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  1. @Rocky It´s hosted on the site so it still marks it as unsafe/risky, damn it. Do you have a mirror link as backups or something like that from like Mediafire?
  2. @Rocky Keeps giving me the unsafe/risky notice.
  3. Anybody have a good 2001 scenario? I want to start a game with ECW right before they folded and I know there's one in the EW Warehouse website but for some reason my CPU won't let me go to the page (something about it being insecure).
  4. And those two were traded for nothing, so there's still spots left to fill and I'm not sure there's enough money to get valuable players with this market. Rondo/Wade would've been great if this was the early 2010's, not in 2016-17. These guys can't play 35+ mpg. I'm hoping for the best, and that these weird squad surprises everyone (but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen). God help Jimmy Butler.
  5. Calderon got traded to the Lakers before Dunleavy, no?
  6. What would be bigger: GS blowing a 3-1 lead and losing the Title in this record setting season or Cleveland making a comeback against (arguably) the greatest team ever?
  7. Draymond's out for Game 5. Can we have an exciting-close game for once, please.
  8. Titans just signed Matt Cassell. How much of an improvement is that over Mett?
  9. I went to the Corona Capital festival in Mexico City this past weekend. It was a two-day event, and Arctic Monkeys/Queens of the Stone Age/deadmau5/Sigur Ros/Phoenix/The xx were the headliners. I went both days, and it was amazing. Imagine Dragons completely surprised me, I didn't expect them to get all the crowd riled up like that, I almost died in the middle while picking up a girl on my shoulders. I skipped deadmau5 to go watch M.I.A. and it was awesome, she totally killed it. On Sunday, I watched Gary Clark, Jr. and at the end of his set, his drummer threw his drumsticks to the crowd a
  10. This is horrible. The Rams can't block on offense, special teams or tackle on defense.
  11. I heard it was his knee the one that got injured. Either way, he just kept kicking like nothing was wrong. Gus' takedown defense and boxing was what impressed me the most. Gus' boxing looked so sharp and clean, like a lot of shots hit Bones in the face even though he had his guard up and was trying to back away. No matter what, they just kept connecting Bones. And his lateral movements and how he controlled the distance - which is something Bones has always dominated against his opponents, was amazing. Every time Bones shot for the takedown, Gus sprawled fast and stopped Jones easily. Pl
  12. You know, Dana. He said Glover was next, then said the rematch was very possible, then said he'd think about it and nothing's for sure.
  13. Actually, the round-by-round highlights the UFC showed after Bones was announced the winner were also very pro-Bones. I'm not a Jones hater or a tinfoil hat conspiracy guy but it's not surpising they'd want Bones to look good. Gus isn't the one with the Nike and Gatorade deals. Yeah, I understand the strategy. But from the look of the highlights alone, it looks ilke Bones dominated the fight. Which is a really bad deal for Gus, specially if you might make a rematch.
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