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  1. Maxx? Ohhhhh, Maaaaaaaxx?! You might need to get your head examined. Because I was thinking the exact. same. thing.
  2. Finch, on Apple TV+. Tom Hanks in a movie about a dying man, his dog, and the robot he built to take care of the dog, on a road trip from St. Louis to San Francisco, 10 years after the world was devastated by a disaster. The robot does talk, but except for a brief flashback, Hanks is the only person in the movie. And this ain't CASTAWAY. Its not one of his best, but not one of his worst, either. The movie does eventually explain what the disaster was, and I'm not going to spoil it. However, they never explain what he's dying from, but there is a clue: Its pretty boring at tim
  3. Sadly, the show starts going downhill sometime in season 6. And I kind of wish they hadn't done a season 8.
  4. Watching the finale right now, so avoiding spoilers. But regarding damshow's comment about inconsistencies, George should have gone when Amanda did, and I think they rigged things when they sent Jurgen home.
  5. Damn good movie, which I highly recommend. Two of the songs from it are apparently doing well on the charts, too.
  6. I have no interest at all in another Super Bowl with the Chiefs, and was going to pull for the Bills if they had made it. So I hope the Bengals somehow beat KC. That said, I'd love to see the NFL adopt college's overtime rules, and the CFL's no touch backs rule, where if you don't get the ball out of the end zone and the other team recovers or catches a player with the ball still in it its 1 point for them. I see the former or something similar likely to happen, but not the latter.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised. I don't think the Bills-Chiefs matchup is as cut and dried, and neither is a guaranteed to beat the Bengals. But the 49ers are clearly looking like the best NFC team left.
  8. I don't think its scripted. But I certainly think that the commissioner is too damn biased against certain teams, coaches and players, and that there are several referees who should either be retrained or fired.
  9. I used the wrong term. Didn't mean that connotation. I meant he's full of shit.
  10. I don't know what gives you that impression.....
  11. Fuck you, Aaron Rodgers. I hope the Packers re-think things and dump your bitch ass. Or even worse, sign AB so they have TWO world class shitheads on the same team....until AB throws another fit 4 weeks into the season.
  12. Well, when the Lions have been rebuilding since 1957, its kind of hard for them to even play for a championship.... And I'll flat out say `Fuck Aaron Rodgers!'. Stephen A., is right about him being a `BAAAAAAAAAAAD MAN'....if he means `horrible human being'.
  13. I saw it a couple of days after it came out, along with my wife, stepson and his girlfriend. The wife, however, didn't realize I liked it just as much, if not more, than the first. Can't see a reason to do a Sing 3, but I hope they do.
  14. Rodgers has always been the one I want gone. Brady is cocky, but can back it up. Rodgers is just a rude, arrogant jackass. And of the teams left in the playoffs, I won't be watching if we end up with a Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl. Because I don't want that bastard getting another ring, and I don't see the Chiefs beating the Packers.
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