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  1. Give Kathryn Hahn all the Best Supporting Actress awards. I'm still not sold that she's a villain
  2. Kathryn Hahn's Amazing WandaVision Faces: A Celebration Spoilers obviously
  3. Except Far From Home ended with him and MJ web slinging through NYC...so he's obviously made it home
  4. Lint

    Cover Songs

    Not sure if its fair to call this a "cover", but Sean Dagher sang on a lot of the sea shantys in Assassins Creed: Black Flag. He's been doing a 'Shanty of The Week' where he explains some of the stories behind the songs, some of the terms used in them, and of course sings them. Its pretty great
  5. Been watching Nancy Drew on The CW and I really like it. Was a fan of the books as a kid and the show has some serious Supernatural vibes to it. Interesting to see how the rest of S2 will go, since the first 5 episodes of S2 were basically the last 5 episodes of S1, because production was shut down due to COVID
  6. Defector.com’s journalistic experiment began with a staff walkout. It might actually be working.
  7. No, you have a good point! Another issue is, sometimes, the movies come out internationally weeks before they do in the States, so having a combined thread could create issues.
  8. Should the MCU movies and TV threads be combined since they now are actually all tied together?
  9. Lint

    South Park

    Still shocks me that the South Park guys are just an Oscar away from being EGOT winners
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