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  1. So Gotham has started back up. I have to say, I'm not exactly certain where they're going, but I'm pretty certain that I'm getting a bit put off by the early introduction of so many villains.
  2. Honestly, a Die Hard origin story would be kind of cool. No gigantic heist, just John McClane solving a regular crime, and then meeting his wife.
  3. Being a Weird Al fan, I find that a lot of people tend to underrate Alpocalypse and Poodle Hat. People like his older material, they know "White and Nerdy" from Straight Outta Lynwood, and there are a few songs on Running With Scissors that got attention, but the other two really go under the radar. It's kind of a shame, because there are some pretty clever songs on both albums. "Bob" is genius (a song written in palindromes totally works for a Bob Dylan style parody), "Hardware Store" has got to be one of the best examples of his vocal and lyrical skills I've heard (although there is a slight
  4. I've been watching the show...okay, actually, I binge watched Season 1 on Netflix and then got caught up on Hulu. Either way, I really like the show and am interested to see where it's going. I happen to enjoy Bruce and Selina, even though it does seem a little forced. The thing that keeps messing with me is the fan service. Okay, we introduced all of these characters that people know from the comics, or from the different TV series, or from the movies, and here we go. They're Easter eggs sometimes, while others are a little more on the nose. Honestly, I could do with a little less of that.
  5. I did this with Revenge. I was enraptured with it right up until After that happened, the show just lost my interest. I seem to also have lost track of The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, but that's mostly due to the fact that I use Hulu Plus for a lot of broadcast TV, and CBS keeps their shows on their own website.
  6. I'm happy with the Ashton Kutcher movie Jobs, personally. Watched it on Netflix, and I'm not sure why it got panned. Kutcher did quite well in the role, and overall, I felt like it was well-written. Plus, I'm a sucker for Josh Gad ever since I heard the entire Broadway soundtrack to The Book of Mormon, so there's that. I might still go to see Steve Jobs, but I get the feeling it will let me down.
  7. Producers are jerks to everyone else on the show. It's a TV trope at this point. Still, the dialogue in this was great. "Where do I know you from?" "Probably from The Office." "We work together? I am so sorry that I never noticed before!"
  8. I doubt it would just be, "You're fired," since he's usually only said that when he's shot people in his films–or burned them alive.
  9. Hey, don't disrespect Dick Grayson!
  10. Definitely agree there. My fiancé happens to disagree vehemently with me, but to each their own.
  11. So I got around to watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the most recent movie, which Michael Bay produced), and I have to say, I don't see why it caught so much flak. It wasn't the complete and utter wreck which the reviews told me that it would be, that's for sure. Was it incredible or anything? Not even close. But it was, at the very least, watchable until the end.
  12. It's a bit of a different tone from Zim. A lot more murder, obviously, but there's also a supernatural element in the books. Demons, angels, heaven, hell, monsters, etc. All black-and-white, too, if that's a turn-off.
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