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  1. They're coming out with a Golden Girls cookbook. So....37 different cheesecake recipes, plus Sophia's all day cook spaghetti sauce?
  2. Hope Rick Flag dies 5 minutes in. Joel Kinnaman has the charisma of dry toast, and is the main reason I haven't finished the first season of Altered Carbon.
  3. Jason Goes To Hell is one of my least favorites, for the very reason you mention. I only tolerate it because of Steven Williams being in it. Hubie Halloween was funnier than it had any right to be. The gimmick with his water bottle was great, and I about died when showed up. Haven't seen Rabid or The Girl On The Third Floor, but plan to see the latter.
  4. Heidi and I have spent several days marathoning VERONICA MARS on Hulu. We stopped after season 3, because strangely enough Hulu doesn't have the movie. But it may be on cable starting November 1st. If it isn't, we're going to go ahead and watch season 4.
  5. The one problem i have with this season is Ohio State's ranking. #4 (then dropped to #5) before they've even played a game and others have played 3 or 4 already. Was bullshit. Whoever gave them 2 first-place votes should have been banned from voting the rest of the season. Even more than Alabama, I hope someone beats OSU this season.
  6. Cowboys vs. Eagles is next. If Dak wasn't hurt, I'd be picking the Cowboys. But now its a toss-up.
  7. The problem isn't the coaching so much as its that the defense is playing like it doesn't give a damn.
  8. Trading almost their entire defense for Fitz would be a good deal!
  9. It just sucks that SUPERGIRL is ending after next season.
  10. I've not been on Facebook since early yesterday morning, but I cannot wait to see how all the high and mighty Asstros fans are reacting now, considering their attitudes in most baseball discussions. And yes, some people on FB have been calling the team either than Asstros (ASStros as an alternate spelling) or the Astericks.. If we get Braves-Rays, I am for the Rays, but may not watch. If we get Dodgers-Rays, I will be for the Dodgers. The Braves are our regional team, despite Knoxville being about the same distance from Cincinnati and Atlanta, so they get shoved down our th
  11. Me, either. But I'll hope the Braves win.
  12. the last two years I read 41 (going 1 book over my goal) and 20 (meeting my goal) books, respectively. I set this year's goal at 20, and so far I've read 10. Due to too much going on in real life (a lot of it having to do with my father's health issues), I will be lucky if I read 12 to 15.
  13. Playing With Fire, on Hulu. Comedy with John Cena, John Leguizamo, and Keegan Michael Key as smokejumpers. Watch it.
  14. The latest eliminated Masked Singer contestant was NFL legend (yeah, riiiiight....) And I doubt a lot of people figured it out, because most of the clues were crap.
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