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  1. I've been really out of touch with music this year, or at least albums. I think I've listened to an okay amount of 2021 albums but a lot of them either didn't leave an impression beyond "this seems good" (see: Julien Baker), left me disappointed (see: Kacey Musgraves), or were kind of a "dead dove: do not eat" scenario (see: Weezer). Off the top of my head, two albums from this year I liked were I know I'm funny haha by Faye Webster and Silk Sonic's self-titled. I do like some songs from this year. Wet Leg's first two songs are very much up my alley and the third they put out today seems
  2. Finally watched the first two episodes of season 2 of The Great. Show hasn't lost it, very happy about that. Friendly reminder/notifier that I'll be opening up voting for EWB's Favorite TV Show in about a week. Get watching the stuff you keep meaning to watch!
  3. Full slate of season 13 movies:
  4. Turkey Day 2021 stream is currently going. At some point on this they're going to announce the full slate of films for season 13.
  5. Very much the type of guy who also has a Vash the Stampede costume he's gonna bust out on Sunday and it's going to absolutely suck. Can't really answer this, my guess is I will be watching this at a very slow pace and not really looking for any specific details. The first episode was basically the first episode of the anime but with more stuff added, mostly stuff that's adding the kind of things you'd expect from an hour-long, more serialized version of the story (like establishing some background information about Jet that you don't see until deep into the anime). But I don't think Ne
  6. Watched the first episode, simultaneously liked what it was going for and was frequently torn on its execution. Agree with Ruki that I'm really into Mustafa Shakir's Jet Black and not into Daniella Pineda's Faye Valentine, though that's more the fault of the writing than the acting. I was in favor of changing the outfit to something that would look super-tacky in live action but I think where sometimes I think they're overfaithful to the source in the execution they've gone on their own, not-great path there. Their Vicious also just looks and comes off like a cosplayer to me, like I have
  7. Just bought a ticket to see Lupe Fiasco perform Food & Liquor start-to-finish on Thursday. Excited about it, I have a real fondness for that album, but it's a very "where did the time go" moment for me that that one's now in Full Album Nostalgia Show territory.
  8. Sure, I posted about it somewhere in this thread but I can go again. Firstly there's the caveat that I didn't have an ideal theater experience the night I saw it; I was a little groggy and the theater was fuller than I was comfortable with, so I was probably a little distracted and out of it. I bet under more ideal circumstances I would have had a better time with it. That being said, I thought the movie started well but once it got into the big superhero stakes I just wasn't into it as much. For me, a lot of the characters felt like motivations and history overshadowing personality; I go
  9. I saw Alan Sepinwall (of Rolling Stone and generally one of the more high profile TV critics) liked it. Mixed feelings. I kind of wonder if this might end up being a Speed Racer deal where you either really love it or really hate it. Very much at the point where I don't really care to see another second of footage or read a single review and just see how I feel about it when it drops.
  10. I thought Eternals was fine, better than I feared given the reviews, but I struggled to be invested in a lot of it. Like, I generally look at a lot of these first movies in potential franchises as probably not being great but ideally giving me a reason to be excited to see the protagonists again. I thought Black Widow didn't rise above "good enough" but it definitely made me want to see Yelena in more MCU stuff, and I actively disliked Shang-Chi as a movie but I'm up to watch Simu Liu and Awkwafina in another movie and hope I like that one better. I think by and large I'm neutral on seeing any
  11. I feel like every ten years someone comes up with a well-executed Game of Death premise that captures people's imaginations, with Squid Game, The Hunger Games, and Battle Royale all falling pretty neatly into that role for the past three decades to varying degrees (if BR had come out in an era where there was easy access to it via something like Netflix I could see it having been much bigger than the cult success it was in the States). The critiques of capitalism mean that it's also reflecting its times in a way that captures critical attention and catches the wave Parasite was on too. So
  12. Think I'm at the last episode of Squid Game and definitely settling on thinking that the whole of the show is less than the sum of its parts. Extremely good cast, strong concept and ideas, but it hits a lot of the same beats eight thousand times and it's resolving itself in a way I'm not particularly interested in. "Gganbu" is really where the show peaks and it's sort of a downhill spiral from there barring something excellent at the end here.
  13. Early days given that at home in the ECL is nearly the only context under which Nuno's Spurs looked particularly good but this is a fun performance and the A-team looks very up for it. EDIT: lmao, for fuck's sake
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