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  1. No, each Persona game, barring the P2 duology and the fighting game spinoffs, is its own story. There might be slight references to previous games, but nothing that would force you to play through the previous games.
  2. PlayStation VR just got announced as coming in October for $399.
  3. My Blue game has now turned into seeing how many people I can destroy with Mew since I found out the slight glitch to spawn Mew is super easy in that game.
  4. Super Mario Maker Life Is Strange Bloodborne Splatoon Persona 4 Dancing All Night Rocket League Cibele Undertale Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Contradiction
  5. So, here's an interesting bit from the FF7 remake press release that Square Enix put out today:
  6. Delayed til Summer 2016 in Japan. Which goes along with the last few Persona releases. Also, P5 anime OVA coming and a Persona 20th Anniversary festival at some point as well.
  7. Man, holy shit fuck this mission. The fact that you have to go through hoops just to unlock it and then it throws what it throws at you, it sucks.
  8. They came out beforehand and said that XV wouldn't really be at E3.
  9. Persona 5 (PS4) - All the Persona games are great, even if I'm terrible at the first two. Plus, this will probably have the best style of any game, whenever it comes out in North America. Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Vita) - The conclusion to the Persona 4 story set in a rhythm game? Makes absolute sense. Can't wait to import this in two months. Metal Gear Solid V (PS4/XBONE) - Can't wait to hear how few lines Kiefer Sutherland voiced, but I love how dumb all the Metal Gear games are and am excited to get my hands on this. Danganronpa: Another Episode (Vita) - A third person shooter set in
  10. ragbag


    I think the boss battle against Micolash has been the worst one to date. Nothing like spending the final half of that fight just chucking throwable items at him since he'll just teleport away if you try and attack him normally.
  11. ragbag


    Trying to take on the Nightmare Frontier without any items to combat frenzy is a bad idea. Though, going back to take on Darkbeat Paarl and beating him felt real good.
  12. ragbag


    Ended up finding an area out of the prison where the snatchers in the Cathedral Ward send you and wound up walking into a boss who was electrified. Suffice to say I was very surprised and immediately destroyed.
  13. Maybe I was underleveled then, but the first actual boss destroyed me first go around. Though I did wipe out my SP for everyone stupidly and that left me with some weaker physical attacks only.
  14. Yeah Persona Q is far harder than what I've experienced from the mainline games, barring 1 and the duology of 2, but I'm blaming that more on the Etrian Odyssey roots. Also the second dungeon is the best so far, just with how goofy it is.
  15. When THQ went out of business around 2 years ago-ish.
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