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  1. Went down to the final day with Fulham, but up we go! I pushed up the table quick with Fulham, but was in the automatic push with Sheffield United (winners) and Forest. I was sweating it because I had to use my 3rd string keeper (U23 keeper) for 5 of my last 6 matches after first my back up keeper and then my starter went down in the same week. My back up was able to return for the final match, a 2-0 home win against Frank Lampard's Stoke, to seal automatic promotion. In the final stretch of 9 games, we hit a rough patch. 2 draws, then a loss at Sheffield United. 2 home wins follo
  2. Especially when Liverpool are visibly worse without Henderson. He does all the small things better than just about any midfielder in the league. He also organizes the squad better than anyone, including VVD, and is just a natural leader. Losing him + Gini in the same season would be absolute madness.
  3. Don't think too hard about Kounde to Spurs mate >_<
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/mlb-angels-esp-ns-stephen-a-smith-getting-roasted-for-xenophobic-rant-about-shohei-ohtani-204655616.html So Stephen A Smith was pretty much straight racist and xenophobic about Ohtani. On Twitter he then pretty much refused to apologize and then doubled down while essentially implying because he's black, he's not being offensive to other groups/being racist. He is one guy I would genuinely be thrilled to see fired.
  5. That's the thing though. France in 2018 was conservative in their set up, but they had a guy like Pogba to still dictate the tempo in midfield when they needed it. Most of all though, they had a guy in Mbappe who was always capable of creating havoc when he got on the ball, no matter where he received it on the field. Griezmann was that guy for France as well. When I look at England play, I don't think they have that. Yes, they have a BUNCH of really good attacking players. But they have just the 1 world class forward line player in Kane, and it's really hard for him to be that Mbappe or
  6. To steal and slightly edit a quote from Happy Gilmore: Christian Pulisic accomplished that feat no more than a month ago. Also top binned his penalty, in second half extra time, against Mexico in the very prestigious CONCACAF Nations League Final. Much more pressure!
  7. I feel absolutely gutted for Saka especially. He had a great tournament. Pickford was immense in that shootout.
  8. Oh Rashford 😞 Christian Pulisic did it better in the much more prestigious CONCACAF Nations League
  9. Belotti never looked confident, and Pickford steps up!
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