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  1. I don't know if anyone's interested in this kind of thing, but I'll be livestreaming a little D&D map making over on twitch.tv/groveofcypress in about 30 minutes. Maybe we'll play some games after, but I'm just gonna be putting some work into a map I'm making for one of the board members here, actually!
  2. Hey, did you know that today is Thursday? I didn't. I thought it was Tuesday all day yesterday and as a result, I didn't stream when I had been planning to. So to make it up, I'm gonna be streaming Final Fantasy X in about an hour and a half over on twitch.tv/groveofcypress Hope to see you there!
  3. So I'm trying to start freelancing and doing commissions, because I'm tired of working retail. And I figured a good place to start would be making custom monsters, maps, and magic items for D&D games, since I've been doing it for a while. However, since I lost my laptop, I've lost a lot of the images that I could have used for examples on sites like Fiverr. So I was wondering if anyone needed any custom content like that designed for their game, or just had an idea for a custom map, magic item, or monster that they'd like to see drawn up with official looking layout. No charge, obviously,
  4. I've taken a break from streaming my D&D game because between transferring stores and some personal health stuff that's come up, I've managed to get terribly behind on planning the giant port city my party is about to land in. Thankfully I should have time to get some more planning and organizing done, so we might be picking it back up in a few weeks if everyone's still down to stream. I'm just glad to have the energy to work on stuff again
  5. Hey guys. In about and hour and a half, at 6:30 pm PST, my partner is gonna be doing her first stream at twitch.tv/thewitchygodmother She's gonna be streaming Sims 4, so if that's something you think is interesting, stop by and say hi!
  6. I don't follow Critical Role, but my partner and I were talking about that. It genuinely wouldn't surprise me if there is no season 3, or if someone else takes over, given how toxic their community can sometimes be. I actively chose not to engage with their content, and the community that exists around them online is a huge part of the reason why.
  7. While pretty much any class is busted in 5e since it doesn't take much for anything to be effective, Clerics are especially busted. They can be super effective tanks, damage dealers, battlefield controllers, they can even be a great healer even though in combat healing is kinda shit in 5e. Clerics are maybe the best class if you're not sure what you want your character to do, but like the idea of being able to do a little bit of everything pretty well. So it doesn't surprise me that a party consisting of at least 3 of the squishier classes hide behind their cleric.
  8. I'm trying something new today for my gaming stream. The girlfriend is joining me for some Stardew Valley. Streams starting now, because I'm the best at remembering to promote things ahead of time, but if you're interested in seeing two people who have a physical compulsion to be smartasses to each other try and coexist on stream without swearing too much, then we'd be happy to see you!
  9. Ain't no party like a Ghost Ship Party cuz a Ghost Ship Party is likely to end up in death for at least one of the attendees.... Doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Anyway, we're playing Dungeons and Dragons right now if people are interested in that sort of thing.
  10. So I've been thinking recently about using Fiverr or sites like it to make a little money designing monsters, characters, and encounters for people looking to get into the hobby. As a result of that, I've just spent 2 hours working on an official looking PDF for a homebrew Chocobo from Final Fantasy. I'm basically computer illiterate, so trying to learn how to use some of the software for this was hard, but overall I'm having a ton of fun with it. I might start making more fully drawn out lore sheets just for fun
  11. My partner has been talking about running Shadowrun for years now, and I'm beginning to believe it's never gonna happen
  12. I would 100% be on board for something like this. I'm already running a game on Twitch, so I have a little experience handling a Discord for stuff like this, although it's only one group, to be fair.
  13. So I had meant to post about this a week ago when I announced it, but I figured better late than never: If you're interested in watching Dungeons and Dragons played at a high level while it's being DM'd at a very mediocre level, then next week on April 25th at 3 pm PST, you'll want to tune into twitch.tv/groveofcypress. A couple of people from the board will be playing along with a few friends of mine, and I'll be DMing a campaign arc entitled The Tower Falls about the last(?) mission of a world famous mercenary company
  14. I think we'll likely be fighting it soon, but I do plan on getting it unlocked as well. Probably not this stream, but eventually
  15. For anyone interested in D&D, I'm gonna be streaming talking about being a DM in just a few minutes. If that sounds boring to you and you'd rather watch Final Fantasy 10 be played by someone who maybe knows the game too well for a 30 year old adult, I'll be doing that a little bit later.
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