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  1. If you don't watch 9-1-1 and 9-1-1- Lone Star, you're missing out on some mighty good tv. That said, I didn't care for the latest twist on Lone Star involving the Captain and his ex-wife.
  2. Hey, they probably have a high school or two with a vacant head coaching position.....
  3. Just finished off THE WALKING DEAD, having borrowed all the TPBs over a period of several months. However the tv series ends, I've got a feeling its going to suck in comparison. Especially since Carl is dead in the tv show. One observation:
  4. I wonder if Washington's name change being held up has anything to do with what's going on with the ownership situation. If Snyder is forced out, it might not happen until close to the season. I can see the other shareholders and any potential new owner not wanting to be stuck with a new name that he had anything to do with picking.
  5. The School of Life will whip your ass!
  6. He deleted that Tweet less than half an hour after posting it. And it came off more like he's done with the Titans than that they are done with him. The Titans' GM gave him an ultimatum, so its probably no skin off their nose if he's no longer a Titan. He's more trouble than he is worth.
  7. Heard the good news about the next season of STARGIRL yet?
  8. The Nationals connection is interesting, but.... The Minnesota Twins were the original Washington Senators, the Texas Rangers were the second Washington Senators, and the Nationals' cap insignia is pretty much the same W that the Senators used. So the idea of reviving the Expos isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  9. If they ever do put a team back in Montreal, do you think they'll revive the Expos, or go with a new name?
  10. If he had played the Doctor, we might not have gotten him as Prince Vultan in FLASH GORDON. And he pretty much owned everyone else when he was on screen in it. This scene always makes me smile.
  11. Peyton Manning not beating Florida is the reason Charles Woodson won the Heisman over him.
  12. To put things into perspective, Fernando Tatis' 14-year deal runs out the year before the Mets finish paying off Bobby Bonilla.
  13. The score was lopsided because Cumberland College had discontinued their football program but were obligated to either play the game or pay Georgia Tech $3,000. They literally fielded a bunch of nobodies. Most of the `players' were frat guys. And its speculated that Georgia Tech's coach intentionally ran up the score, because the year before Cumberland College shutout Georgia Tech 22-0. (Back then games were mostly low scoring). Surprisingly, there have been a lot of lopsided college games with a winning score over 100. The majority were in the 1910's and 1920's. My own personal
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