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  1. Oh, don't worry about him. I'm sure he'll be the next head coach of the Giants.
  2. Wentz is a glass cannon, and apparently not a very good one now. Still don't know what the Giants were thinking drafting Jones.
  3. He said in an interview that he knows he's pretty much going to be a blocker instead of a receiver.
  4. Plus the Mariners are the only team left that has not been to the World Series. They've existed 16 years longer than the Marlins and Rockies, and 21 years longer than the Diamondbacks and Rays. All of those have been, and the Marlins and Diamondbacks actually won. Marlins twice. Adding to that fire, the Washington Nationals won the title last year, and they used to be the Montreal Expos. The Expos started up 8 years before the Mariners. Hopefully it doesn't take the Mariners 8 more years just to make it to the WS. But I won't be surprised if they still don't go.
  5. "Its...showtime!" 'Make it so!" *high fives*
  6. Do not get me started on Iron Chef America. The original Japanese show worked great because the Iron Chefs had their own distinct styles and personalities, and Kaga acted like a boss and dressed like a pimp. On the other hand, most of the Iron Chefs on the American version were so-so, and I am still to this day convinced that most of Bobby Flay's wins were due to favoritism. A couple of the newer ones should never have even been Iron Chefs. Plus `The Chairman' was never really allowed to make comments, while you could believe Kaga had a say in things on the original show as he commented a
  7. I'm almost 50, and have never read it. Know a few others who haven't, either. The original movie with Sting and Patrick Stewart in it was.....not good. But due to the material. Dune would probably be best done as a high-budget mini-series on HBO, STARZ or a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.
  8. You're right. Some characters just don't need explanation. Marvel messed up Wolverine by explaining his real name and background. DC is borderline fucking up the Joker by revealing there's 3 of them. The only thing worse would be finally revealing his/theirs real name(s) and backstory.
  9. I'm probably not going to watch it, for two reasons: 1. No one is going to outdue Louise Fletcher as that character. 2. Sarah Paulson. Not a fan. I can't think of a single movie I enjoyed her in. Not even Birdbox, before her character died. And (besides the shitty ending) she was one of the worst things about Glass. To me, she's a boring actress.
  10. Good to know, because I already plan on watching that. Barbecue is one of my favorite food groups.
  11. On the positive side of this, Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers are together again. R.I.P. to one of the Bears' greats.
  12. Looking forward to seeing Matt Lucas as a new host when Netflix airs the new season.
  13. Okay, Denver. Time to fire Elway, unless the plan is to use Bortles as an expensive ball holder to make the other teams think they're going to pull off a trick play instead of kicking a field goal.
  14. Bleeding Steel - Jackie Chan in an action flick where he plays a cop (again), but with a Sci-Fi twist. The main villain ends up looking like the start of a budget Borg. The movie is mostly serious, with only a couple of comedy bits that are more chuckles than laughs. Cool thing is Jackie takes out one bad guy henchman with an MMA move rather than Kung Fu. As far as Jackie Chan movies goes, this one middle of the road. If you prefer your JC movies with comedy, avoid this one. Also... New Legends of Monkey - An Australian series on Netflix, based on the Monkey King legend. How g
  15. @DMN I am actually picking the Raiders to beat the Saints.
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