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  1. 9 minutes into the first quarter.
  2. First two, yeah they're on the list. Other ones are whichever one has seemingly EVERY SINGLE LINE ending with some variant of 'small town' and Check It Out or however it goes Other two you mentioned are five and six if my list went there by virtue of not getting as much playtime in my area. Still plenty but at a much more tolerable level.
  3. I hate you now because of quoting one of the four John Mellencamp songs classic rock stations are convinced are the only ones he's ever written.
  4. Forward-thinking in Gooddell's NFL? SORCERY
  5. Truly blessed.
  6. Please be Tomato/Lobster Sting....
  7. The plot was decent, of course Also getting half-drunk with a girl with serious BF issues in someone's art studio was oddly one of my favorite bits so far.
  8. League being inconsistent and biased towards certain teams in punishment?
  9. I'm playing House Party. For the plot, of course
  10. For a song set to one of the bleakest moments in the whole show, it just works for me somehow, especially 5:45 on.
  11. No More Heroes might be PC-bound.
  12. Controls are simple enough, submissions are a bunch of janky nonsense at times, AI is a crapshoot with it fluctuating on being both ends of the "lolcharlottewins" scale. But all in all, the games aren't terrible but the wacky shenanigans is ltierally almost the only reason I play. One of my best stories was not-The Barbarian being disappointed in his client not-Triple H winning his match...after it was revealed that he died from injuries during the contest.
  13. It's basically purely fun for the zaniness.
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