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  1. Kinda like this. Can pause to think certain decisions over, but most of the time it's letting time do it's thing and thinking on the fly.
  2. Indeed. At most, maybe play with the vocals a tiny smidge.
  3. At what point does "adding your spin" to the cover of a song become "DEAR GOD STOP YOU'RE RUINING IT"? Mentioning because I remembered watching some contestant on one of the six hundred singing shows in the States around 2015 or so do a cover of Extreme's More Than Words that absolutely mutilated it by overcomplicating it to the point of parody.
  4. If they aren't hella thicc they're not worth scouting.
  5. FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF FLAYED TERRORS (...though not as weird as a random wildling following the gods of Yi Ti in a long-deleted save)
  6. Well I'm more interested. I know the hip location to want for FH5 was Japan but this works.
  7. Guess protecting Fancy Lad School alumni pays better.
  8. Now if this timeline's Bobby could have a legitimate son that'd be great. Cersei and Jaime were busted and executed, remarried to one of Bronze Yohn's daughters, only living children by her are daughters. She's in her early 30's so there's still time before I go Great Council to decide the issue. ...though tbf the other major choice from my trial run of a Great Council is Stannis the Mannis.
  9. tbf he's got Margaery for a lover so it'd be a downgrade.
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