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  1. Can I point you all to the Board Rules before this gets out of hand
  2. Love a bit of a Commander. Think I've got around 30 decks now. There is no help. Just deckbuilding.
  3. R.W.

    WWE 2K19

    2K don't get to choose who's on the game roster - that dictat comes from WWE
  5. You should be good to join now
  6. I'll have a look in a sec @BuddyAwesome what's your in-game name?
  7. Testing for Benji

  8. Skool Daze! USM! Ah the memories...
  9. Season 4 is on the way....
  10. Ta. Don't worry you'll be safe
  11. @Chris2K I know you're on hiatus but can you set me to a General at least in the team so I can run some TBG with the ragtag group of randoms we have now. Even if it just collates us some cheap TBG points.
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