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  1. I think I read that Zidane was waiting for the opportunity to manage France. Valverde would be fine with me. He seems competent and not detestable. For the love of god, let this just end with someone competent and not detestable.
  2. I think this whole time I've really been like "I'm really not that picky about the manager, just sign someone decent and start working on fixing this squad" but if the choice is between more weeks of irritating uncertainty and indecision or Gennaro Gattuso, I'm taking the uncertainty.
  3. Decent Nintendo showing, as good as I could have realistically hoped for with the pandemic.
  4. Oh okay, there it is. I don't know if I'm relieved or disappointed I don't get to watch the internet melt down.
  5. Boy that Hyrule Warriors bit was some truly cruel Nintendo trolling if there's something actually big at the end of this Zelda segment.
  6. Couple good announcements there, nice shot in the arm.
  7. Okay, this Mario Party thing is great. A top five announcement for me.
  8. Yeah, on YouTube it was bad. I pivoted over to E3's twitch, not sure if it'll be better there. No real interest in Kazuya in Smash. A couple classic 2D fighting game characters in the game is neat but the core appeal of Smash is turning non-fighting game characters into fighting game characters, not porting over people to fight like they do in their games.
  9. less than 15 minutes. Not sure if there's a place you can watch it from Twitch because Nintendo of Japan has apparently tanked that entirely:
  10. WB Games starting in a couple minutes, get the impression it's going to mostly/entirely be Back 4 Blood. EDIT: It was, and it was all of ten minutes long.
  11. I cracked up at that Skeletor-like character voice coming out of nowhere.
  12. I think the way I'd put it was I was fine with the dialogue in the actual cutscenes but in the gameplay it was really, really grating.
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