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  1. One of my early memories is Bat Out of Hell's cover art, we never had many albums at home, but that always struck me as 'holy crap' artwork, it was different from all the other stuff (mainly my mums Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan albums). I'm glad I gave this a listen when I was kid as it was so different to everything else, and I think it set me off early on to always try a bit of everything musical, or purely based on bad ass album artwork!
  2. When I was a young one, I actually heard the Diesel Boy cover of this on their album Sofa King Cool and for a good 15 years thought it was their own song. One of those 'I didn't realise it was a cover' events.
  3. Fly back to UK for Christmas, catch COVID, no symptoms, now stuck here until I'm negative. Joy.

  4. Robertson's shithousery vs Barca certainly helped with that tackle and head push. The man is an artist of shithousery.
  5. I've never seen RENT, or knew who Jonathan Larson was beforehand, but I really enjoyed Tick Tick Boom! for what it was.
  6. Really not a fan of this NFL style play off one game system now, bring back the the two leg knockouts, provided so much more drama (and more money, which is what MLS is all about). Also, that 21 day lay off killed the 1st seeds momentum, seems winning the league costs you the cup.
  7. I knew I recognised Rab Florence from somewhere very specific, and it finally clicked..
  8. Just finished Let There Be Carnage, a really fun 90 minute ridiculous film as I'd expect from a Venom Vs Carnage film.
  9. Agree on that, Joy is still on constant rotation for me, but this Crawler was a decent album that I really enjoyed more than Ultra Mono
  10. Finally took the plunge on getting Riders Republic and after the generic intro stuff, it's turning into a super fun game, the mass online races are absolute carnage in an entertaining way, and it's probably the best extreme sports game I've played since Tony Hawk.
  11. From what I recall reading the vast majority of the upscaling was done by an AI system so that would explain a lot.
  12. Looks like Rockstar have delisted the PC version for sale to fix bugs. It's been a wierd release for Rockstar, no real footage other than 59 seconds worth before release, no access to game reviews to early looks at it and give opinions, and now having to pull the PC version for bugs. It's like they're trying to do a Cyberpunk launch
  13. The Stanley Parable is wonderful. All hail the Serious Room. I'm looking forward to trying the Ultra Deluxe edition.
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