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  1. Pederson is a fucking coward for just punting it away there. He should've let Jake attempt the kick
  2. That was seriously an intense episode of California Dreams!

  3. Borat sequel titled Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan
  4. yea but all this positivity is going to wind up in an EPIC Fitztragic!
  5. Yea...I see it being a flop. The way I got familiar with Dune was the Dune 2 RTS game waaaaaay back in the day. Loved it. Tried to read the book despite my mom saying it was boring. The book was boring as fuck. I then tried to watch the movie. The movie was boring as fuck. I really don't see Dune being anything close to a hit
  6. Not sure where you're at, but here in the States, the theater gets a VERY low percentage of ticket sales. Used to work with a guy who had run a "2nd run" theater, meaning they got movies months after their release. He said for a $5 ticket, they'd only keep 50-75 cents, the rest went to the studio. Its why the concessions like soda, popcorn etc...are so expensive. The theater keeps 100% of that (well roughly, there is food cost etc..). Because that is where they make their profit
  7. Don't forget Canton bound Paxton Lynch!
  8. Be kinda glad you didn't. I started off liking it but wound up really disappointed in the end
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