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  1. I feel like that’s the nature of AC games and yet I still always buy them. Origins evolved the game more than any other game and then the last few have basically repeated the formula. Still love them though. I need to spend some time on Valhalla soon
  2. NEVER CHANGE COVENANTS IF YOU EVER PLAN TO RETURN TO THE ONE YOU LEFT! JESUS! Okay, I'm done. Two weeks just to get back to my arrogant angels was not fun.
  3. I just watched the video on MLB.com and the smiles on both their faces after it happened was just great. Rizzo's going to have that ball encased in gold on his shelf.
  4. No but it is the time when people are being dropped on their spine and head on the hardest part of the apron outside the ring. Like I said, it's your mod so it is what it is.
  5. I mean it's your mod but I'd very much disagree with that. I don't feel like it works the same in the game. Piledrivers are one thing but there are many things that could be considered a "Spinal Impact Move" and I'd actually say that while they may not do the straight piledriver anymore, they do moves that effectively work the same way...such as the Canadian Destroyer that is brought out more than just for special occasions. I'd even say that WWE has relaxed that rule a whole lot more than they were a few years ago.
  6. I think you're severely twisting words here... As for the injury, I said to Meacon earlier that that shit doesn't generally get to me because but that actually made me feel sick to my stomach when I saw it. His whole foot basically wrapped right around Halls leg on that one. Also I feel like I can't trust Jimmy Crute's corner to do what's in his best interest when they were willing to let their fighter fight when he couldn't even stand under his own weight. The doctor never should have had to make that call. The fights as a whole were very good though. I really hope they don't d
  7. Ring Of Honor: I don't know that they should have a strictly enforced Face/Heel divide. Most wrestlers in ROH have a very tenuous alignment depending on who they're feuding with. Lifeblood is no longer a stable Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus, Tracy Williams and Jonathan Gresham are a stable known as The Foundation Bandido, Rey Horus and Flamita are currently in a stable called The Mexisquad though Flamita did just somewhat turn on Bandido. Villain Enterprise is basically gone. Brody King is leading his own stable known as Violence Unlimited stylized as VLNCE UNLTD with King, Tony Deppen, Ch
  8. Yeah that's basically what I do. I've tried to DPS but considering I don't have a lot of friends in the game currently, it makes it hard to do other things. Like I played Mage at the start of the expansion which I enjoyed but then the people I played with kind of disappeared and it's pretty hard to do Torghast and shit as a mage. I can run through it as a tank. I enjoy tanking the most anyway.
  9. Do you have confirmation from somewhere on that? I'd seen talk of a new show because man, they really need at least another 1 hour show.
  10. I think I'm going to make a return when 9.1 hits and push for keystone master at least. I said that for 9.0 but then I just fell out of love with the game and lost all ambition. But I've never done it before and it'll hopefully push my boundaries of working with people in an online game setting.
  11. So are you saying IWA isn't set up? Like I said, not currently at my computer. If it's not in the database, then you might want to at least set up the Carribean Heavyweight Championship for MLW as he's defending it there.
  12. Some MLW Changes Edit: You might not want to make the IWA Carribean title an MLW title, but you might want to set up an "MLW Network" alliance with MLW, IWA PR (if it's in the database. I'm not in front of my computer at the moment) and maybe any other company working with MLW. They currently have partnerships with The Crash, AAA, NOAH, IWA and DRAGON GATE.
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