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  1. Quick, someone call Kellen Moore
  2. Quick Wiki research shows George W Bush was at least the on-paper owner of the team from the '89 to '97 seasons so there's something
  3. Addendum: It's good, here's what I do if it was me buying: RAM kit here is 16 GB, same speed as what your prospective laptop is working with ATM. Simple enough to swap everything out. Also, a 256 GB SSD might be too small for comfort since I'm assuming it's the sole drive in the laptop and factoring in the operating system doesn't leave a terribly large amount of space to store stuff. I dunno, a 1 TB SATA SSD to go alongside what it already comes with isn't too badly priced at the moment. So all in all, a total layout of $850-900 isn't that bad.
  4. You clearly don't take fantasy baseball seriously if you don't answer trade offers at 3 AM.
  5. Apparently there's a BloodRayne 2 rerelease. Just noticed it in my Steam library owing to owning the original.
  6. On the plus side writing-wise, there is a solid endpoint for Season 1 to work towards. If there's more seasons, then it gets iffy especially if we get much beyond the Young Dragon.
  7. 2022 now basically confirmed as the airdate barring more unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Washington's points AREN'T REAL POINTS
  9. I'll have you know that Ricky Volante's Certified Gold Star Used Cars is NOT a shady enterprise whatsoever
  10. Good man. Get RCT2 and download OpenRCT for the best experience, as it can essentially combine the two games into one.
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