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  1. This is the kind of move Microsoft very much needed, and to be honest if this can lead to Bethesda putting out games that are less... broken on launch that would also be a big plus.
  2. Boy, Hades is fun. Turns out that I, a person who likes roguelikes and Greek mythology, am pretty into the Greek mythology roguelike.
  3. Even though we've all known this was a Done Deal for a couple days now, actually seeing the video made me so happy. Hopefully it's a good homecoming for him.
  4. "Purple Rain" is the most popular Prince song on Spotify, actually. I checked Apple Music to compare but I don't see a single song off Purple Rain on the top played songs which makes me think there's some Prince vs. Prince and the Revolution labeling confusion going on there. People love a ballad. It's not close to being my favorite Prince song (that's "Let's Go Crazy" by a mile) but I get it. For me with "1999" I heard the phrase everywhere as a kid but not really the song, I think. Prince was weird because I knew exactly who he was because of the constant jokes and references to him on
  5. Hades' 1.0 release date seemingly coming today out of nowhere is very exciting news. I was waffling on whether I'd buy it for PC or Switch but Switch just feels right.
  6. My initial thoughts are I'll probably buy the PS5 (with disc) at the first decent discount. I've not played the PS4 Spider-Man game yet, even, so there's no need for me to jump for Miles Morales. Maybe holiday next year? Most likely I grab that before I grab a Series X, though.
  7. Just played my first game after the new update. Got Slime Climb as game two and my heart nearly stopped when I got past the first part and got to where you usually just have to weave around large balls being shot at you... and instead nearly got bowled over by those sticks that occasionally show up in Fruit Chute instead. I made it past and it didn't seem like it really wiped out a lot of people, but I did see that they were piling up near the bottom.
  8. I think my level of enthusiasm for Lovecraft Country wavers a lot from week to week, which makes sense given that the show basically swings from one horror subgenre to another each week. The one this week was right up my alley, makes all the sense in the world a show like this would eventually get to body horror.
  9. Tottenham Hotspur has finally signed a striker! (It's Alex Morgan, on short-term loan to the women's team.)
  10. I only had time to watch the first 25 minutes before I had a Zoom call I needed to get on, so I thought I wasn't going to really see the game get decided. Instead, it was already 4-0 to the Sounders by the time I had to mute it and go into the other room. A lot of teams, Sounders included, really struggled with San Jose's man marking approach in the MLS is Back tournament but once it got found out, good lord. It got so bad that Kasey Keller was speculating like fifteen minutes in that the players were outright trying to get Matias Almeyda fired.
  11. another Ubisoft Forward starts in a minute. EDIT: Also Yves posted a four minute video about the allegations and people who've been forced out of the company but it couldn't be included in this due to "time constraints." Uh-huh.
  12. I think I've gone from "oh, I'm definitely buying that" to "eh, I'm okay" the more I've thought about it. Mario 64 is a game I constantly delude myself into thinking I actually want to play through but every time I have the opportunity I never do it. I don't need Sunshine, had a fun time watching Giant Bomb play through the whole thing a couple years ago and that's enough engagement with it for me. I do want Mario Galaxy, as the Galaxy games are the only major Mario games that I've never touched, but I don't think I can justify $60 for a port of that, a port of a game I'll probably spend an ho
  13. I really like the "Dear Prudence" cover, always have, think it's one of the better Beatles covers. But it's weird seeing it in here when there are definitely artists and, oh, entire continents that this book underserves.
  14. ten spots is not enough 1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The first movie I had a real "I need to see this in theaters multiple times" relationship, the movie that I think expanded my mind on film in general. Listened to the soundtrack for sixteen years, rewatched it when I had one of my absolute roughest nights of this truly terrible year. Jim Carrey getting overlooked for this one was peak "the Academy thinks they're above giving comedy stars credit for good dramatic work" bullshit. 2. Spirited Away Just gorgeous stuff. I think this and #1 are ones where I don't ne
  15. Yeah, I'm the same way. My local alternative station played it and a couple other songs from the same album ("Add It Up," "Kiss Off," "Gone Daddy Gone") fairly regularly and most stuff from before the late '80s tended to get sent to their specialty shows for older music, so I always assumed these songs came at least five years later than they actually did. They basically sound like a band that could have come out at any point between '83 and '93. Other songs: - "Let's Dance" is the first Bowie song I really found my way into loving. I don't know if it'd make my top ten Bowie songs no
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