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  1. I bawled at the ending of Coco. Only time I've ever cried in a theater. Only other time that comes close was the ending to "Won't You Be My Neighbor".
  2. I enjoyed them! If there's one thing I would have liked to see in the Arctic Lake music video is a whip pan transition between the scenes. Seeing as you were starting and ending roughly in the same position each scene, I think stitching them as if it were one fluid motion would help it stand out a bit more. Otherwise, keep up the work dude!
  3. Those are good, but.i was kinda wanting them to be a little zoomed in on the top of their body and face like most pics on kyky are.
  4. I actually enjoyed Winter Soldier the most out of ALL of the Marvel movies to date. Granted, it may be due to the fact that I'm still on the high of seeing it today, but man was it great. I'm stoked at the mention of . The ending scene has got me pumped for Age of Ultron.
  5. These days I tend to hang around Reddit, I use the app to check in on R/SC and move on with my day, and I saw someone making a custom poster for this year's Hell in a Cell due to the strange "Official" R-Truth poster floating around. I figured I would make my own poster for HIAC and eventually made a couple more posters for fun. Due to the size, I'll post the imgur links. Hell in a Cell 2013 Poster Survivor Series 2013 Poster One Survivor Series 2013 Poster Two Elimination Chamber 2014 Poster I had Curtis Axel on the Elimination Chamber poster merely on the fact that it's taking
  6. Megan Ganz has spoke about Donald wanting time off in her interview with Pete Holmes on his podcast "You Made It Weird". I can't remember the exact words, but I do remember hearing something about it on there. It was a three hour recording and Pete Holmes has a fairly obnoxious laugh and laughs constantly during the three hours, but it's a fairly good episode if you're interested in listening. http://www.nerdist.com/2013/03/you-made-it-weird-136-megan-ganz/
  7. The single player was fantastic, from the AI to the story to the actual fear I felt while playing. In the past couple years there have only been a couple games I was looking forward to and it was clear which game I considered to be my personal GOTY. I had a bit more fun playing TLOU than Bioshock: Infinite, but with GTA V and Watch_Dogs coming out this year, I wonder if it will hold up. Regardless, I loved this game and it Naughty Dog as my favorite game developer.
  8. Can't wait to get this game! Been waiting for it since the first trailer/gameplay clip was shown. For anyone that wants to add me on PSN for multiplayer: USBouncer.
  9. I was at the premiere last night for Arrested Development and while I can't say much, I signed a non-disclosure agreement, I can say without a doubt that you guys will not be disappointed.
  10. This Game: Loved it. Love it. Will Love it.
  11. Anyone looking to pick this up? It looks fantastic and considering Bioshock is still my favorite game of all time, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with another installment. Once I can gather enough cash I'm grabbing a copy. Here's a pretty great review of the game (Fairly spoiler-free) by Adam Sessler.
  12. On Community, I'm going to give the new showrunners a chance, even though I didn't really enjoy this episode. It felt like too much in too little time. It felt like it was attempting to be to be like "Community" than just being itself, if that makes an inkling of sense.
  13. NM!

    The Oscars 2013

    Just came back from seeing ZD30 and while I did enjoy it I can see why Bigelow wasn't nominated. Some questionable choices with character and seemingly rushed finish to a movie that had dragging scenes earlier in the movie. Affleck not getting a nomination is ridiculous. Also, Paranorman better win Animated Feature. I loved Wreck-It-Ralph, but man was Paranorman wonderful.
  14. I just picked it up recently, so I'll give it a go if you're looking for someone to play with! Also, I considered getting Just Cause 2 a couple days ago for about 8 bucks but held off to save some cash. Glad I did since it's 3 bucks and some change right now.
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