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  1. Take Knuckles Madsen off of WWE's roster. http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/32455/WWE-Release-NXT-Developmental-Talent/ Change his name to Killer Nikels(It's the name he used before he was signed to WWE). Edit: I would also breakup Tons Of Funk and turn Brodus Clay heel or atleast tweener.
  2. ...but does he LOOK like a geek? No. Did he attack Kalisto in the DARK? Yes. Therefore mysterious fits Solomon Crowe. Set mysterious as his gimmick.
  3. Geek? He doesn't look like a geek after watching his debut..More than likely he's using a mysterious gimmick.
  4. Actually Connor O'Brian's new name is Konnor O'Brian. Rick Victor's new name is Rick Viktor. It's on the WWE website on the NXT page. Go look.....
  5. I like the way you have the gimmicks and angles set-up. But their also seems to be a bunch of stuff missing.
  6. It worked, and I'm looking through it now. Soooo many workers in this one, but their also seems to be alot of mistakes in the worker's skills.
  7. Why not duchebag? Oh wait that isn't a gimmick. I guess make him Arrogant. http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/32240/Even-More-On-Sin-Cara-Character-Update-Why-WWE/ They are gonna be bringing somebody up from NXT to play Sin Cara. The real Sin Cara isn't gone from the company yet, so Hunico should stay heel.
  8. It certainly is the wrong place ... ... It's based on 'Microphone' for the interviewer, yet Renee Young's microphone stat is 71 and Mathews' stat is 80-ish... srsly - move that discussion in the thread ... well even to the forum where it belongs that is here: the discussion is over, it 'srsly' doesn't matter... and its location is fine, it's specific to this data, as I thought something was up with their stats. I think the weight classes of some people need to be adjusted. For example, Roman Reigns is classed as a light heavyweight, whereas Sheamus, who we
  9. I'll try my best to keep them updated as much as possible. ACH's aerial and flashiness should both be around 75%. Michael Elgin's brawl should be around 77%, microphone needs a huge boost(perhaps to 65%), and his stamina to 70%. Kevin Steen's menace skill should go up to around 75%. Kyle O'Reilly's selling should be around 66-67%, star quality to around 60%, microphone could also be around 60%. His stamina is also wayyyy too low, raise to about 70%. Steve Corino's announcing needs a HUGE boost(perhaps to 75%). Adam Cole's stamina is wayyy too low, raise to about 80%. Raise Matt Taven
  10. I also think Bobby Fish needs higher microphone, charisma, and star quality skills. I'm just gonna edit this again as I've noticed other things about ROH. Jay and Mark Briscoe are not on the roster, Jay Lethal is a heel when he should be a face, Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero(Forever Hooligans) should be faces, Homicide and Eddie Kingston(I'm not too sure about those two, they do heelish things but are essentially supposed to be faces because of their feud against QT Marshall and RD Evans, and their seemingly unbreakable vow to take the tag titles away from redDragon), Jim Cornette no longer
  11. Only thing I could possibly see wrong is Tommaso Ciampa being a heel in ROH as I believe he would be a face. But that's just me. Edit: Also why are Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Ethan Page, and Josh Alexander in ROH?
  12. I just popped into this thread to point out that Brad Armstrong is still active in the database, when he is no longer with us. that's why stuffs stated that. anyway, Wade Barrett is 20lbs less than Roman Reigns, yet he is set as a heavyweight and Reigns is a light heavyweight. not sure of the limits though. Barrett is 246, Reigns is 265. Change Reigns to a Heavyweight. Cena and Orton are both middleweights and they are in the 240 pound range so Barrett should also be a middleweight. Edit: what do you guys think about this? Also, I agree with this. Mr. Perfekt's
  13. Totally disagree with the uncheck SS Look thing. He's got the look of a superstar.
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