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  1. It's my favorite board game of all time, and I've definitely gotten more than $350 in value out of it. Give or take, a single campaign takes about 30hours, and that's not counting any game overs or the time spent painting miniatures (if you're into that sort of thing). On the flip side, I wouldn't really get it unless you know have the time to play it (you can do a single session in around 1 to 2h). If you're not interested in assembling all the miniatures, you could probably sell all the armor kits for around $100 to get a third of the purchase price back. The other possibility is to w
  2. Episode 5 of Gangs of London Holy fucking shit, easily one of the best action sequences I've seen on TV.
  3. Why settle for either when you can do both? Silencer + Revolver Headshots deletes almost everything in one hit.
  4. Japantown is gorgeous! A small detail I love is how the announcements are in several languages - it makes the city feel a lot more authentic. Strangely enough, Night City reminds me more of modern-day Asian megacities like Tokyo and Hong Kong than something on the West Coast of America - maybe its the Arasaka influence? Another small detail I appreciated (very minor spoilers):
  5. This year has been a bit of a step down for me in terms of video gaming. Last year I played Pathologic 2 and Disco Elysium, both of which have firmly entrenched themselves in my Top 10 favorite games of all time. I don't think anything has come close to that this year. A bunch of thoughts on what stood out to me this year: Gears Tactics: Started out promising, but feels more like a proof-of-concept that a full fledged game. Not enough mission variety, and lack of depth makes the last third of the game a slog. Wasteland 3: This was an enjoyable old-school isometric experience that
  6. I'm at the part where Keanu has started appearing, and the game is starting to grow on me a ton more. I honestly wouldn't put too much stock into the negative reviews - even if its not a masterpiece, so far I'm finding more enjoyable than most of the AAA titles I've played in the last few years.
  7. Played for a few hours last night. Aside from a few clipping issues, I haven't seen any bugs. I'm finding it a bit harder to get into than the Witcher, but I'm still enjoying it (without really being blow away). I'm glad I've ignored 90% of the online hype for the game though, I glanced at the subreddit and man that place looks toxic.
  8. Since we're bothering @NaiTEOL de la reversión, is the Occupation worth getting?
  9. I've only played one case, but the answer to each case is fixed (and I recall you get told the correct answers at the end of the case anyway). That said, from what I can tell its pretty easy to reset if you want to sell it off when you're done.
  10. I would recommend Kengan Ashura if you haven't seen it, as its entire premise is literally Fighting! Tournament! Netflix is midway through the second-round fights, but the entire Manga is done if you're impatient (like me).
  11. For anyone who has played Horrified and Spirit Island, which would you recommend? The wife and I got a bit burnt out on Pandemic Legacy midway through Season 2, so I'm looking for another co-op game to help fill the gap.
  12. PUBG has taught me I'm a chickenshit who hides in toilets until there's only 5 people remaining.
  13. The Hobbit I'm not convinced three movies was the right choice to go. There are fun moments, and plenty of scenery porn, but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. Obviously it ought to be judged in relation to its sequels, but on its own it's a little ho-hum. Plus, *minor spoilers*
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