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  1. I'm making the playoffs for the first time ever!
  2. https://streamable.com/lpkivo
  3. You think he wouldn't do that?
  4. Dammit how did I never realize that
  5. Also means the Ravens/Cowboys game on Thursday will be delayed
  6. Punishment should be worse then what the Raiders got
  7. Lint

    Star Trek TV

    the Bashir centered episodes are VERY hit or miss. You get some good ones, like Our Man Bashir (I can't remember the rest of the episode names), or the one where they want to base the new EMH off of him, or the one where he is trying to cure a planet of a plague given to them by The Dominion. On the lower side, there is the one where he gets a mental attack by an alien. They dress him up in old person makeup and its just a huge miss all around. Just not a great episode Edit: This also reminds me, I'm due for my yearly DS9 binge...
  8. That is exactly my reaction. Its ok I guess. After 2 episodes it seems like, aside from the Warners of course, the only characters that carried over are Pinky and The Brain, and Ralph. I was hoping to see Doctor Scratchnsniff, Rita The Squirrel, Chicken Boo or The Goodfeathers, but reading a review of the first 5 episodes seems to say that, yea, only the Warners and Pink & The Brain carried over. A little disappointing
  9. Jon Bois at SB Nation speculates the NFCE winner might even only get to 5 wins
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