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  1. I'm running a few things at the moment; Heavy Bowgun, Bow, Gunlance and Great Sword have been my mainstays so far; though I kinda wanna try everything out. Really, really enjoying it!
  2. I really didn't want to get into the online bit of MH:W either, but it's surprisingly ok - and I think that's because it's drop-in/drop-out, and communication is as limited as you want it to be. But honestly, I've just got past the first major "bit" and I'm hooked. I've never played a game with a more dynamic combat environment ever.
  3. Hey, probably mine too! Either that or Farewell, My Turnabout. What very good games they are.
  4. This is really gonna start to cause an issue for places with strict data caps. The next few years is gonna see a number of games of a similar size come out, which is gonna be fun for some folks.
  5. Sent it to you, other slackers be damned
  6. Have a few spare keys from the latest bundle if folks want: Dark Souls 2 and Galactic Civilisations 3. Let me know if anyone wants! Edit: Oh and Hyper Light Drifter
  7. To anyone interested in this sort of thing, there is an absolutely wonderful documentary on the making and remaking of FFXIV (part one) Its in 3 parts, and is pretty long (near 2 hours all in), but is a genuinely incredible story. That game should not be where it is today.
  8. That is an exceptional list of games. Holy shit.
  9. So I've found that it's actually two completely different games when playing solo and playing in a group. Solo is actually pretty survival horrorish (again; for me). Duo and Squad is more like traditional military shooter, ala ARMA (which obviously makes sense), still tense but more in a "you all have to communicate properly or you are just dead".
  10. PUBG is one of the most viscerally tense experiences I've had in games. Awesome game
  11. Finished the game over the weekend, I really don't think I like the last act of the game at all. Fantastic game otherwise though, may get round to a NG+ later in the year.
  12. I bought Persona 5 digital, as it was literally sold out everywhere. I think I may take that route going forward as it wasn't outlandishly more expensive.
  13. Just finished the second palace. This is comfortably my game of the year so far. Everything in this game just fucking sings with style.
  14. Your situation is very similar to my situation, in that I do a lot of travelling at the moment too - and play my 3DS a ton as a result. And this is a more common situation for many people, especially in Japan where commuters are all just on phone games. And that's what gets me about the stream. This actually should be a bit of a no-brainer for Nintendo, this should be an easy win - everyone WANTS this to be a big thing. Finding and buying good mobile experiences is STILL a pain in the arse, but the market has still managed to move that way considerably. Make an accessible console with goo
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