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  1. X-2 is really fun, but it's a departure from the gameplay of X, which is probably why a lot of people don't like it. It seems like anytime Final Fantasy deviates from it's sorta formula, people don't like it. But it's pretty fun from what I've played of it
  2. OK, I agree with both of these recommendations, with them being my 2 favorite games in the series. But 12 is where you pick as right before the series went insane? Did you just never play 8?
  3. I've never even heard of Project Zomboid. Checking out a video it seems pretty fun. My steam name is KnightNeverFalls
  4. I've not run one, but if I were to give advice, or try and run a Beholder combat for my group, I'd include probably too much cover for them to protect themselves from the eye stalks. But I'd make it destructible, because I'm not sure what the right amount of cover would be, but if I overshoot, then I can have the Beholder or its minions destroy some of the cover throughout the battle and that makes it feel dynamic for the players when it's really just me adjusting difficulty to make it properly challenging. Part of the fun of a Beholder combat is how they're gonna deal with the eye stalks and
  5. I've been thinking recently about beginning a West Marches style campaign, but I've never played in or ran one before. Has anyone run/played in that style of game? A more player driven style of gameplay interests me as a DM
  6. That's an oof in all caps. I've been recently tinkering around with world building again, and I'm now tinkering around with different species and civilizations. I wish I had the time to run a game again
  7. So this is the guy who convinced me to start streaming, and right now he's supposed to be streaming WoW. But his chat has broken him with over 300 subs in one stream. I don't know if something like this is allowed, but if you like WoW, he's a really chill dude who's worked his ass off to make stuff like this happen for him and others around him. He's still streaming right now, and I thought you guys might be down to check him out at max chaos.
  8. I was literally just talking about relearning 3.5, since I started with a homebrew version of it. I've only ever DM'd in 5e, but I have a lot of good memories from playing 3.5. My partner recommended maybe picking up Pathfinder, but I don't have any idea how Pathfinder operates. Basically, what I'm saying is I need more D&D in my life
  9. oh, that's dope. I'd be down for something like that. Probably only as a player, at first. But I'd be down to DM once I got used to it
  10. I've been thinking of running a West Marches game for a while, but I heard a different explanation for it, so maybe I'm thinking of a different style of game. What would play by post entail?
  11. I don't know if anyone's interested in this kind of thing, but I'll be livestreaming a little D&D map making over on twitch.tv/groveofcypress in about 30 minutes. Maybe we'll play some games after, but I'm just gonna be putting some work into a map I'm making for one of the board members here, actually!
  12. Hey, did you know that today is Thursday? I didn't. I thought it was Tuesday all day yesterday and as a result, I didn't stream when I had been planning to. So to make it up, I'm gonna be streaming Final Fantasy X in about an hour and a half over on twitch.tv/groveofcypress Hope to see you there!
  13. So I'm trying to start freelancing and doing commissions, because I'm tired of working retail. And I figured a good place to start would be making custom monsters, maps, and magic items for D&D games, since I've been doing it for a while. However, since I lost my laptop, I've lost a lot of the images that I could have used for examples on sites like Fiverr. So I was wondering if anyone needed any custom content like that designed for their game, or just had an idea for a custom map, magic item, or monster that they'd like to see drawn up with official looking layout. No charge, obviously,
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