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  1. I'm fairly good at Fall Guys, some of which I think is just being persistent with it. Not like pro strats good, but I do generally expect to make it to the final in every game I play and more often than not I'm putting myself in decent positions to win if everything breaks right. Other than that, nothing really. I'm probably somewhere near as good as you can get at Tetris without actually learning stuff like T-spins but even that's overstating it, I'm sure.
  2. Watching LAFC/Austin and LAFC just subbed off Carlos Vela, their MVP, basically by accident. What a wonderful league.
  3. hi hello MLS is back, Sounders had a surprisingly auspicious start to the season in spite of not having Jordan Morris or Nico Lodeiro. (also Inter Miami have been found to have been in violation of MLS roster rules last season because they essentially had four Designated Players and as a result they've basically had to buy out Matias Pellegrini's contract, send him officially to the USL affiliate so he's still within the club system, and basically just keep him there until they can try to sell him in the summer.)
  4. I'm pretty confident you would like it as well.
  5. "911" is such a left-field Gorillaz choice, definitely a "here's a good story behind the song and how the times were reflected in music" pick without having to waste time on the real odious examples of popular artists responding to 9/11. I don't think it even has a lot of stature in Gorillaz fandom, let alone the rest of music. It's definitely an interesting pick, though. "911" actually wasn't on the self-titled album! That came out in like early summer '01, so this was a single. I like that first album, it's an interesting grab bag, but if you're looking for more like that song you'd
  6. Yeah, it was a weird process for me and the show because on the first couple episodes I was like "oh, I better not try to binge it all in one day, gotta let this stretch out" and somewhere around episode 6 or so I went the exact other way. I'm very much glad it's for the people it's for since I don't think it's bad, I just think it might not be what I want. Gonna finish it regardless, though, wouldn't be surprised if I give season 2 a shot as well.
  7. I'm most of the way through Ted Lasso and I just finished "A Dark Quiet Death" and I more or less agree with this (particularly how good that episode was, holy shit). Was very much "I'll believe it when I see it" about the general talk that Mythic Quest was actually a good show, and now I do in fact believe it and wish I'd seen it earlier. I completely get why Ted Lasso was a huge deal for people, though. 2020 was a year where I think there was a big desire for comfort zones in entertainment, and the big trend in sitcoms in the last couple years feels like it's sitcoms that are smartly-wr
  8. Just found out that Francoise Cactus of Stereo Total passed in February. Gonna be bummed about that for a couple hours, that was a very important act for me as a teen.
  9. Okay, so what they're trying to do is fund another season and put it on its own streaming platform, which would also serve as a hub for virtual events and the like. The video has Hampton and Baron voicing the bots and Kinga is mentioned multiple times throughout it so looking like Netflix cast first and foremost. I simultaneously think that this pitch has a lot of problems (it's like an upscaled model of what Rifftrax does with their live shows but I think there's way more difficulty in doing that with a full-fledged TV show on your own streaming service rather than two or three live riff
  10. I'm curious to see what the plans are and who, specifically, is coming back. The graphic for it has Jonah, Felicia, and Patton on it which indicates it's the Netflix cast, which I'd be down for, but at the same time basically every MST3K thing outside of those two charity shorts for the last couple years has been the touring cast (Emily and co.). And of course I can already see MST3K fandom basically gearing itself up to be mad if it's not the '90s folks...
  11. I think with their Strokes and White Stripes inclusions they got wrong which one to pick the obvious song from and which one to go a little more obscure. Is This It is top-to-bottom great and I get that you can tell more of a story about the times "New York City Cops" reflected than with "Last Nite," which is just "song good," but man, that song is good. (That being said, one of my happy little memories of pre-pandemic 2020 was The Strokes playing at a Bernie rally, going over time, letting fans come up and dance on stage with them, and responding to the police trying to get them to stop
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