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  1. Forky


    Second chances. I don't like him but he's done everything they asked him to do, and he's a very good driver.
  2. Forky


    So Jones goes to the 43 for RPM. Jordan and Denny get the #23 which was pretty much a given. Matty D basically has one more year to find another ride before his goes away, and Chase Briscoe is taking over the 14. That still leaves the 88 without a driver at the moment. For some reason I feel like they're going to put Larson in that car.
  3. Has anyone seen the trailer for Twin Mirror? Looks like it might be kind of cool.
  4. I still have Shadow Of War sitting on the shelf unopened. I really do need to play that.
  5. I don’t do PVP. For WoW though there is M+ now that was introduced 2 expansions ago that is very competitive. Also Raiding is very competitive. I don’t know what the competitive scene is like for PVE in FF but I imagine it’s there in a smaller scale.
  6. I used to be the same way. My biggest problem with MMO’s was basically that there was no way to win. There was no way to complete them. Then I found that I enjoyed it more when I set goals for myself. I’m very sad that I actually didn’t get into MMO’s until recently because honestly being 36 and trying to be competitive with people who have been playing the game for over 15 years is intimidating.
  7. Forky


    That’s exactly where he’s going. Also there seem to be a lot of people starting teams. Jordan and Denny and now Suarez and some dude I don’t know.
  8. Did you just diss WoW? I think we need to have a conversation! Final Fantasy XIV is a beautiful game but coming from WoW, it moves so much slower in my opinion. I hate the GCD in Wow and when it comes to FF, it's even worse. With that being said though, if WoW ever stops being a thing then I could see myself moving over to FF at that point.
  9. Poor Kessel, always getting what he deserves
  10. Forky


    But it was such a fun finish!
  11. Forky


    That was so heartbreaking for Matty I felt so bad for him. Byron's already won this year. Let Matty get the 100th win for Wood Brothers so we can stop hearing about it.
  12. Forky


    As long as he remembers the race isn't over
  13. Forky


    I still feel like that's where Jones is going to end up actually which I'd be okay with though I do love Reddick much more than Jones.
  14. Forky


    My wife and I were actually discussing where Bubba could be going about 5 minutes before this announcement had been made because up until yesterday we had figured he'd take over for Kenseth in the 42. Then when Ross Chastain was announced as taking that over, it became where the hell does it make sense. This was definitely not what I expected at all but good for them. Hopefully they can bring the money that brings the competition because the Cup Series is the most expensive place to field a team. The good thing about Bubba is that he brings sponsors with him so they don't need to find a l
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