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  1. Italian media fighting with the Spanish media in the press box!
  2. Penalty! Buffon red card too. All down to Ronaldo...
  3. Well deserved from Murray, he's always put in the work but he's just been unlucky to be in a generation with three all-time greats. It's good to see him finally at the very top. Wouldn't surprise me if he went on to complete the career slam next season now.
  4. Until it's actually confirmed I wouldn't get your hopes up. Money will be the big factor, if Pacquiao demands too much of the purse then Mayweather won't sign on for the fight.
  5. It should be Mayweather vs Pacquiao and Khan vs Brook in May, then the winners face each other in Vegas around about this time next year. Khan was awesome the other night by the way, by far the best performance of his career. I don't think he'd have many problems against Brook.
  6. We'll win both games then lose our first group game at the Finals against surprise qualifiers the Faroe Islands.
  7. What a goal!! That was one of the best worked goals I've ever seen England score!
  8. Fuck off Liverpool! You score goals for fun for the last year but then I bet on you and you can't even manage more than one shot on target?! Fuckers.
  9. Two of my four-fold already up. You know it'll be United to let me down, though.
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