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  1. To protest the sexualisation of women in the sport, the German women's gymnastics team wore unitards
  2. I disagree. I didn't like it. I thought it was dull, rather poorly edited (that bowling alley scene was rough. Its like they filled the pulled punches to edit around, then forgot to edit around them), and Karen Gillan just didn't have the charisma to pull off the "stoic action hero". I really wanted to like it, but just found it disappointing Meanwhile, Jackass Forever!
  3. Lint

    Cover Songs

    Do we count mashups as covers? Because I've always loved this mashup of Fugazi and Destiny's Child
  4. I think some of the "subtle clues" where more plot holes, until you see 1666 and then they made sense
  5. Fear Street 1666: Better then 1994, not as good as 1978. Solid way to end the trilogy. Gunpowder Milkshake: Store brand John Wick. I love Karen Gillan as an actress, but she can't carry a fast paced action movie like this. Though there is one scene where Lena Headey is jumping through the air, dual wielding pistols that made me think "She would've made a great Lara Croft"
  6. If you really think about Red Guardian
  7. Lint

    Cover Songs

    Well that would explain his Halloween movies...
  8. If they were smart, Washington would have a name picked out, but turn the process of elimination into a "reality" style web show like The Bachelor where, leading up to the reveal, each week someone dressed as a potential mascot is eliminated
  9. Yea, 1978 was much better then 1994 I think as well
  10. Lint

    Cover Songs

    Rob Zombies recent cover of "I've Been Everywhere" made me immediately think of this. (Ok its the L.A. Rats, but Zombie is the singer)
  11. Back when the CW Network did their Arrowverse crossover event 'Elseworlds', I watched a video about all the Easter eggs in it. I was immediately recommended a video titled "Why the CW Hates Superman, and Men in General" So yea, watched a video about fun Easter eggs in a basic cable comic book crossover show, immediately got some MRA bullshit
  12. Marvel Confirms Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Will Return to the MCU
  13. I think Florence Pugh "stealing the movie" actually kinda makes sense, if you realize this movie is more about establishing her then it is expanding ScarJo
  14. That still doesn't explain the complete lack of reaction to Taskmaster completely copying her and others moves. She was kinda surprised at the kip up, but that was it
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