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  1. My Paramount+ stream was a disaster so I stopped watching and boy does that feel like the right call. EDIT: I would like to credit the timing of this post with Spurs getting an equalizer.
  2. Moura and Bergwijn both injured, too. Really just going straight into the disaster zone, huh?
  3. Norm was one-of-a-kind. One of my favorite Twitch channels is this one that just once or twice a week streams three or four hours of old sketch comedy, typically with SNL as the centerpiece. We've been watching the final season of SNL with Norm on it and while the dying days of his Weekend Update are kind of sad to watch, I'd forgotten what a great impressionist he is in spite of having a pretty limited vocal range. But he was also funny just being himself, this deliberately obtuse crank who would run over any and every punchline and make the audience just have to let it sink in. He's one of t
  4. Two episodes in on Only Murders in the Building, it's good stuff. Feels like a really strong year for half-hour comedies on cable/streaming services, my top 15 is probably gonna be dominated by stuff like that. And I just remembered that The Great is back in a month or so so the hits are gonna keep on coming.
  5. Somehow missed that season two of The Other Two has dropped on HBO Max, or much of it has since they tend to do two-episodes-a-week for their shows (which I love! It's a nice compromise between a full weekly model and dropping the whole thing at once). That show remains great, first episode of season 2 is hilarious, I think a lot of folks on this board would probably dig it.
  6. I wasn't into it, which is a bummer. Highly possible I wasn't in the right headspace to watch it, the theater was fuller than I'd have liked and I was a little tired, but not a ton of it landed with me. I just didn't feel much for the fight scenes, I think because I wasn't into how many sweeping shots and cuts were in a lot of them. But I also think I'm in the minority there so it's what it is! The movie did feel, tonally, like its own thing which I respect. But I also felt like I was at a distance from a lot of the characters where in a lot of points they felt more like sets of motivations or
  7. The Muse choice is good and I think the Justice choice makes sense. The Christina pick feels a bit like some of the other "their most famous/beloved song was a few years prior but we're thinner in the mid-'00s so let's do this one instead" but I do think there's some merit to picking it. I'd never heard of Uffie prior to getting to her song in this book and I wish it had stayed that way. Interminable "look at this white girl passably rapping" stuff, IMO.
  8. Just saw that Lincoln Red Imps made it to the group stage and are now the first team from Gibraltar to make a group stage in a European club competition. That rules. I always like checking in on the early stages of Champions League qualification every year so that's one of those team names that became very familiar to me.
  9. Glad it's turned out that Spurs do indeed give a fuck about this competition. This has been a fun game to this point, Bryan Gil is extremely lively.
  10. If the soundtrack is good I don't really care that deeply if the show itself is good or not. It being good would be the icing on the cake, though. Really like how Mustafa Shakir looks as Jet. John Cho looks too old for Spike IMO but otherwise seems like a solid casting choice (though having seen Warrior now I wish it were Andrew Koji in the part, he would have killed it). Smart decision to not go too faithful with Faye's outfit given the time period and the medium, though it'll take some getting used to.
  11. Beating Manchester City to losing to the 5th-best team in Portugal in one week is The Tottenham Hotspur Experience, alright (not that a single player that started against City played here). I didn't watch it but on paper it basically looks like either we full-stop don't give a fuck about this competition or this leg was purely an exercise in evaluating depth and the answer is "our depth isn't great," which I basically already knew. Surprising that Nuno didn't bring a single first-choice attacker to come off the bench.
  12. Delightful. What a performance from the whole team, including guys like Sanchez and Moura I'd kind of written off in my head. Went from being battered early on to finding our way into the game to controlling it to scoring. Still work to do in the transfer window but if that's a sign of what Nuno can get out of this team we're in way better shape than I thought.
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