpoint. Once you take some time to a
  11. Try to track down Crash 2 or Crash 3, unless you have a PS4 in which case shoot for the N Sane Trilogy, which fixes half the issues with Crash 1 and includes 2 and 3. While the original Crash trilogy is my childhood and I love it, OG Crash 1 is the drizzling shits. 2 and 3 do everything better.
  12. Okay! I got the confirmation I needed, and am going to start work on an Edit guide in the next few days! But first, I'm giving an early warning to all Edit Makers here. The defensive parameters section is HEAVILY mistranslated in English for three important stats. Power should be Aerial (Defense against high flying moves), Agility should be 'Crushing' (Defense against moves that use the opponent's body weight), and Arm should be Lariat. The Lariat stat is... well, self explanatory.
  13. In Returns. To the best of my knowledge it doesn't currently do this in World, so it works as a temporary workaround until Spike Chunsoft fixes the glitch.
  14. Casual reminder that you should try to make a habit of just cloning the workshop edits you DL for the time being anyways, as there's currently a huge bug that makes it so workshop edits have their priorities reset to Weak Strike > Pick Up Opponent, thus making it so many won't ever go for a pin. I'm waiting on some sort of answer on a major question I sent in to Spike Chunsoft before I make my guide. I was going to just do a CPU Logic guide, but I've decided to just do a flat out Edit Mode guide for all aspects of it, in order to give a better base for everyone to go off of. I'd pump
  15. Er, yes and no. The logic system is mostly the same, but you can't actually access the logic of Default characters in FPR. When you clone a default character it resets their parameters and CPU Logic, so unless you have edits of them with fully done CPU Logic, that won't work out too well. Would anyone like me to do some sort of Logic Guide for Fire Pro World, actually? While I'm still fine tuning my current edits, I've spent a lot of time in that section, and I feel like CPU Logic is even simpler to grasp in World. Plus it'll help other early adopters, since half the edits on the wor
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