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  1. They've won two of their last three. This is still coming because of their start.
  2. Forky


    As much as I dislike Logano the driver, he's actually a very good commentator.
  3. Yes, Corporations always equal bad. Sometimes I forget. 😛
  4. I'm not so sure you can call that disrespect. JDS probably should have been cut a couple of fights ago. UFC and Dana get a lot of shit (some warranted) but I think they kept JDS longer than they probably should have with his recent string of fights.
  5. Overeem and Dos Santos have been cut from the UFC. I think both should probably hang it up but I'm sure they won't.
  6. Remixes were still classed as copyright material and were getting people warnings. Hell, playing the in game music to WoW got some streamers warnings. Twitch is very hit and miss on what gets you a warning and what doesn't. Even now a lot of streamers have gone back to just playing whatever they want. Twitch will mute VODS and such for it. I'm not necessarily saying that you should do that if you're worried about getting in trouble, but it's not as worrisome as it was a few months back.
  7. I wish they would junk classic and focus the effort on making the current game better than it is. While I'm enjoying Shadowlands currently, I really think they could make it so much better than it is if they just made it their actual focus. Classic was a nice pander to the old fans of the original but even most of them got tired of Classic.
  8. I think I'm having video game burnout. I've gotten to the point lately that I turn a game on, stare at it for a few minutes and then just turn it off. I played one mission of Asssassin's Creed last night and just couldn't stay interested in it.
  9. Yeah I do feel like they've moved away from side quests as part of an additional story and more side quests for the sake of side quests. Assassin's isn't the only offender with this but I do wish they'd go back to the side story over the collect-a-thons.
  10. I play MMO's so I guess that's why I'm more partial to the grind.
  11. Is that such a thing. I love games that are long just because you can work on them over a period of time. I guess this is also coming from a guy who has only really beaten a handful of games in his life as well so maybe it is a thing.
  12. Alright, who am I kidding. I'm back already. But they still need to remove the cap.
  13. Sadly not. Remove Target cap, fix M+ loot and....Actually that's probably all it would take to get me back to it. And possibly help me make friends who enjoy doing M+ but I'm not sure the game can do that. Haha
  14. I think most people figured TBC was coming. Even before the leak I had friends who were leveling their classic characters to get ready for it. I can't get back into WoW now. I tried the other night but there's just not enough to keep me entertained.
  15. Was it? I don't remember it being there in The Sims 2 which is the one I played the most. I actually have Crusader Kings on Steam I think.
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