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  1. Apparently we're in with a £36 million bid for Joelinton though, which isn't an instant fix to our squad getting picked apart, but hey that's better than nothing. So it'll be absolutely spectacular in about a week when he decides to sign for Wolves instead or something and our only strikers for next season are Muto and uhhhh... maybe Gayle? I think we technically still have him? Whatever. Doesn't matter. Year of Muto baby.
  2. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


  3. So uh, you're not the boss of me now.

    You aren't really that big either.

  4. I, four black mages. Not a wise choice, but they rule dagnabbit. IV, Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Palom and Porom. The GBA version. Not sure if you can switch your people on the DS, pretty sure you can't. Dunno. VI, I used Shadow, Terra, Locke and Mog. Gogo was pretty neat as well. I mean, sure, I used all of them at different points, that was my main party though. VII, Cloud, Vincent, Yuffie. Always. VIII... I can't remember. I want to say Squall, Zell and Rinoa though. Most certainly had Zell. Can't remember the other person. IX, Zidane and Vivi forever and always. The others changed from time t
  5. I made something for my EWR game today, thought that maybe some of you guys may want it. Here's the full size image for those who want it.
  6. I highly approve of the Grass. And I like the fire more than I thought I would, mostly because it's an Aardvark rather than a pig. That water though. x:
  7. Short and simple, yes. Still, if major grinding is needed to get me to enjoy my unplayed Pokémon games, well thats what I'm going to do dammit.
  8. I tried it on Ruby. My team got murdered by Brawly. Now I'm trying it out in Fire Red. Doing well, beat Erika and only one death so far (My Nidorino. Damn critical hits. ). It's great fun.
  9. Leaving the name/short names and stuff of, since I'm pretty sure you can do those yourself. All American, Male, Lightweight and can Speak. Johnny Gargano: Matt Jackson Nick Jackson Generation Me: 53EXP More Bang For Your Buck
  10. Sorry for the random request, but does anybody have a 150 x 150 of Suicide (TNA Suicide, not the Indy Guy)? Preferably not on KyKy, but I don't mind either way.
  11. Been listening to a lot of Fightstar recently. Well, I always have, they're my favorite band, just been listening to them more due to the fact I may be going to see one of their shows soon and to hype myself for the re-release of Be Human. Also managed to "obtain" some B-Sides, such as their cover of "She Drove Me To Daylight Television" as well, so yeah, the internet is a wonderful thing. Also, Barenaked Ladies are awesome. My friend got me obsessed with them after loaning me Disk One: All Their Greatest Hits, and already knew a few of their songs anyway, specifically The Old Apartment, On
  12. Just want to say, the person who posted the unmasked El Generico could have used the spoiler tags. I doubt Generico cares if people see him unmasked, but still, keep the gimmick alive and stuff. Anyway, here's a few KyKy's I did today for a friend. They are .png though, so... you are going to have to fix that. ^^; Chimaera; Crossbones; El Leonino; Fire Ant; Retail Dragon; Rorschach and The Miz.
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