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  1. Lint

    The Punk Thread

    Yea, Danzig came off as the "good guy" in The Misfits dispute, but he's always seemed like a jackass
  2. Lint

    The Punk Thread

    Given what we know about Danzig and, yea, the entire band is pretty much awful pricks
  3. I'm oddly interested in this. I've been wanting to watch Eurovision for awhile now, but being in the States have no idea how I would go about doing it
  4. Yea, I used to enjoy those movies...then I found out about the child molestation
  5. Looks promising. I actually watch the first one after renting it from a Redbox one night, since for some reason I can't rent it on YT, only buy it. I liked it, it wasn't great but no where near as bad as everyone else seemed to think it was
  6. @LL! I think GM figured out your password!
  7. Ahh...yea my mind went Jonah, Joel and Mike. Not familiar with Emily at all
  8. This is actually kind of interesting
  9. All three hosts? I haven't been keeping up with the series since its Netflix run ended, but I always kinda got the impression Mike didn't want much to do with it
  10. Lint

    The Punk Thread

    Just finished reading the biography on Bad Religion, titled "Do What You Want". Its not written directly by the band, but many current and former members contributed to it. Think the only one who didn't was Greg Hetson (actually makes sense since his departure from the band was quite contentious). Its a fun read, including things like why they decided to make the synth-pop album Into The Unknown, which I will always argue is a really great album, but it lead to the band "breaking up" for a period. There are some kinda funny parts, like current drummer Jamie Miller talks about how i
  11. Loki has been moved from Friday, June 11th, to Wednesday, June 9th and each episode will debut on Wednesdays
  12. Having lived in that area, I know a few people like the characters in the show. Kates accent seems to be a little off to me. She sounds like she says home as "haome" or something similar, and that sounds off, but she also says water as "wooder" and that is just spot on
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