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  1. NFL rumors: League to examine MetLife turf after 49ers' injuries, complaints
  2. That was one hell of a game
  3. and now Mahomes converted on 3rd and 20 by running..
  4. Its weird watching an Eagles game and not hearing our home crowd boo us
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Like a created team you compromised on because create-a-team is so limited
  6. Same. The few people I game with online are all on PSN. I have no interest in getting a Xbox
  7. He's not my favorite either, but the guys voice has been tied to god knows how many legendary moments in the NFL and MLB. He deserves it
  8. I've been basically 'full digital' since really late in the PS3 life cycle...the disc drive in my PS3 died so I went download only. Honestly I've found no real disadvantage. Granted, you lose out on used games, but some of those games, the sales on PSN even it out. There have been a few games I've bought the physical copies of, like LEGO Dimensions, but otherwise I really haven't felt like I've "lost out" on anything, aside from physical bonuses
  9. Ouch...yea either its the yips or he's just done. When kickers fall off, they fall off hard
  10. How many has he missed?
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