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  1. Actually, BILLIONS started back up on the 5th......
  2. Need more covers of "Of Wolf And Man". Seriously.
  3. Watching LUCIFER season 6. Am just about to start episode 3.
  4. Any day that Ohio State loses is a great day!
  5. Doordash sent me down near UT's campus today. Glad I was out of there before the game even started.....
  6. For a good take on the Gawain and the Green Knight story, I highly recommend the 1980's movie Sword of the Valiant, with Miles O'Keeffe as Gawain, and Sean Connery as the Green Knight.
  7. Maybe they'll get a coach who at least acts like he gives a damn, if they can't get one that actually does.....
  8. Clemson's QB should now be referred to as "Potatoes", because he got sacked 7 times by Georgia. Glad someone beat Clemson already.
  9. Oh, he can flat out have the Hiesman. Who cares if he gets some fake trophy? But who should get the real one, the Heisman? Washington lost to Montana. First time an FCS team has beaten a FBS one since 2016. (North Dakota State over Iowa)
  10. So...some calls went in Arkansas' favor?
  11. Netflix: Clickbait, Nailed It!, Family Reunion, Sweet Home, Hit and Run. Amazon Prime: Carnival Row (should be a season two coming), Leverage: Redemption (sequel to the old TNT show Leverage, minus Timothy Hutton, plus Noah Wylie. Its actually an imdb.tv show, but its also on Amazon. That's how I watched it) Disney+: Turner and Hooch. New episodes on Wednesdays, I believe.
  12. Which means he'll be signed by Dallas within the next 3 days.
  13. It made no sense whatsoever that he was fired as host, yet kept as executive producer. Glad that problem was taken care of.
  14. Checked IMDB, and he has 8 projects (some completed, some in post-production) yet to be released.
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